Can we agree on who and what harms women? | Great RKelly Debate on A Closer Look WABE | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Can we? Until we, as women, can agree on who and what harms women, generations will always know the pain and heartache and need healing.

But she got paid or he got money can’t always be our excuse to look away or medicate the sickness that infringes on a young girl’s passage into womanhood.

Studies have shown and results have proven that women don’t heal well from making their own mistakes. But that’s another blog.

Hate RKelly! By hate, we mean highly anticipate the error as the singer song writer jumps from the charts back into news and timelines in his on going saga of blurred lines from relationships with women, underage or nah.

Such was the topic of a great debate when DryerBuzz Yalanda P Lattimore was invited back to WABE A Closet Look with Rosa Scott.  Also sitting in was  Cynthia Young who knows R&B radio audience inside and out.

Before diving in, we listened to an impassioned plea from music journalist Jim DeRogatis as he talked about his coverage of controversial singer. Apparently, RKelly’s latest antics taking place in our own backyard outside Atlanta.  Family members of the girls in question have also appeared on news and radio.

We also talk about why it’s hard for stories involving African American women see far less traction.

What is going on here and what can we do about? First, we must agree on who and what harms women.

Follow the buzz to WABE to listen to episode.

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!


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