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Feed me food truckers. Five answers for Food Trucks from 27Answers.com by DryerBuzz

1. Eye level
2. Preorders
3. No lines
4. Downsize
5. Packaging

I’m no #foodtruck connoisseur yet. I need Truck owners to get this right first.

Food truck days happen all over Atlanta. Plus everyone wants them at their events, parties, weddings and more.

Yet, food trucks come with severe case of #FOMO – I bought this but want that???

So let’s reiterate some answers that might make trucking for food a better experience.

First, it’s a truck. High off the ground. Meet me at eye level. I’ve got questions. Never seen your truck before. Can I get some concierge or courting before we commit?

On the other hand, what if I know your truck all to well. I go where you go. Can I preorder yet? There’s an app for that. Restaurants using apps all over town. If you sell food, Facebook will even connect us and take care of this in dm.

Real customers pay for convenience and don’t mind fees. Customer’s cost reimburse any processing fees of which you might be afraid. Let the profitable side of your business become profitable.

You’re on a truck. Time to deliver what the customer wants when they want it. Imagine selling out before setting up?

People think the best food truck has the longest line. No! The best truck has a #soldout sign and no lines. They alerted their following. They posted their location. Took preorders. Customers arrived before the truck. They had someone off the truck promoting and taking orders. No long lines in elements — hot or cold or raining. They stay doing business.

The price was right. The food was amazing. They have a system and never a long line. They’ve perfected trucking for food and keep it moving.

It’s a truck. Everything is to go. What’s with this packaging? Either I’ve got to stand in elements to eat or trek back to work or home. Why am I struggling to carry or eat this?

Again, it’s a truck. What’s with these fine dining prices? Can I get a smaller meal from you so I can help keep your fellow trucker in business too? Where are the options? Can we all eat together?

There’s plenty of trucks which makes us think the system is working. That is, until the next generation of trucks come along and take all the business. Then you’ll realize you’ve been doing it wrong.

It’s lunch time. If you set up your truck and don’t have order alerts already … you’re doing it wrong. It’s not just about the sell. Trucking for food is about selling out with every sale.

We’re in a convenience economy. People expect a food truck to be convenient.

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