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#DryerBuzz — You’re getting mad while friends getting rich. You’re mad. Admit it. You can’t wait for their good fortune season to be over, so they can come back down to earth, where misery loves company.

Or, you just want to know how are they making money. You ask, but they only answer in circles, never forthcoming with any real information.

On the other hand, there are friends who take risk. They risk it all on just the hope of winning. Inspite loses, they enjoy the thrill of the game.

Maybe you’ve got that creative friend who always find ways to boost their budget, stay  afloat, save a little more, and they can always help others when needed. They have a winning spirit. Always working on and looking for new adventures. It ain’t about the money — but the money always flowing.

That friend always gives you advice to build something, start something, sell something, after listening to your complaints about life.

Understandably,  we’re talking about your friends — the strangest relationships we maintain — however as usual, friends are not telling us everything. And per usual, we don’t want to know everything.

If you knew better, you would do better. Maybe your feiend knows someuwe don’t.  But if we really want to know how friend making extra, keep reading.

Here are four ways your friends always have extra money:

  • Social Media
  • Rideshare
  • Popup Shops
  • Network Marketing

Social Media:  Let’s start with social media. There are two kinds of friends on social media. Consumers and creatives. Your friend who has a blog, YouTube channel, very active Instagram, Snapchat or other platforms are considered creatives. They’ve got insane amount of posts versus just a profile to troll others. They make money as influencers. They get paid by sharing  sponsored or affiliate content. Their friends click, like, share, and buy via such content from which they receive  commissions, incentives, or free product, points, access, etc.

On the other hand, many friends make money via social media by sharing their own original content sharing lessons they’ve learned and other how to’s via blogging, videos, live streaming and more. Some combine their online audiences with offline connections via meetups, paid events, speaking engagements where they also have opportunities to sell products around their platforms. They put in the work often not seen or valued by friends.

They probably suggested you sign up or try as well. Wherever they see buy, these friends look for opportunities to sell — and make money.

RideShare:  It’s five o’clock. These friends making mad dash out of the office, not to get in traffic, but to get to hot spots around the city to make commuter cash. These friends drive for Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex, or any number of delivery or convenience service. Some of these friends even quick their jobs to go into this gig economy full time to balance family, creative, or less pressured lives.

Friends use growing convenience economy to supplement, double, or replace their income.

Some friends keep this opportunity a secret depending on their circle. However, rideshare has proven to become very dependable income  with many ways to up level income. Your friend in rideshare usually never broke.

Services in this convenience economy quickly became the new source of crowdfunding when apps made traditional side hustles of transportation and delivery a better way for people with gigs and customers to connect.

Ask a friend how to get started. They’ve got codes to secure nice startup bonuses. They usually share this information with strangers. Let’s face it — opportunities aren’t shared as much between friends.

Popup Shops: New ideas for vending. You have probably helped a friend or two with a side gig here or there where they offer their baked goods, clothing, or other unique items at events, conferences, or expos. These friends can’t wait for weekends. They are always packing up and heading out to conferences and festivals — not as ticket holders but as vendors. They’ve got business cards, banners, and books, even though they’ve spent all week in cubicle right next to you.

Every time you get mad at them, you’re the first to say “you think you’re all that.” Truth be told, if they had real friends — they would be.

Popup shops and vending are a great way to make extra money. Getting in front of customers pays for itself. The extra money means a world of difference to household budgets. At the same time, these friends enjoy connecting with people and satisfying their creative spirit.

Many go into vending to sell products by others or they make their own. There are a number of turn key sites which make and deliver product on-demand keeping investment within reasonable and affordable norms. As such, friends can start a t-shirt line, publish books, and brand as professionally as big business. Mashable published 15 Places to Make Money Creatinf Your Own Products. Tell a friend.

Network Marketing: This business model ruins more friendships than any other. Yet, it’s a business that creates more success stories than we care to admit. To this day, the model remains controversial. It’s tactics wear on us. Some products good. Some not so great. Some of these businesses care not about the product at all. Some of these friends care not about our friendships at all.

In a cloud of misjudgment, there are some businesses making this model fun, workable, and profitable. The industry itself, like many others, now competing with opportunities offering much less investment, hassle, scrutiny, and abuse of friendships.

What about your friends, will they stand their ground? Will they let you down again? What about your friends, are they gonna be lowdown? Will they be around, or will they turn their backs on you?

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