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#DryerBuzz — Stop begging me to see black movies.

I have it on authority that Hollywood will always make black movies — at least a few a year.

Black movies will always rank as blockbusters.  Even in that rare occurrence, we gather together to see ourselves, or representatives of us on the big screen.

Yet, the baggage and burden of helping achieve blockbuster status is and always was too much.

Forcing my dollar on Hollywood just ain’t my thang — any more. Especially when the local stage looks like me every week — while the big screen wants to be mean — and lean of black talent.

What has changed?

The sad story of catch it opening weekend to keep Hollywood making black movies has yet changed no matter how much we spend.

From choosing a theater safe and welcoming to black audiences on opening weekends — not much has changed.

To bypassing #MediaApartheid on coming soon boards and other promotions — not much has changed.

To hearing about the many discrepancies along the way — from filming to distribution to number of screens — not much has changed.

Movie posters represent the greatest of black movie heartbreak. Black actors rarely photographed making eye contact with movie goers.

Look at me. See me. Reach me. Connect with me and my dollar.

I’m tired of caping for black movies. Especially those black movies that don’t really want to be black, but want to be a movie for everyone and just happens to be black???

Black people love to throw out how we’re not monolithic. This ain’t that blog. We’re monolithic as hell and some of us, like me, are blackity black black.

However, I’m from that marketing generation. Sell it to me. Buy some commercials that support platforms that hire black people.

If I see a representation of myself — a reflection — I’m looking in — I’m sold. I’m going to see the movie.

But new black content looks beyond us. Looks like us. Sounds like us. But we’re not the target. Not the demographic?

New black movies draw black women in to create trends and then poof! We’re no longer needed.

Stop begging me to see black movies when black actresses still get black listed. Paid less. Or win awards for supporting when they’re actually the lead.

Stop begging me to see black movies where great films take us forward only to suffer a season of going backwards.

Why can’t Hollywood get it right yet? If it’s just entertainment, why is the burden so heavy?

Why must my buying power, purchasing power, and other alliances come into play when I just want to escape reality– at the movies?

Can I just enjoy the movie?

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

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