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#WeLiveInPublic — Copy and steal everything! Level up. Take it to next level. Own it. All advice from who many deem to be the top guru’s peddling and pimping confidence and courage from one end of the planet to the other. Neither of them original — what is original?

There’s always the original. In the shadows. At the start. In the beginning. Without a story. No history. There is always the first. But that’s another blog.

Today, let’s get to the bottom line, the root of the problem, so we can stop digging. Success of diversity changes nothing. Not a question. It’s a statement.

But don’t get it twisted — contrary to popular belief, white males read everything. The others stick to their enclaves with only a few venturing out — carrying the weight of the rest.

If I open my social media one more time and see a plea or a bargain to support diversity, I’m going to unfollow so hard, the swipe alone will register on the Richter scale as Georgia’s first 6.9 — unless we’ve already had the first! In that case, my swipe will be the most talked about — because I will copy and steal and overshadow the history of the first as my own.

You see, it’s all been said and done. History has spoken. No great apology or atonement coming. As my son loves to say, “everybody got history Mom.” True, but only a few forget theirs,” is how I counter each and every time. My greatest debate partner — my son and yours, our sons and daughters — our future is why we all fight so hard for diversity?

But diversity wears me out. Can we stop talking about the side effects where we never address the cause. Are we that commercial that says “hey, this pill will make you feel diverse!” However you will lose your heart, confidence, courage, become bitter, suspect all, break spirits, jeopardize your health, and die lonely, hated, but duplicated — but diverse you will be!”

To enter the world of entertainment and play by the rules, when time came to apply for my first official media credentials, the division of diversity put up a big red stop sign. Remember the first gets persecuted and darn near prosecuted. Wait, what kind of online magazine is it? At the time, there were only a hand full in the digital space.  Not even enough to fill a page in Google if Google was even a thing yet?

A magazine for everyone did not register with public relations and was not a sufficient answer. Everyone not allowed to be a thing in media. #MediaApartheid. Check a box please. Can’t be everything. Here’s what was meant: will you write stories for white males or the others. I laughed too — but that’s media. 

It’s white males or the others. White males then other males. Then women. Then children. The history of media and the future of media. Don’t forget there is a breakdown of “the others”. Wait for it — it trickles downs.  The others break down by race, gender, religion, economic status, education, etc etc.

But don’t get it twisted — contrary to popular belief, white males read everything. The others stick to their enclaves with only a few venturing out — carrying the weight of the rest.

This topic may resonate with many in many a field, genre, or area of life — but we’re simply debating entertainment. The desire to return to blogging and not wanting to limit our great debates or be boxed in one enclave when we can own them all.  After all, there is success of diversity — but what has it changed?

The same question, a top jeweler asked me in the beginning — is there that much diversity? What he meant was, is there that much diversity for me to be successful? My response, you would not have invited me to the party if the influence wasn’t the greatest on earth. On that we toasted and his diamond blinded me.

The Hamilton Musical is the most talk about and hottest ticket on Broadway.  Not hottest diversity, the hottest. But if it ends, will the cast have jobs?  We hear “there are no roles”. Watch video below.

Success of diversity hasn’t changed Broadway.  Success of diversity hasn’t changed Hollywood.  Success of diversity hasn’t changed blogging. Before this post, we submitted press credentials and they still wanted to know — fifteen years later — is the coverage for white males or the others. That’s not another blog — that’s this blog. Let’s get to the bottom line.

This is where we are and this is where we are going to be. Success of diversity changes nothing. We can bottom up the pyramid, reign for a time or two, but until we seek equity upon equity upon equity for longevity — success of diversity changes nothing.  But we’re talking entertainment — the enclave to which we’ve been relegated — because supposedly white males don’t read black bloggers though our words can be heard from television to stages across the nations. Somebody’s reading and it isn’t just diverse enclaves.

But again we’re talking entertainment. How does success of diversity not change anything? It’s because we keep giving it away. When asked. We tell.  Tell it all without equity.  History tells us that those who seek equity vanish or become banished. Black listed maybe? Waiting for unwritten roles of leadership? Winning for supporting when we were the lead.

It’s not a question. It’s a statement. Success of diversity changes nothing — without equity.

The Hollywood Reporter reports on Hollywood — more often than a time or two we can spot diversity. But listening to those who make it out and in — sound funny. Also take note and notice when there’s more than one of the others at the table — are they connected? Do they have equity?

If Hamilton Musical ends, there are no more roles. It’s no secret, all of Broadway wants to duplicate success of Hamilton — not for the sake of diversity.

Follow the Buzz — Browse Hollywood Reporter on Hollywood Reporter on Instagram and Hollywood Reporter on Facebook— where those who make it beyond barriers of their enclaves tell their truths. Not hard to spot diversity.

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