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Tailgate Buzz — In a video making it’s way around the world, American football fans are blacking out the NFL with a promise not to watch any of the seasons seventeen (17) weeks until the leagues recognize current plight of African American fans.

The NFL seasons starts without its most talked about player, as it relates to protesting current injustices, Colin Kaepernick. Many feel Kaepernick is black listed. Some say the players silent protest of taking a knee during America’s national anthem causes a distraction to the game.  One sports reporter noted the NFL rarely airs the national anthem and even runs commercials in the space.  So where’s the distraction.

Issue bigger than football.  However, football is a great place to start. Can fans give up the gridiron? Will NFL feel the pressure?

Video very much worth a share.  Just a game into preseason, numbers are slipping and much discussion already in the headlines.

Will you join the blackout? Where there’s a team, there’s a case of brutality.

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There are four calls to action in the video:

  1. Boycott NFL
  2. Community Service
  3. Spread the Word
  4. Devote Season to Prayer

Protest not anti-flag; anti-veteran, nor anti-american. Just a call to people of conscience to make a difference and blackout hatred.

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