Buzz It or Bash It? Watch Kasim Reed versus Ceasar Mitchell | Mayor Deflects from Housing Announcement to Continue Political Attacks | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Wish we could say watch this because you need to be as politically astute as an involved and concern citizen. It includes a housing announcement. Might even include information about every growing success of economic development that is now the new lifestyle of living in downtown Atlanta.

In the beginning it was all business.  We even liked the strategic placement of partners and support from Mayor’s office to City Council.

But then, Mayor Kasim Reed switched up as always and went rogue to entertain the hell out of our afternoon on Facebook.  Live via Fox 5 Atlanta social media coverage of the afternoon press conference — we then through some dip in microwave — grabbed some chips — and watched the Mayor go in.  The man had exhibits ya’ll.

At some point I received an important phone call.  Can’t remember. Never mind the call I received prior to press conference about a couple candidates.  But will you vote?

It’s not time to vote yet. Polls keep changing for Keisha Lance Bottoms, Kwanza Hall, Ceasar Mitchell and the others. But do make note as the mayor mentions two candidates standing with him while throwing jabs at another.

If you make it to the end, and you will cause it’s better than episode of Power — you’ll see the mayor break out in a sweat worst than Mayweather as he finishes this round.

We now wait for the response to the response to the response.  Needless to say, the race is on.  Who will finish as the next Mayor of Atlanta?

We will update this post with additional video. Wait for it. It’s coming.

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

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