Language of Men | JayZ Wonders Why Black Culture Won’t Support Men and Women with Vision

#DryerBuzz — Now that JayZ has said it, can we fix it? From blackploitation films to JayZ, memes and clips about black culture’s vision every truly supported by black people.

To answer, it’s been our experience at in blogging about black vision and innovation since 2002 — Black people persecuted its pioneers

We have seen black vision appropriated and entirely stolen then sold back to Black America at a premium. It’s a vicious cycle with no end in sight.

In a clip shared below, JayZ referenced Lavar Ball and the Baller Brand. Widely criticized for attempting to capitalize on his own name and talent bestowed upon his children. Yet, the list goes on.

In discussions like these, we often cape for Black tech pioneers as well as others in various business sectors. Many who abandoned their visions because Black America could not see the vision.

Pioneers persecuted until the passion became popular or popularized by someone other than them.

Often lack of vision relates to priorities. Many call it self hate. More than hate, we live in a world of doubt. Doubt which exist because we lack important images of seeing and rememberance of how much we have supported each other. We lack a sense of knowledge of know what was to gain from supporting each other. Start with freedom. Together we became free at last.

It’s not self hate. Seeing is believing. We don’t believe because we don’t see enough vision makers.

Lets script the flip so we can flip the script. As a blog we dedicate ourselves undoing #MediaApartheid to feature more with vision.

Follow the buzz to JayZ’s Tidal for entire podcast. But do you support or persecute vision?

PS: Your social media says it all

Harpo! #Jayz wants to know why y'all can't support a man/woman with vision. Is it #selfhate? Buzz it or Bash it? #DryerBuzz

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