Sunset Mr Dick Gregory | Comedic Legend and Civil Rights Activist | Death Notice

Sunsets Remembered – He lived long and served always. He kept us laughing.  More  importantly, Mr Dick Gregory kept us thinking.

Whenever around Mr Dick Gregory, your natural instinct was to laugh and laugh hard. He was insanely funny. But punchlines soon turned to lessons — deep lessons as Gregory peppered every conversation with truth. Many times, we couldn’t handle the truth.

Mr Dick Gregory loved people. He went wherever he was needed. Everybody has a story of greeting or meeting the civil rights legend. There were no walls or celebrity barriers.

He wasn’t trying to become a leader. He set out to serve. Often sharing how he met Dr Martin Luther King, Abernathy and others always by Dr King’s side. Dick Gregory, also known scrutinizing some in their midst. We’ve all heard the stories, conspiracies, and theories.

His was a life that will guide many to come as they discover what we had in our midst — a real truth soldiers – one of faith and conviction.

Sad to see him go off into the spirit world. Our hero transitioned Saturday, August 19,  2017.  Notice that Gregory had taken ill came from family members. Scheduled events, including stop in Atlanta were canceled where he often took the stage with Paul Mooney.

We will miss and always honor Mr Dick Gregory.

Sunsets Remembered — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life. 

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