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#DryerBuzz — The buzz is correct, Atlanta blogger taking over Saturday morning breakfast — a staple in Atlanta!

Chicken and waffles is a west coast thang. Atlanta is a transplant city, but let a native tell you, this city loves it’s cheese grits. When we want something sweet and savory, then it’s french toast all day!

French toast and cheese grits are just the bookends to Breakfast with DryerBuzz.  The real menu is all about the mentors — from top industries, giving back to inspire stronger entrepreneurs, careers, and families.

Breakfast with DryerBuzz runs from Labor Day Weekend to Memorial Day, first Saturdays of each month. 

“At the end of summer, everybody is ready to get back to work and their grind. We’re here to help our diners do the work it takes to reach their goals,” says Yalanda P Lattimore, blogger and creator of

“This is a full circle moment for us,” she continues. Sixteen years we have blogged about how Atlanta is the place to build a dream. We know best practices are to be shared. Successful people come to us looking to give back. Bringing everybody to the table is what we do, have done, and will continue to do.”

Another full circle moment is coming together with salons. Salons are where DryerBuzz got its name, so when Jon’Rick Luxury Salon & Wellness Spa and Blenda DeBerry opened the doors for breakfast — we said yes! Who wouldn’t love to have Saturday breakfast high above Peachtree — where the world intersects in downtown Atlanta.

What better way to celebrate Labor Day Weekend than to kickstart how we labor in our business, careers, and family. Success starts with Breakfast.

For tickets to Breakfast with DryerBuzz visit 

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