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#DryerBuzz — Buzz it or Bash it? At some point, in fact this point, we have to talk about how much we discourage innovation, creativity, and sheer brilliance of those we know and sometimes don’t know. Is it that we are afraid of success might cost them in the way of bad experiences? Or is it that we just don’t support what we don’t understand? Surely it’s not that we don’t want family, friends, or followers to succeed.

We’ve decided to take this topic on head on — start with a Buzz it or Bash it social media update. Let’s see where it goes.

Intellectual property stalled, starved, stolen — when all was needed was a story — a storyteller and support.

Baton dropped. I’m going to pick it up and run with it. As my mentor would say … either lead, follow, or get the f@ck out my way!

Additionally, we talked about this topic a few times at Breakfast with DryerBuzz.

#DryerBuzz –you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

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