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Hair She Buzz — Funny thing happened while making soap: A soap maker was always so busy creating and cutting her soap — via live stream. But her viewers always saw something more than soap.

When receiving shipments from Natural Soap By Zakia, customers would check their bars carefully to see if they received the art filled bars where beautiful works of art appeared from how Zakia Ringgold stirs her soap. She’s got the gift.

The dilemma becomes — frame it or use it. Can’t help but luxuriate in the soap. Her bars are so great for skin care. No lotion needed with continued use. Yet fans take to Instagram first.

We once received a bar dedicated to Janelle Monae that was as classic as the artist.

Now the soapmaker checks each batch of bars carefully herself. She said it takes a couple of days to see clearly. But wow was her reaction to a recent batch where clearly Billy Holiday came through.

Zakia and her viewers never know what to expect as she cuts the soap live. It’s just an amazing experience. Batches sellout before shows end, if not before.

The soap maker uses proceeds from each bar for a LIVE Soap School and after school programs.

She recently published her first, in a series of soap recipe books, “The Soap Makers Cookbook – Ingredients for Success”.

Zakia Ringgold has a career she loves, a buzzing passion, and an amazing family. She’s putting Philadelphia clean on the map with soap making. Follow her buzz

Video Buzz: Do you see what we see?

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