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#DryerBuzz — Walmart won back this customer with their new Walmart Pickup.  Well it was the fresh paint that did it.  Seeing the store with a fresh coat of paint had the Pickup curb popping.  Then came the promotions online. Before I knew it, I was ordering one Sunday morning.

Easy! While blogging, I kept a window open and added a item here or there.  Then I clicked a few staples normally kept in the fridge and cupboard.  The discount code was a welcomed incentive.

I think working at my desktop made it easier.  Tried the app and phone options before and was not satisfied.  The program was knew. Mind you also, I’m not your typical Walmart shopper.  I made it a point not to shop at the big box store for more than a decade — minus a few trips for mom’s meds.

After ordering, all I had to do was pay and pick a time for pickup. First available was 6pm which virtually freed up my entire Sunday afternoon.  Winning!

Try it! Here’s a link Walmart gave us to share. Save $10 on your order and we’ll both save.

In a convenience economy, this is how businesses meet their customers where they are — with convenience that provides freedom to live more life.

The email that our order was ready came about half hour before time. We then had to check-in to the app to let our chosen Walmart know we were on the way.  At check-in our destination was planned for us, showing we were just six minutes away.

We pulled into a pickup spot where Walmart’s Justin was alerted and he soon greeted us to verify order. For faster service, we also had the option to call versus use the app.

Justin loaded the car and we were back home putting away the groceries in minutes. You already know we live streamed the experience.

Only one casualty. Our milk got pinched along the way and leaked.  No worries. We changed container and all is well.

While there are plenty of services, I’m one for spending money in the neighborhood. Glad to be a Walmart customer again — and not have to go in-store.

Watch our Walmart Pickup Experience

Unpacking Groceries at Home

Chit Chat about Convenience Economy

#DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz with — transforming the way we look — at life!


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