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#Feedablogger — Join us on this shopping trip as we selected perfect ingredients for our green smoothie.  We tried grapefruit based and other fruits. Enjoyable as juice, but a bit much for smoothie. Not the consistency we like thanks to the pulp.

Plus, we want to really work on items specifically targeting cholesterol. So back to avocado which we paired with spinach, pineapple, grapes, and banana. Simple but delicious — maybe too delicious.

Found such a great deal on avocado, we decided to get enough to make a spread for sandwiches. To keep the sandwiches healthy and lite for summer, we stuck with tomatoes so as not to offset our juicing.

While tomatoes can go in juicing, I like them better sliced, spiced and on sandwiches. Local store keeps them farm fresh.  With our new spices from Dr Flavor Spices (as seen at Breakfast with DryerBuzz), we tried the spices and herbs on everything — in fact one spice is called “Original Everything”.

It was delicious! Almost immediately after putting the spice on tomatoes, juices power from our fresh slices.

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