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Black Girls Cook Too | Now we can cook with Ayesha Curry® Home Collection | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Black girls cook too.  Yet, we were missing from big box store cooking sections. Always wondered if our absence had anything to do with avoiding stereotypes. For years, we tried to find pots and pans along with items to entertain. Now we’re emptying kitchen cabinets and bringing home Ayesha Curry® Home Collection.

One Facebook friend stopped in her tracks when she saw Ayesha’s line at her favorite Target. The share photos, stopped the buzz in our tracks and we immediately went looking for the buzz behind the buzz.

In collaboration with rising culinary star Ayesha Curry, Food Network host and author of a New York Times best-selling cookbook, Meyer U.S. introduces the Ayesha Curry® Home Collection kitchenware brand. Ayesha’s eponymous line of casually-sophisticated cookware, bakeware, stoneware, cast iron, cutlery, pantryware, and kitchen tools and gadgets are now available at retail nationwide.

From high quality cookware, oversized stock pots, to — ya’ll the sister has a bacon grease pan. Yes!

Ayesha Curry and her love for cooking first became known from her popular blog and YouTube channel Little Lights of Mine which focused on healthy living through faith, family and food.

Where were we when Ayesha Curry landed on Food Network. Oh wait we stopped watching Food Network because of Paula Dean and other failed personalities and shows. Wait, we even missed Ayesha’s first cookbook, The Seasoned Life, when it became a New York Times bestseller too? Where are they marketing Ayesha?

Looks like Ayesha Curry is on a roll…

In partnership with world-renowned chef Michael Mina, her successful pop-up restaurant International Smoke is opening its marquee permanent location in San Francisco in fall 2017, with additional locations to follow in 2018. Ayesha Curry was recently announced as the new co-host of ABC’s Great American Baking Show, and as the newest CoverGirl.

Hope we’re not too late to Ayesha’s cooking game. We’re cleaning out kitchen cabinets to make room for a cookware shopping spree.  Follow the buzz http://www.ayeshacurry.com.

Additionally, Ayesha Curry kitchen products help support this charitable cause by providing up to 500,000 meals to children in need. Learn more at nokidhungry.org/onedollar

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