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Buzz it or Bash it? Cam Newton Sexist? Watch Jourdan Rodrigue Exchange | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

Buzz it or Bash it? That’s Sexist! Court of Cam Newton vs Female Reporter Jourdan Rodrigue | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

VideoBuzz: Watch DryerBuzz Buzz it or Bash it? | Plus see if you can tell Cam Newton’s intent

#DryerBuzz — First and foremost, Jourdan Rodrigue says she was offended — end of story.  But lets talk about sexism in the court of public opinion. Why Cam Newton called out the reporters gender — we don’t know. We certainly won’t give you the old adage of boys will be boys or men will be men.

There’s one side to this story and those are the facts.  The facts are Jourdan Rodrigue left the locker room offended from her engagement with Cam Newton. Yet when we hear others say if Newton said the same thing to one of the guys, it would be no issue.

Stop the Blog! Guess who’s a hidden Hilly! — Victim’s tweets show she might be racist! Racism vs Sexim! — Newton faced swift and harsh punishment by losing endorsement and apology demand, which he caved and gave. But now, there’s a petition for swift action against Jourdan Ridrigue, who’s twitter timeline has her in hot water — or racist history. Remember, we live in public

Before Rodrigue glass house cracked …

“It’s funny to hear a woman talk about routes.” Is it fellas? An NFL spokesperson was quick to say Cam’s sentiment are not a reflection on the league. Sounds like NFL sentiments to me.  Came from an NFL athlete.  The make up of the press box, press pool — frankly don’t have enough women in it.  Why else would Newton see gender? Looks like NFL needs to put some more gender up in the game of football.

Not to cape for Cam Newton, but let’s face it.  Every time the man takes to podium, or any number of football players for that matter, they have to fend off crazy questions.  Prior to Rodrigue’s question, it was obvious, Cam was full on in character to deal with an uncooperative press pool.

We see from his facial reactions, utter surprise that a serious question now in front of him — one about the game and skill.  Not an off the wall question.  We see the athlete try to adjust and come out of character. Was his intent mean spirited? Jourdan said it was — which matters most.  But I also see a guy try to adjust himself.  I also see an exchange that we should see more off — an interchange about the sport and skill.

Good question Jourdan Rodrigue.  She made Cam Newton think.  She made Cam Newton look good. Unfortunately, he made Jourdan look bad. Dude should be more well versed to answer questions from reporters about the game — female or otherwise. Reporters should be as well versed as Rodrigue.

More sexism: Brand backlash and boycotters went after the female focused endorsement of Dannon who quickly gave into pressure and dropped Newton says reports.  But women control purse strings of all money spent in their household. Why just Dannon? That’s sexist!

VideoBuzz: Cam Newton Jourdan Rodrique Exchange

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