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#Feedablogger — There’s a new panini in town — the town of Douglasville, Georgia that it.  Minutes from Atlanta, the drive is worth it.  But Douglasville is where we live, so if you want to meet us for lunch — we’re suggesting Blu Rose Art Bistro for the Caprese Panini with a cup of tomato basil soup followed by hot blueberry cobbler. Of course you’ve got to wash it all down with blueberry lemon while taking in the art and sounds all around.

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You already know, DryerBuzz is no stranger to buzzing about Douglasville, Georgia. Blu Rose Art Bistro is just another gem in the land or shall we say community of amazing creatives. Our lunch tasting was prepared by Chef Carlton. Blu Rose is such a welcome addition to our downtown dining.

An exciting place to be and be seen. Promising a calendar of events around the arts, Blu Rose Bistro also offers entertainment as well as painting, pottery, and other workshops which are filling up fast.

Follow the buzz from our tasting of menu items from their soft opening. Joining DryerBuzz for lunch were Rita Fasina-Thomas, Kim Coleman, and Sandi Evans — all buzz partners. First we were served Bluberry Lemonade. Then came soups and salads. We fell in love with cups of Tomato Basil and Butternut Squash. The soups were followed by a selection of paninis and flatbreads. With the highlight of the lunch — the hot blueberry cobbler!

Blu Rose Art Bistro is located 6774 W Broad St, Douglasville, GA 30134.  Do check for hours during soft opening until full schedule. Phone (678) 909-2133

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