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#DryerBuzz — Come Monday we can all quarterback. Hindsight is 20/20. Yet, better than hindsight is looking at situations after emotions have settled and each situation can be viewed from points of facts.

Fact is Trump and Pence have an agenda of dividing the country. Fact is these are two very failed men who can’t deliver on any of the policies promised to their constituents. In that vein they can on seek to divide and deflect. Over the weekend, Pence made a political move to leave an NFL football game after citizens of America continued  to bring awareness to loss of life by kneeling in victory formation during the national anthem.

Both Pence and Trump tweeted their disdain for all citizens who chose to evoke their rights. The President and Vice President continue to show the American people that they only represent a few.

Speaking of athletes, come Monday, the debate continued around Cam Newtons press conference where he was accused of sexism. In another post and live stream, DryerBuzz examined Newton’s exchange with Jourdan Rodrigue and determined there was more to the exchange.

While one regime went after Newton, another went after Rodrigue. The findings were, she was a hidden Hilly — as in The Help. As we live and tweet in public, turns out Jourdan had to enter her own apologies right along with Cam Newton. Cam also lost Dannon as a sponsor. As everything unfolded, said sponsor’s association with Newton may be soured but not fully dissolved.

Our Monday morning position has us asking if  Cam Newton is more of a coward than sexist? We understand Cam Newton press conferences represents a hostile environment. Cam’s face and interactions tells it all. But it’s where he gives push back that has us wondering.

While in the line of fire of questions, did Newton only act out and give push back to the female? This quickly put him in hot water and into the news cycle. Does Newton equally offend — when it comes to reporters? We will watch more closely at upcoming pressers. In hostile situations, people often deflect their anger onto what they think is weaker subjects.

Nelly Nelly Nelly!!! Running around with the country music set, Nelly almost knocked Cam Newton off the front page when the rapper was arrested for alleged rape. Nelly apologies to his family for putting himself in such a situation but vehemently denies any wrong doing. To damage any credibility Nelly might have, social warriors took to sharing awkward video of Nelly interacting with a young fan on stage. In court of public opinion, this would become a clear case of corrupting jury pool. Still waiting for facts in the case. Nelly ain’t been the same since … well you already know.

Was Dove ad the new doll experiment? Show me the dirty doll? Which doll did you pick? Where exactly do Black, White, and Hispanic women intersect? What about other women?

Dove customers crying foul after screenshots of their ad campaign went viral for all the wrong reasons. Was the Dove ad the doll experiment revisited or what? Bottom line, where does Dove really think Black, White, and Hispanic women intersect — certainly not in a soap commercial — yet. Where were they planning to place such an ad? Were Black women the only one’s upset?

Screenshots of the ad took timelines by storm.  Burdened and broken by history, friends and followers were at their wits ends trying to explain their perspective.  Why did such an ad hurt so much. It was painful. What was your perspective?

Buzz it or Bash it? The real problem with #Dove #diversity is the absence of a media platform for which to place such an ad. In social media, the gap between Black, Hispanic, and White females exist at its widest. There’s no social platform, television show, radio, or even print that these three segments of a customer base intersect equally. Can we truly have diversity campaigns? Did Dove fail or did audiences? Society? Media platforms? Looks like Dove tried to capitalize on the latest trend of flesh tone clothing. Flesh tone are trending because finally the fashion industry offers tones attractive and appealing to Black and Hispanic women. However Dove morphing these women into one another went so wrong. History of Black and Hispanic women and assimilation came through more than the products intention on selling more soap. In other aspects of the campaign, placement was horrible. Brands don’t know what they don’t know and apparently won’t ask. Where did Dove think it could place this ad? Was the ad for a generation unaware or unburdened by history? Where did this ad work before it went viral? Did Dove need to keep the soap separate but equal? Meet me at #DryerBuzz for a great debate undoing #MediaApartheid

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We took the topic to live stream and sleeping on the idea of such a commercial.  Though Dove rushed to apology, we still need to know how they got it so wrong?

What media platform did Dove think such an ad could be placed? Social media, television, print? Media places everyone in a box. Who can forget Oscars so white? Even in social media Black girls have had to carve out their safe space of inclusion with a myriad of hashtags. We aren’t there yet.  But why not?

We asked friends and followers, where do we intersect — Black, White, and Hispanic women? And where are the rest of the women?

Watch as we debated over breakfast with DryerBuzz, we took on Dove as we dined on Salmon and cheese grits.  Plus the conversations continues in our timeline. — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!


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