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#DryerBuzz — We’ve been here before. Whenever an American president tanks in approval numbers or ratings as it relates to Donald J Trump, America picks a fight with Black America because everybody loves to hate.

Here we were minding our own business, in the middle of natural and man made disasters when a world leader — our own American world leader — decided he was losing at everything else — picks a fight with us — black folk.

Mind you his constituents had a laundry list of governmental dictates for which they wasted their vote to put him in office. Unable to accomplish any of the task at hand, he invents a war on American soil from the 50 yard line.

Stay with me.  I know it’s dumb as hell. But we’re now living in #Dumbfuckistan. I’m a branding wizard, but that ain’t my hashtag.  It explains the illogical thinking of a group of people for whom the media lens is always trained upon.

Trump said he would make America great again, not hate again. I guess greatness is in the eye of the beholder — those beholding to hate.

Facts and clapbacks don’t matter where theres no logic.  There was one player kneeling for a cause at NFL football games.  Said player lost his job. Football season started without him.  But then comes Donald Trump and now teams kneeling with owners. National anthem at one time rarely aired but now major part of broadcasts feeding frenzy. Friends and family already divided by election can’t even watch a game in the same room, let alone sit together at games.

Silent protests now loud and vicious. Neither side will never respect the other. We’ve been here before. Why are we still trying to redeem racists? Get them to understand? Giving them a lens? Why? What does America have to gain from hate?

Since we’ve been here before, was there a period when America was great? There was a time after Vietnam or Nixon era. Nixon was such a failure that everything after him looked promising. After Trump, are we headed into a promising era for our country?

After Trump sounds so hopeful. After Nixon came Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.  What does the cleanup crew look like after Trump?

While Trump continues to pick fights he can’t win, making America look like Dumbfuckistan, keep close eye on those on the wrong side of history.

To be continued …

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