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#DryerBuzz — We tried to watch Mudbound. May have to give it a second pass another time. This day wasn’t that day.  We only leaned in about fifteen minutes in after we pressed play.  Then came the n-word, race and prejudice to the point we were like — not today! Looks like it could be a great film, but must the struggle always come in comparison with white versus black. That ain’t diversity. Not today Mudbound.

Did you Buzz it or Bash it? At what point does the movie get beyond angry white male and an n-word overconsumption script to redemption? Clearly the two culture survived war abroad and at home to make it to today. But how do we enjoy this look back in Mudbound? Bad timing?

Behind the Buzz

From Director Dee Rees, Mudbound follows the story of two men – one white, one black – returning home from WWII to life on the Mississippi Delta. As their families struggle to share the land, they discover what they hold in common is more true than what tears them apart. A Netflix film, Mudbound | Premiering November 17.


Mary J Blige
Carey Mulligan
Garrett Hedlund
Jason Mitchell
Robert Morgan
Jason Clarke
Jonathan Banks

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