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Daytime Comes Full Circle with Sister Circle Live on TV One | Zoom in on Comedian Kiana Dancie | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Daytime has come full circle with Sister Circle Live on TV One. After having our fill of morning news, we can lean in and let our cups runneth over. This new show now has us anxiously awaiting segments that look more like the decision makers of America — women — in a show filled with Black Girl Magic.

It took a while, but TV One found its way into homes with great content like it’s Unsung Series and morning news show with Roland Martin … now comes the takeover of daytime tv with Sister Circle Live.

Every morning after sharing our viewing activity on social media, our friends and followers quickly chime in with their own viewer comments.  Everybody wants to give it a chance.  That is highly unusual. No shade yet? Well, the initial promos are a little different than what’s on now.  But that’s to be expected as a new show finds its mix.

Before anymore changes, let’s talk about this formula and why Sister Circle Live is as funny as it is all about business and entertainment.  Having a comedian at the table worked for The View, The Talk, and The Real so why not keep with success at Sister Circle Live. The minute she hit the screen — we zoomed in. Who DryerBuzz?

Kiana Dancie is the comedian rounding out the table which includes the reporter Rashan Ali ( TV Host, sports reporter and radio show host), the singer Syleena Johnson (Grammy-award nominated singer and “R&B Divas” TV star), and the business and tv personality Quad Webb-Lunceford (“Married To Medicine” reality-TV breakout star). Each host survived rounds of auditions, four favorites with their own niche following, to become our Sister Circle.

We wanted to buzz them while they’re still within reach and answering their inboxes, so we buzzed Kiana Dancie for the buzz behind the buzz and she wrote back …

“If you had told me a year ago,” starts Kiana Dancie in an Instagram message, “I’d have to wake up at 4 am to go to the same place and work with the same 3 people everyday, as a comedian, I would have thought you were condemning me. But here I am, waking before the alarm rings, running out of the house to work with my sisters!!! I love my life and I love my sister circle!!!”

Don’t get it twisted. Comedians rule television where ever there is a camera and a mic.  At post time, Tiffany Haddish has a Forbes headline as she prepares to make history by becoming the first black female comedian to host Saturday Night Live (SNL).  Why is this a headline in 2017??? Because the sister circle wasn’t complete!

The world thought Haddish came out of no where to become an overnight success. We want to know Kiana Dancie now as well as others so we can respect their work when their reward begin to shine. Keep bringing the funny KD (we’re so wrong for giving her a nickname).

Sister Circle Live competes in a tough time slot where shows set the tone for the day.  However for women, men, and families largely underserved but appropriated, it’s good to find a circle where we are the target — for the best reasons. We deserve our own. Prayerfully, the hosts see this chance on TV as more than just a platform, knowing they are reaching into our hearts — they complete the circle.

Stay buzzed for more as we get to know the hosts and crew as Daytime Comes Full Circle with Sister Circle Live on TV One

Behind the Buzz

Sister Circle is a live, one-hour talk show that is entertaining, fun, engaging, relatable, and relevant. Hosted by four dynamic women, they don’t shy away from sharing their opinions, views and feelings with the viewers. And the audience gets their chance to join the conversation through social platforms. The hosts and their celebrity guests and newsmakers tackle everything from matters of the heart, to raising a family, the latest beauty and fashion trends, managing money, to what everyone is talking about.

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