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#DryerBuzz — Who said politics was not our thang. But we rocked the Atlanta mayoral race. While we would not have predicted this outcome, we did see several signs along the way. In hindsight, we can honestly say — we told you so!

Now in a runoff with Kiesha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood, Atlanta’s vision for the future comes down to two predictable yet some what unpredictable leaders.

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In this episode of Real Mayoral Candidates of Atlanta #rmcoa, which we started blogging in September, now comes the “I told you so” … we told you candidates spent too much time in debates (empty debates at that) instead of in front of their base.

We also told you candidates didn’t challenge each other enough. Too many debate rules and restrictions kept them from even mentioning opponents or calling out — except that time Fort notoriously went for the pocket to grab #taxliens — forever funny.

We also told you candidates were late to the game on social media ads which cost pennies — they ran ads about themselves instead of calling out opponents.

Now these same candidates have to either pick a side or remain silent. Meanwhile, all those great promises they had “if I become mayor” or “when I become mayor” — will never happen — never.

Lastly, virtually nobody voted. Numbers embarrassingly low. With such a large pool of candidates, did anyone galvanize a voting base — they all split the same faces in the same places? What happened to the new Atlanta residents?

We told you so. Talk a look back #LivingAtlantaStyle #DryerBuzz

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