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The Battery hitting home runs for Cobb County | Living Atlanta Style | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#LivingAtlantaStyle — The Braves may have struck out their season but #theBattery hitting homeruns for Cobb County. When it comes to food, fun, and family, and friends — they stay winning. Blogging Atlanta and it’s hottest #rideshare destinations, we checked in and it looks like the Battery seemed to be the place to be. Definitely a destination for the Holidays.

Atlanta is that new getaway city. Millions arrive via Hartsfield-Jackson for weekend or conference excursions. A quick #rideshare from all points north, south, east, or west to what has become the pulse of resurgence. So this is what it was all for — a plan that started years ago — is now the heart beat of a county.

Looks like our neighbors have plenty to offer for the holidays including ice skating, football (yes — plenty of bars to watch games), concerts at #theRoxy, co-working, shops, residences, and a hotel to come.

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