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the Clippings — We scored more than the big game launching super polls on Super Bowl for #SB50.  While we kept our eye on Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, we also polled followers to see how they scored everything from national anthem, halftime, commercials and other trending moments.  See results […]

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DryerBuzzLIVE — Can we call it Fall Back February? Did you start the year off with an over ambitious vision or resolutions.  Then you may feel like me as the second month of the new year rolled in.  In this laid back episode, we left February do what it does […]

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Great Debates:  The hard fast lesson learned when I first picked up a camera to start blogging for in 2002 was that photographers have to shoot what sells to get paid. The next was all the ish that goes along with getting paid.  There’s a formula that is not […]

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VideoBuzz: In this excerpt from the Independent Lens documentary A Ballerina’s Tale, Misty Copeland learns she has a lower leg stress fracture, a common injury for people who jump frequently. The road to recovery is long and potentially devastating to Misty’s career. Many have doubts she’ll dance with her signature power […]

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Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
This museum buzz clipped from Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture announcement of grand opening set for September 24, 2016. Posted by Yalanda P Lattimore on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 Follow the buzz via ‪#‎SaveTheDate‬ ‪#‎BuildNMAAHC‬ the Clippings — you just got the buzz from — […]

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Living Atlanta Style — was invited to scope the buzz from the kickoff off #BlackHistoryMonth at the Douglas County Cultural Arts Council #CAC #ArtsDouglas. What a wonderful evening with featuring recent artwork from members of the African Americans for the Arts (AAFTA) organization – showcasing a diverse group of the […]

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Buzzing with Stepp Stewart and LaMont Williams from Cindy the Musical
DryerBuzzLIVE — ICYMI enjoy this episode of DryerBuzzLIVE from TUOIA when Stepp Stewart stopped by to give us exclusive buzz on Cindy the Musical and introduce Lamont Williams cast in the role of Cindy’s father James. Conversation started buzzing when we talked about Broadway and musical theatre making it’s way […]

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the Clippings — It’s countdown to Cam Bowl — or at least it appears to be Cam bowl.  With each Super Bowl there’s that which drives the most excitement.  Very few times has it been about the teams as much as it is a driving controversy, expected celebrity, national anthem, […]

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Hair She Buzz — Let’s jump right in. I remember the day my lactation consultant called. Shortly after she introduced herself, the tears started to flow.  I was ready to call it quits– consider myself a failure and boil some bottles.  My new born son was staring at me, ready to […]

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Great Debates — When and where did cheers for Cam Newton turn to jeers? Is it me or did Newton’s news narrative suddenly change to negative? It’s almost as if someone somewhere suddenly realized such a skillful young man might disrupt America’s inferiority dictate — especially when it comes to […]

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Cannot America stump Trump? What is it going to take? In America, crazy sells at premium. At least we get to enjoy a few debates without hot air. Thanks @MegynKelly — DryerBuzz

DryerBuzzLive — Watch DryerBuzz Live host Yalanda P Lattimore and Rita Fascina-Thomas with Distinctive Ops as we sit down with Attorney Precious Felder.  In this episode Attorney Felder updates us on the buzz behind the buzz Bill Cosby’s selection of attorneys and how to protect your content online.  Enjoy DryerBuzzLive […]

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