State of Woman Spring 2012 Atlanta: Panelists, Presenters, Performers Submissions

State of Woman Have Evolved.  It’s LIVE and INTERACTIVE. Comes to Life. News Podcast and NetTV, in celebration of Women’s History Month (March), will host State of Woman Spring 2012 (#StateofWoman)Saturday, March 17th, Downtown Atlanta Georgia.

With #StateofWoman, a live interactive forum conducive to the uniqueness of women, comes to life in celebration of ten years as the source for the buzz behind the buzz as it relates to women. Yes, online since 2002, is celebrating a DECADE!

The one question we are asked more often is “how did we do it?” To answer that question and more, we launched  For Women’s History Month, we’re bringing to our readers to help launch and grow their business.  All of the resources we found that we needed, we’re bringing to our readers in an action packed day to meet them where you are in their business.

#StateofWoman at a Glance

  • Access to Industry Experts
  • LIVE Interactive Workshops
  • Hands-on Demonstrations
  • Real-Time Web Presence Development and SEO Training

We are looking for a few great panelists to add to our already exciting list of invitees to participate in Great Debates held live at Hair She Goes: StateofWoman. Foremost, we will select panelists from our sponsors which provides added opportunity to create buzz. In the event of open slots, we will contact and select from submissions.

Panels discuss topics relevant to the audience and current in the industry. They range in size from three to seven panelists. Panels can take various formats, including a short introduction of the panel, followed by questions and answers or short presentations, followed by an interactive dialogue among the panelists and the audience members.

We are also looking for presenters and performers as we are plan an exciting day to ring in the new year, recognize Women’s History Month, and celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary.

For panelists, presenters, and performer consideration, please use submission form below.  All submissions will be reviewed for contact no later than February 15th.  For questions and inquiries, please use contact form for immediate reply.

Panelist positions will be filled from sponsors and vendors first. Where opportunities exist, we will select from submissions.
Please tell us about your area of expertise and how it applies to State of Women 2012

Create Buzz with SOWSpring2012

Join us as a sponsor and vendor to create buzz for your brand.  Establish relationships with lifetime customers. Meet and mingle with friends and followers.

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