DryerBuzz.com BizCamp Atlanta March 17 2012: Register to Attend | State of Woman | OccupyOwnership


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With DryerBuzz.com BizCamp, a live interactive forum conducive to the uniqueness of enterpreneurs, DryerBuzz.com comes to life in celebration of ten years as the source for the buzz behind the buzz. Yes, online since 2002, DryerBuzz.com is celebrating a DECADE!The one question we are asked more often is “how did we do it?” To answer that question and more, we launched Learn.DryerBuzz.com.  For Women’s History Month, we’re bringing Learn.DryerBuzz.comto you to help launch and grow your business.  All of the resources we found that we needed, we’re bringing to you in an action packed day to meet you where you are in your business.#DryerBuzz.com BizCamp at a Glance

An exciting day of interactive workshops will guide entrepreneurs in refining their business reach; protecting their business and legacies; becoming leaders in their industries; and creating buzz for their business.

DryerBuzz.com BizCamp Workshops at a Glance:

  • #OccupyOwnership: You Are What You Are Selling
  • Plant the Seeds to Leverage Your Harvest
  • Learn Your Lane ~ Launch Your Business
  • Protect Your Business and Your Legacy
  • Market Your Business To Create Buzz
  • Become a Leader Online ~ Get Found More Often

DryerBuzz.com BizCamp registration is only $125 and includes full day of workshops, lunch with coaches, and copies of popular selling e-books by BizCamp facilitators. Information on discounts and sponsored scholarships are available by following @DryerBuzz on twitter.

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to launch or grow a business
  • Authors looking to expand their audience
  • Organizations and Professionals looking to expand web presence


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Join us as a sponsor to create buzz for your brand.  Establish relationships with lifetime customers. Meet and mingle with friends and followers.

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