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Yalanda Lattimore, Creator of DryerBuzz.com – Engaging niche audiences for  two decades, Yalanda learned early on that in order to impact change, one has to make an impact through media.  Specializing in marketing strategies which accelerate contagion to create buzz in order to grow businesses.  Social media framer recognized by BlackWeb20.com as one of the Top 100 Black Women on Twitter.  Recognized by UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter as the one of the Top 30 Content Creators of African American Culture Content. Twitter @DryerBuzz

The activist needs an advocate and storyteller. Building on an African Proverb “Until the lion has a storyteller, the hunter will always have the best part of the story,” and a desire to see a different story on the front page of local and national news, Yalanda became the storyteller. Seeing is believing and ownership is key.

Born from a passion for community organizing, media and writing, Yalanda developed a community newsletter which grew popular in Atlanta salons and other socialized venues. Add to that, pioneering skills with the Internet and an ability to engage audiences in conversation, the storyteller soon found her way online with live Internet radio after our country experienced back to back tragedies from Columbine to September 11th to simply listening to soldiers fighting a new war. “We needed news told in a different way. We needed hope and the activist still needed an advocate,” says Yalanda.

Yalanda Lattimore brought conversations women were having in salons and men in barbershops  online for a more cohesive conversation connecting like minds. A self taught webmaster and blogging pioneer, DryerBuzz.com was born March 13, 2002. An international audience followed the storyteller from the early days of Internet radio back to Atlanta for the daily buzz behind the buzz.

Today, DryerBuzz.com influences a social world, is award winning for its storytelling, and is one of the most trusted by celebrities judging from the sites headlines and podcasts. Additionally, Yalanda was recently recognized by BlackWeb20.com as one of The 100 Most Powerful Black Women on Twitter. Yalanda firmly believes we are our media; everything else is just syndication.

Meet Yalanda Lattimore
Keeping Sisters Talking Since 1993
Editor of DryerBuzz.com Since 2002
You can change the world with a headline… ”

Some have called her the red carpet diva. During a press conference, no question goes unasked or unanswered. “Yalanda Lattimore has the Midas touch when it comes to creating a buzz,” quoting one source, “she can take an everyday conversation and spread it around the world.” An avid Internet junkie, “Dryer”, as most call her, has been online since before Al Gore invented it.

She’s the one blogger celebrities trust to get the story out right, without the spin and full of the truth. Yalanda has garnered the trust of Hollywood

“You can talk to me any time…” says Bishop Eddie Long

“You know she done lost her mind…” says Tyler Perry

“Yalanda, you totally get it…” says Jasmine Guy

“She has all the questions…” says Blair Underwood

“She kicked it off…” says G. Garvin

Ruby Dee“I love it…” says Ruby Dee

“Answer the lady’s question…” Spike Lee told Sony Movie Executives

“How’d you get in here”…said Bobby Brown, “just let her ask the questions”

“Looks like you’re the one to talk to”… Bob Johnson BET

“Sit down, I wanna talk to you about this Hip Hop stuff”…Nancy Wilson

“We might get this right…if we just listen to Yalanda…” Former President Jimmy Carter

From co-hosting one of the first live Internet Radio morning shows, Yalanda built an international audience that followed her to DryerBuzz.com. Today she serves as webmaster and editor of DryerBuzz.com as well as producer of DryerBuzz & Company. Pulling together teams of buzz makers, DryerBuzz gets the buzz out NOW.

As a native of Atlanta, Georgia, Yalanda Lattimore has strong community ties and a passion for delivering the buzz. Realizing you can change the world with a headline, she was logging before blogging about Atlanta and beyond.

An avid web surfer and ambitious internet pioneer, through Sistributions Syndications, Yalanda has launched a number of popular websites to fill a niche in African American online media.

Today, DryerBuzz.com has become the premier place online to get the daily buzz behind the buzz from Atlanta and beyond. It serves as a prominent homepage positively mirroring the communities of African American web surfers.

Sistributions Internet Media and Syndication, A Lattimore Company

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