Breakfast with DryerBuzz Livng Atlanta Style Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Blogger Taking Over Saturday Breakfast in Atlanta | Taste for Success | Living Atlanta Style with Breakfast with DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — The buzz is correct, Atlanta blogger taking over Saturday morning breakfast — a staple in Atlanta! Chicken and waffles is a west coast thang. Atlanta is a transplant city, but let a native tell you, this city loves it’s cheese grits. When we want something sweet and savory, then it’s french toast all day! French toast and cheese grits are just the bookends to Breakfast with DryerBuzz.  The real menu is all about the mentors — from top industries, giving back to inspire stronger entrepreneurs, careers, and families….

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Breakfast with DryerBuzz Feed a Blogger 

Don’t FeedaBlogger When She’s Juicing | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

Let the end of summer juicing begin. First we’re replacing snacking with juicing before diving into full on meal replacements. Want to bring back good habits first. Summer food blogging had us dining all over Atlanta and beyond. We posted then we ate it. From chilli slaw dogs to best BBQ ever. Not to mention festival food, hotel conference food and desserts. Open bar events didn’t help either. Twenty, yes 20lbs later, here comes headaches and backaches. Also fatigue. So time to turn it all around before fall, new season…

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Breakfast with DryerBuzz Livng Atlanta Style 

Breakfast with DryerBuzz | Fall Kickoff September 2nd | Follow the Buzz

We’re Back! Bring your appetities for success to Breakfast with DryerBuzz | New season! New Location! Get ready for a new you. #BreakfastwithDryerBuzz fall kickoff is the place to feed your dream. Dine on a menu of mentors focusing on entrepreneurship, career, and family. Breakfast bar included. Bring a friend or team member. Like our page Breakfast with DryerBuzz to see what all the buzz is about. Get tickets at — tickets only $20 until the 20th and $27 thereafter. Powered by DryerBuzz, Jon ‘Ric Int’l Luxury & Wellness…

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Breakfast with DryerBuzz 

What’s in a ring? Does it still mean a thing? | Breakfast with DryerBuzz Podcast

#DryerBuzz — Put a ring on it? What’s in a ring? Does it still mean a thing? Beyoncé’s anthem not on repeat as much these days. Honestly, who can play? Can you? Celebrities live in public but the public not too far behind when it comes to wives versus side chicks.  In this episode of Breakfast with DryerBuzz, we asked what’s in a ring? Married folk pulling us into their drama on social media. Captain save a garden tool ranting, venting, and allegedly breaking laws with revenge nudity. Side chicks…

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