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Living Atlanta Style | #TailgateReport with Mark Cooper – Good Bad and Buzz in Falcons Schedule – Can you say road trips?

April 26, 2015

Listen for #TailGateReport Sundays on #DryerBuzzonWAOK with Mark Cooper

Living Atlanta Style — we fight hard and play even harder, so don’t miss the #TailgateReport with Mark Cooper airing  first down of #DryerBuzzonWAOK heard Sundays live from Atlanta before, during and after tailgating seasons to keep fans hyped and updated on changes with our favorite Atlanta teams.

This week Cooper gave us the good, the bad, and the buzz from newly announced Falcons schedule.  Tailgaters are you ready?  Can you say road trips?  Don’t sleep on it because with most games schedule for 1PM, you got to get up early to get the buzz.  Never mind Falcons kickoff coincides with the start of #DryerBuzzonWAOK.  So, keep the buzz in your ear when enjoying the game.

Catch the buzz in this week’s #TailgateReport with Mark Cooper

mark cooper tailgate report

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the Clippings | #BruceJenner Fail?

April 24, 2015

The Clippings — Short title.  Longer explanation. Both Tina Knowles and Bruce Jenner seem to be arriving at the happy place in their lives.  Post wedding, Tina Knowles, mother to Beyonce and Solange, was quoted somewhere saying you can find happiness at any age — to which, we jumped in the stream (of social media) with “DON’T WAIT TILL YOU GET THAT DAMN OLD TO BE HAPPY!”

No disrespect to the aging boomers.  To them, they did the right thing. From outside looking in, appears both Knowles and Jenner waited until their children were adults to find their happinessBut did they leave a trail of pain, unhappiness in others, as they moved about life with happiness on hold?

In wake of Bruce Jenner’s epic interview with Diane Sawyer, we have nothing to do but ponder what Jenner will truly reveal juxtaposed to what we already believe from years of watching Jenner hidden and sitting in plain sight in his wife’s closet. Part of a reality show and family of extreme attention seekers, and now biggest motivational speaking fraud — perhaps Bruce Jenner should have sought happiness long ago.

Jenner has now spent years in torn relationships.  We’ve watched same offsprings he may have wanted to protect go for times not speaking with him, fighting for him while trying to get him to stand up for himself.  While he may have made choices for family sake, nothing about his family is now worth aspiring to … no wonder they all seek extreme attention.  Gotta search high and low in Kardashian klan to find the happy healthy one.  

Now out comes daddy? Does that fix it? Or do we now want to know what was Jenner thinking while watching a generation, not to mention, other Olympic athletes face public scrutiny?

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Travel Clippings | Monetize Spaces and Stay in Great Places with Airbnb

April 9, 2015

Travel Clippings — While thinking about quick trip to New York and making it a day trip because of expensive hotel prices, a friend told me about — there’s an app for that.  The app turned out to be Airbnb and everyone knew about it but me.  Friends in town for hackathon used it to avoid ever changing and often unpredictable hotel prices.  So this is their secret to save money as traveling entrepreneurs — #Airbnb.


A quick download and review, seems Airbnb is an uber-like-tool for a great night stay — allowing users to monetize spaces and/or stay in great places.

Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries.


We’re looking to try Airbnb on an upcoming trip and will keep you posted.  Have you tried it? Let us know your experience.

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the Clippings | Some of us don’t love Erica Campbell’s #‎iLuhGod‬ – Help 2.0

April 6, 2015

the Clippings — When old school wants to stay new school, it’s time to get schooled and I don’t mind playing teacher.  Don’t mind going against the grain to say I don’t like it — this new song from Erica Campbell.  No, trap gospel is not okay — for my playlist.  No shade no stones. In fact, not throwing anything.  Just returning what was served. 

What’s with the 1900 dialect or as some would say today’s ebonics? Would we feel different about the song had Campbell contributed her LUH to negro spirituals in such tongues as spoken by Zora Neale Hurston or Sojourner Truth? But no, she went straight trap — trap gospel? It’s ok to minister to the trap. However, with this song, did Erica Campbell move in?

If the saints are mad, then maybe she ought to rethink it lol

Ironically, the album is called Help 2.0 — help her!

Ladies and Gentlemen — Trap Gospel — Buzz it or Bash it?

erica campbell help 2.0 iluhgod

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the Clippings | Isaiah Washington excites conversation with #‎Adapt‬ ‪#‎TweetLikeIsaiahWashington‬ – “if you’re at war…”

April 2, 2015

The Clippings — Leave it to Don Lemon to miss the real moment in his interview with Isaiah Washington but we caught it, as did rest of #blacktwitter — we are at war.

CNN’s Lemon interviewed Washington following comments made via twitter using hashtag #adapt @chrisrock after Chris Rock excited social sphere with blue light selfies after being pulled over many times for driving while black.

“But if you are at war, ” starts Isaiah Washington, “which we all know, that we are. There is a sentiment in the air that’s highly toxic, highly negative. And what I was doing by that tweet, was doing exactly what I wanted it to do, is excite a conversation that if we’re looking at term black and we’re looking at this term driving while black, maybe we need to really look at the term black itself and start having a different kind of holistic conversation.”


Screenshot 2015-04-02 at 11.29.41 AM - Edited

More and more black men need to speak up and out and not just adapt in silence.  The few brave enough to speak via media in midst of #mediaapartheid need not have their words twisted. Black twitter has their back.  Thanks so social media, Washington’s message put back in content and reached it’s target.

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QuickBuzz | Follow DryerBuzz to National Action Network Convention with

April 1, 2015

QuickBuzz — Follow editor Yalanda P Lattimore to New York for National Action Network Convention.  We’ll live tweet for and their participation in an important panel called Environmental Justice – Killing Us Softly: Environmental Threats To Our Future

Moderator: Quentin James, COO, Vestige Strategies, LLC Panelists: Eddie Bautista, Executive Director, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance Djuan Coleon, Founder, Project Urban Renewal Energy (P.U.R.E.) Cecil D. Corbin-Mark, Deputy Director, Director of Policy Initiatives, WE ACT for Environmental Justice Leslie Fields, National Environmental Justice Director, Sierra Club Lawanna Gelzer, President, NAN Central Florida Chapter Jacqueline Patterson, Director of Environmental and Climate Justice

Stay in the stream or look for us at the convention: 2nd Floor – Empire East.

DryerBuzz National Action Network Convention Pure Cities

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QuickBuzz | Follow DryerBuzz to #BloggerWeek DC – May 1st & 2nd

April 1, 2015

QuickBuzz — Follow to #BloggerWeek in DC where our editor Yalanda P Lattimore with Marc Polite, editor of, and Ni’Cola Mitchell will conduct a buzzing panel helping bloggers grow from blogs to books.

More info:

From Blog To Book: Leveraging Your Social Media Presence To Become An Author: panel discussing books, social media, and utilizing both as avenues to get your message across at BloggerWeek in Washington D.C. this May — Marc Polite, Yalanda Lattimore, and Ni’Cola Mitchell.  .

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The Clippings | Who is Trevor Noah? Meet replacement for Jon Stewart

March 30, 2015

Clipped from V-103 The People’s Station as heard on Atlanta radio.

So who is Trevor Noah? A 31-year old comedian from South Africa. He's also replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.Learn more about him here:

Posted by V-103 The People's Station on Monday, March 30, 2015

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the Clippings | What’s brewing with Starbucks #RaceTogether – Unlike our coffee, we don’t blend well?

March 20, 2015

The Clippings — What’s brewing at Starbucks? Can we #racetogether or nah?

Perhaps over the years of serving us coffee, Starbucks realizes, unlike our favorite beverages — we don’t blend well.  All that tension in service lines probably comes not just from needing coffee. Lack of courtesy to each other and watching us huddle in our segregated groups might be reason for Starbucks to ask – Can we #Racetogether or nah?


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Hanging out with coffee drinkers of late, I’ve finally found the perfect beverage that takes me into Starbucks more and more – these few short months into my addiction.  A time or two, I’ have wondered about race and prejudice from my trips get a coffee buzz — here in the south.

As someone who blogs about media and behaviors derived from how media is consumed, I know when I am in and out of my comfort zone — #MediaApartheid.  Our consumption of media and coffee leaves a stain on our social interactions. Standing in line at Starbucks, I can tell their customers, for the most part, don’t consume what or how I consumed information. Can we #Racetogether or nah?

Instantly, I can tell from the startled white male, he might consume conservative content with his coffee. Or, the white female who can’t bring herself to become social, might love country music or watches daytime tv? Or the black female trying to blend her way through #corpnation might think we’re competing. And, never mind the brother who wants to be the only black person in the coffee shop. I just want my Mocha frappuccino with soy and whip and I’m out. Can we #Racetogether or nah?

Your coffee shop your turf. But what does your Starbucks say about you? Can we #Racetogether or nah?

Obviously we’re not blending well in such a shared space where everybody knows your name — it’s on your beverage – but what’s in your heart?  I’m Yalanda with an A — it’s on my cup! Can we #Racetogether or nah?

Yalanda P Lattimore,
What does your beverage say about you? Tweet me @DryerBuzz | Yalanda P Lattimore is the editor of and author of 27Answers to Create Buzz

VideoBuzz: Starbucks CEO

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theClippings | Creflo Dollar Jet Plans Grounded at Takeoff

March 16, 2015

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