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Living Atlanta Style | V103 Car and Bike Show – PhotoGallery #BuzzDowntown #DryerBuzz

July 24, 2015

Living Atlanta Style — follow DryerBuzz to V103 Car and Bike Show.  Stop by News and Talk 1380 booth to meet Yalanda P Lattimore, editor of DryerBuzz.  Not in Atlanta, listen for the sounds and follow the sights where blogging comes to radio via #DryerBuzzonWAOK. Tweet before, during, and after the show with #DryerBuzzonWAOK @DryerBuzz  and lock it in WAOK:

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 Living Atlanta Style — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

The Clippings | Success is Failure

July 21, 2015

At this point, I almost believe we have to fail to succeed. Otherwise, life won’t  accommodate success. Not enough time in day to succeed at everything which comes your way. Often, the successful are full of failure. 

Success requires great sacrifice. Anyone not willing to make great sacrifice with us probably becomes our first and most notable failures. Friendships fail, relationships, associations fail as we seek to find and place ourselves in company of like minds. All necessary for succes.

Ideas fail again and again. This doesn’t stop the individual driven to succeed. While there are many measures of success, the road to get there remains difficult to describe. Every on has a different but familiar story — failure very much a part.

Some measure success by fame and/or fortune – or followers. But success can only be measured frim the individual’s perspective. Did we achieve what we set out to achieve?

We rarely hear artists or creative people consider their projects finished. Most say they simply had to stop or were forced to stop at some point and call it finished. Nonetheless, they easily describe a few more things they could have done — followed by a barrage of if’s.

Case in point, I would expand this post, if my deadline wasn’t looming causing me to draft it from my phone. I’d rather dictate it from treadmill and transcribe it later, if my day didn’t require sleep and other task I’d rather not sacrifice.

However,  in a few moments this blog post will live as my next success as if there were no other failures preventing it from escaping my mind. Finishing this post is my current priority in my goal of less multitasking and accomplishing one thing at a time.

The ability to blog makes me a successful, award winning blogger — however here’s the failure in this blog post — I wasn’t able to look up as my son zoomed by with a quick good morning. Breakfast not yet ready in my kitchen – however in few minutes since awaking to my day — I’ve tasted success. 

In a moment, after blogging, I’m going to greet my family and have breakfast with my mother — another success I could not do had I not failed — in corporate America. 

27Answers — Yalanda P Lattimore is the author of #27Answers to Create Buzz as well as editor of Yalanda launched — a one stop shop for #smallbiz #socialmedia answer guides. 

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yalanda  p lattimore succesd

The Clippings — You just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life!

the Clippings | Greg Street Talks DryerBuzz off her #soapbox over Jordan’s and Bordeaux 7’s shopping madness

July 19, 2015

the Clippings — DJ Greg Street stopped by DryerBuzz on WAOK Saturday to talk sneakers.  Still traumatized from encountering aftermath following release of  Bordeaux 7’s — Yalanda P Lattimore @DryerBuzz had many questions for the Street and his Sneakerfriends.  Listen and get a load of sneakerporn from Soapbox Saturday.



Listen: Greg Street and Yalanda talk sneaker obsessions and value


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Hair She Buzz | Soapbox: Reality TV just got Real for Lisa Nicole Cloud – Listen why she’s issuing apology to fans

July 19, 2015

Hair She Buzz — Many say reality TV serves as platform to launch successful businesses. However, for most, the launch pad leaves a scarring reality.  There maybe success at the end of the rainbow, but the storm to follow the rainbow, is of a category all its own.

Reality found its way to DryerBuzzonWAOK‘s soapbox Saturday when Lisa Nicole Cloud called in to issue an apology to fans resulting from an epic episode of Bravo’s Married to Medicine.

The reality star and founder of the WEN Women’s Conference, told fans she’s under attack this season.  Cloud issued an apology over a highly explosive scene with co-star Quad Webb-Lunceford, taped in public. The scene left jaws on the floor and pretty much broke the internet. After shocks come again and again.

Like others in reality TV, who climb their way to higher platforms, Lisa Nicole and Quad can move forward, but what will such a scene and season do for their brands? Judging by social media profiles, looks like fans, friends, and followers — more than the two involved — keep the feud going. While taped some time ago, from Lisa Nicole, we hear the storm is not over — there’s much more after shocks to come.

Listen as Lisa Nicole Cloud takes over #SoapboxSaturday on DryerBuzz on WAOK

Lisa Nicole Cloud apologies to fans over fight with Quad - Bravo #married2med

Listen: Lisa Nicole Cloud on her #Soapbox on DryerBuzz on WAOK


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Buzz it or Bash it?

Buzz it or Bash it? Lisa Nicole Cloud Apologies to fans

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Watch Ep 4: Friends Don’t Do Background Checks on Friends

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27Answers to Create Buzz by Yalanda P Lattimore now available at Medu Bookstore

July 18, 2015

27Answers — we got the call Atlanta — 27Answers to Create Buzz now available at Medu Bookstores, Greenbriar Mall.  Everyone knows Medu Bookstore has been a staple in Atlanta and stakeholder for literature.  After all, we’ve met and interactive with many of our favorite authors at Medu.  Bravely, we submitted #27Answers for consideration and we’re excited to announce, editor Yalanda P Lattimore’s book is now available.  Stop by and pick up your copy today.

27Answers to Create Buzz by Yalanda P Lattimore

27Answers — you just got the buzz from — trasnforming the way we look — at life!



the Clippings | Sandra Bland #SandraBland

July 16, 2015

Top links for #SandraBland

the Clippings — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

27Answers presents Conference Call and Private Periscope with #SuperBlogger #DryerBuzz Tuesday, July 14th 7PM | Register Today

July 10, 2015

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July 8, 2015

Watch DryerBuzz on Meerkat

SoapBox Buzz | Why Scrooge got a gun? #ChristmasinJuly

July 5, 2015

Soapbox Buzz – Something had me on my soapbox when strolling through Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center.  Always excited to buzz through on my way to the station when taking the tourist approach to the city.  Love being in the midst of the arts and theatre.  At first glance of holiday production Scrooge, my first thought was OMG it’s almost Christmas — Christmas in July!

Immediately after 4th of July, every heart, mind, and wallet turns to Christmas. Every other holiday in between is just a prelude.  Long story short, my next thought — why Scrooge got a gun? Further more, what the ??? is the brother holding.  It took me all but a minute to ponder — what’s wrong with this picture??


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But seriously, why Scrooge got a gun? Why the brother shorter than Scrooge? What the ??? is he holding? So many questions.  Now let’s get some answers.

Follow the Buzz and see if marketing matches synopsis of the play coming to Hertz Stage at Alliance Theatre this holiday season

Catch the soapbox segment Saturdays on DryerBuzz on WAOK

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Sunsets Remembered | Atlanta celebrates life of fashion friend Matthew A. Weaver, Jr | Obituary

July 1, 2015

Atlanta celebrates life of fashion friend and icon … (Obituary clipped courtesy of friend Carlos Coleman)

Matthew Weaver a Virginia native and was no stranger in the fashion industry. In fact, whenever he was out on the town, most people wondered “who was that well-dressed man.” From the modern compliments of nice outfit to the modest of just a head nod, Matthew definitely knew how to stand out from the rest with his classic sense of style, sophistication, creative flair, and solid presence of what a gentleman should look like.

After graduating from college to become a teacher, Matthew quickly changed career paths and decided to follow his passion: fashion. He obtained his fashion niche in New York City over 20 years ago and migrated to Atlanta where he worked in a men’s store in Buckhead. Growing frustrated of the fashion market dictating what men should wear, Matthew focused his eyes toward custom wear prompting him to strike out and launch his own store called “Manstyles.”

Atlanta style icon Matthew A Weaver Jr. passed June 27, 2015

Atlanta Celebration of Matthew A. Weaver
Tuesday, July 1, 2015
Willie A. Watkins Riverdale Chapel
6580 Church St.
Riverdale, GA 30274
6 PM – 8 PM

Update: Virginia Services

Matthew A. Weaver Jr.’s Funeral Arrangements In His Home Town 7/8/15 3PM J.M. Wilkerson Chapel 102 South Ave, Petersburg, VA 23803. LIVE STREAMING of the Services may be accessed via their website by clicking on Mr. Weaver’s Obituary @

Matthew’s winning personality, signature style and desire to help people master the art of their individual style has given him an impressive clientele list. He has also styled for Bravo’s T.V. show “The Atlanta Housewives.” His current business is operating as The House of Styles and has introduced an exclusive Dress Shirt line called the “High Boy” due to its collar and cuff design. These pieces, as well as other tailored designs were available in Mr. Weaver’s signature line, “The Matthew Weaver Collection.”


PhotoBuzz: Clipped from friends and Facebook
 Friends of Matthew A Weaver attend Atlanta Celebration before Virginia Services
Sunsets Remembered — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!~

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