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DryerBuzz Exclusive: John Lewis prelude to #Selma50, Plus what inspired him to become a troublemaker | WATCH the Buzz

March 2, 2015

VideoBuzz: While buzzing #LegendaryAwards we got an exclusive moment with Congressman John Lewis as a prelude to #Selma50 anniversary to Bloody Sunday.

Watch and listen as he takes us back to that dreadful but pivotal day in history. Plus here what inspire him to become a “troublemaker”.


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Living Atlanta Style | DryerBuzz to Launch Buzz of Atlanta – Tastings – Arts & Cultural Brunch Series

February 20, 2015

Stay tuned as buzz builds for Living Atlanta Style | DryerBuzz to Launch Buzz of Atlanta – Tastings – Arts & Cultural Brunch Series.

We’re looking for the best of Atlanta to exhibit their Atlanta fare and flare for our niche audience Living Atlanta Style.

Stay tuned. Contact us for early buzz 530-324-BUZZ

#Sustainability is a Race Factor | PURE Brings Environmental Justice Conversation to “The Race Factor” Conference at King Center

January 9, 2015

Partner Post — JOIN PURE SATURDAY at Ebenezer Baptist Church for The King Center’s “Race Factor” Conference which is Free and open to public.  Featured panelist / speakers Tim Wise, Aurielle Marie (#ItsBiggerThanYou), Mary-Pat C Hector of National Action Network Youth Move, Goldie Taylor, Aron Michaelis, Bernice King and more  will discuss Policing and Criminal Justice Practices.

PURE  will deal with Race Factor and Environmental Justice. Check the flyer below for full details and follow @Purecities for the buzz.

Event is part of annual King Holiday events.
To learn more about Sustainability and Environmental Justice visit

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White House Clippings | Watch President Obama propose making two years of community college FREE

January 8, 2015

VideoBuzz: Some states currently offering, but President Obama wants to take program national. President will discuss in more detail at upcoming State of Union address.  Watch


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Sunset: Andrae’ Crouch – Death Notice – Obituary

January 8, 2015

Sunsets Remembered — Andrae’ Crouch death reported after recently hospitalization. 


On Saturday, January 3rd, my brother, Andrae Crouch, was taken to the hospital so that medical staff could more directly address some serious health complications that had arisen.

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Sports Clippings | Stuart Scott dies at age of 49, longtime anchor at ESPN | Sunsets Remembered

January 4, 2015

Sunset —  Stuart Scott dies at age of 49, longtime anchor at ESPN. “He didn’t just push the envelope,” says sports radio host and former ESPN anchor Dan Patrick. “He bulldozed it.”

stuart scott espn death notice

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DryerBuzzonWAOK | Janks Morton and Elisabeth Omilami join Yalanda Lattimore for 2014 End of Year Debate: Are we #Covering – Participating in hidden assault on our civil rights?

December 28, 2014

DryerBuzzonWAOK — Last great debate of 2014 was amazing with special guests Janks Morton followed by Elisabeth Omilami on #DryerBuzzonWAOK with Yalanda Lattimore 4pm ET/1pm PT

Are we #Covering (participating in hidden assault on our civil and human rights) – the ultimate cultural countdown of 2014. Undoing #MediaApartheid

Share and enjoy playback below:

DryerBuzzonWAOK part one:


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DryerBuzzonWAOK part two:


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DryerBuzzonWAOK with Janks Morton and Elisabeth Omilami

#youalreadyknow #youcanthandlethetruth Listen Call in 404-892-2703

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Movie Buzz | Chris Rock #TopFive takes Top Spot for Worst Movie 2014

December 26, 2014

Movie Buzz: Just another round of #MediaApartheid.  Chris Rock proves Hollywood will let a brother make the worst movie in the world and have no problem distributing it.

Blogging for decades, have had my fill of press junkets. Since social media, there’s really nothing left to ask a celebrity in an interview that they haven’t divulged on their twitter or instagram. So with that, I let the Atlanta leg of #TopFive press junket miss me.  Now I really wish I had let the movie miss me as well.  Saw it over Christmas break.  Now I want every minute, every second back.

Tweeting while watching, folks kept asking me about my #topfive.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t grasp what was suppose to be an iconic question because I was absolutely grossed out by the movie. Can’t even remember half the actors and cameos in the movie due to number of times I had to look away from the screen and at other times too engaged in my phone with barrage of questions and debates over my comments.

At the end, myself and other family members thought we missed something — was that the end — one or two asked?  I guess so since the cursing has stopped.

Sadly, I might have to watch it again to make sense of what I actually watched.  At this point, #topfive ranks highly in my top five for dumb arse movies — pretty much grabbing top spot for worst movie of 2014.

As to any underlying messages, looks like Chris Rock proves Hollywood will let a brother make the worst movie and fully distribute it.

PS: the trailer include better scenes from the movie — save your money.


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the Clippings | Buy Black — but not Jordans? I’m confused

December 22, 2014

Buy Black — but not Jordans? I’m confused???


Legend Blue 11 Jordans officially released December 20th.  Hopefully you were not in the stampede — and if you were — that’s your business — big business if you were selling them. But apparently, it’s nothing to bottom line of Black Business.

If rocking a new pair of Jordans this Christmas or posting your newly acquired haul on instagram — you already know — the ridicule cometh — depending on your income.  The poor have become the punchline when it comes the most famous wardrobe staple.  A product policed, available via life saving lottery — in another country this would be rice.

But I’m confused.  Folks say buy black — but not Jordans? If the shoe fits, being that its the number one wardrobe staple for a lineage of men and women – sports fans and the like — how come every black business — or business for that matter, doesn’t sell them.  Everybody still wants to be like Mike?  I’d like to be as rich — and living outside the trauma of having to shop via lottery.

Buy Black — but not Jordans? I’m confused. So what other products have Black Americans so graciously placed their name, genius, endorsement, signature or license? One friend, Dea Win, quickly added to my query the following:


My question back to her related to how upper class consumers avoided these labels as they were often associated and ridiculed as products highly consumed by the poor or knocked off for the poorer.

Why are we always criticizing shopping habits of the poor — when habits, especially bad habits, create the most wealth in America.

Buy Black – based on what habits? What solutions? What is the wealth stream besides wardrobe staples which could really facilitate economic development? Or should we just let it be?

Sneaker releases are what they are — for the sports fan who desires the most popular show known to man.

At least we aren’t being policed and lottery’d out for food — yet.

Yalanda P. Lattimore
Award winning veteran blogger, mom, author ‪‬ at ‪ ‬

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Buzzing Opinion | The Real About Black White Wealth Gap

December 22, 2014

We’re giving it all away. There are several dynamics to perception of ‪#‎wealthgap‬. First consideration to take into account — households and households’ median wealth. Blacks of certain incomes, or a considerable portion of certain age groups, mostly live alone as individuals outside of families or in splintered households — or file income taxes and answer polls as such.  On equal foundation — the gap lessens.

Living separately, means spending more for same resources – mortgages/rent, groceries, utilities, etc. Additionally, investments, savings, and ownership which create wealth streams — remain non formative foundations of minorities.

household wealth gap

Minorities are often told to own more, invest more, spend less.  However, majority Americans don’t own businesses.  Owning a business is not even part of the “American Dream” — “immigrant American Dream” perhaps — but not the American.  American dream built on debt and consumerism.  Buy Buy and Buy now — pay later.

African Americans often admonished for not buying black — where and from whom should we do this? Ever hear black own business commercials – few and far between right? When we do, it has to come at a level of a movement or revolution?

Naturally and indigenously (if that’s a word), we should want to put our money in hands that look like ours, with eyes that want to make contact, and smiles that greet us warmly.  We should inspire to share our ingenious and see many an opportunity in the rampant vacancies of our communities.  We should want to provide solutions which parlay into job opportunities for ourselves and offsprings. But when has any of that been part of the American dream — as least as it is discuss among us?

As long as it is not — the wealth gap will remain the same — a widening gulf — while measured by households and households’ median wealth.  We are family — just not when it comes to wealth.

is what it is — ‪#‎goneblogging‬ ‪#‎hairshebuzz‬

Yalanda P. Lattimore
Award winning veteran blogger, mom, author at 

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