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ScandalFinale: Who’s fixing who? | Shonda Rhimes host #ScandalTWR chat | Gladiators ready to #BreakTwitter | Where will you watch?

April 17, 2014

Though Scandal receives mixed reviews for black girls behaving badly in their return to lead roles in a drama series, gladiators ready to set records for yet another multi-tv-gasmic #ScandalFinale.  What will be the fate of piggy piggy? What’s in the paternity test? Is Fitz the daddy, brother, or no relation? Is Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) still the fixer or has Mom and Pop Pope taking over?

Be prepared, viewer engagement could possibly #BreakTwitter – at least that’s the plan.  Such could be aided by chat hosted with Shonda Rhime, the shows creator.  Rhimes will host #ScandalTWR chat about writing for TV starting at 7PM ET/4PM PT.  @DryerBuzz will keep buzz flowing from Atlanta with #ScandalBuzz before during and after the finale.  Viewing parties planned throughout cities, but many say they prefer to watch from home alone, engaging online during commercial breaks.

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Gladiators Ready!



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Hair She Buzz: Traumatized Orphan aka Reality Star Mimi Faust Linked to Sex Tape | #theClippings

April 14, 2014

Clipped from several sources: Appears traumatized orphan, failed matriarch aka reality star Mimi Faust wants to rise above by going lowest route she can find — a sex tape. What are we to say when America considers it’s worse as it’s royalty.  #HairSheBuzz

Post by TMZ.

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The Truth Behind Pharrell’s Big Year ~ ZACK’S TV & NEWS #theClippings

April 13, 2014

Clipped from

The Truth Behind Pharrell’s Big Year



According to most folks in the media, this is the year of America’s hottest music producer Pharrell “Happy” Williams.

But Pharrell, 41, is only “new” to those who listen to pop music.

For over 20 years, the baby-faced entertainer has produced a countless number of hit songs for the music industry’s “elite” including Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Nelly.

In addition to making music for grown ups, Mr. Williams has recently tackled the “family-friendly” market by producing songs for “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2″ (which features the ultra catchy but sometimes overplayed “Happy” song).

This weekend, the Pharrell brand will receive more exposure as he opens up about his life in a few prerecorded interviews– one of which will be on “Oprah Prime” (airing on the talk show queen’s eponymous network.)

Yalanda Lattimore, editor of,  offered a theory about why Pharrell is such a big name right now.

“As the old saying goes: ‘Family celebrates you when strangers celebrate you,’” Lattimore explained to Zack’s TV.

According to Lattimore, Pharrell’s new found appeal relates to the idea that one group may overlook a person’s gift until another acknowledges it. “The secret to success is to get strangers to like you,” she revealed.

Fans like Jeremy Horn are anything but strangers to the work of “Sk8board P.” The 29-year-old creative director for Chicago’s Swank PR agency helps develop the brands of new and current artists daily. Therefore, he knows what his clients need to possess that “it factor.”  In his eyes,  Pharrell is a true “musical genius” who creates songs that bring people together.

“What I like about Pharrell’s music is that it is colorblind,” says Horn. “He does not only produce Hip Hop music; he also produces a lot of music from different genres.”

Earlier today, Pharrell opened up to CBS Sunday Morning about who is the most responsible for his success: his teachers.

“Take all of my band teachers out of [my story],” he proposed. “Where am I? I’m back in Virginia.”

Based on his current success, Pharrell won’t have to move back to his home state anytime soon–unless that is what will really make him “Happy.”

#theClippings via The Truth Behind Pharrell’s Big Year ~ ZACK’S TV & NEWS.

Hair She Buzz: Beyoncé Dances Onstage with Solange at Coachella |Watch

April 13, 2014

VideoBuzz from Coachella


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Watch Outkast Coachella 2014 Full Set #theClippings

April 12, 2014

VideoBuzz: Full performance from Outkast at the 2014 Coachella Music and Arts Festival, enjoy!

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Blogger Suicide: Karyn Washington For Brown Girls | #theClippings

April 11, 2014

To blog is to become voice of that which one champions.  Karyn Washington championed Brown Girls with her blog For Brown Girls.

FBG was created to celebrate the beauty of dark skin while combatting colorism and promoting self love! FBG was created to celebrate darker shades of brown- to encourage those struggling with accepting having a darker skin complexion to love and embrace the skin they are in. However, women of all shades may take away from FBG the universal and essential message of self love and acceptance.

The Clippings

Creator of For Brown Girls Blog Reportedly Commits Suicide

The Root ‎- 6 hours ago

Karyn Washington’s work in the black blogosphere encouraged a generation of women to love their natural selves and live their best lives.

Karyn Washington: Black Women and Suicide | BlackDoctor › Health Conditions › Mental Health‎

10 hours ago – Karyn Washington inspired black women around the world to embrace the beauty of their blackness with the creation of her “For Brown …

Karyn Washington, Founder Of For Brown Girls, Passes At…/karyn-washington-founder-empowering-si…‎

by Victoria Uwumarogie – in 63 Google+ circles

10 hours ago – We had the opportunity to talk to Karyn Washington, founder of the website For Brown Girls, and mind behind the project, #DarkSkinRedLip, on …

Atlanta’s Mayor Reed Confirms First Baby #theClippings | Follow the Buzz

April 3, 2014

Plenty of hot rumors this week with Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed all up in the mix. Actually rumors have been over heating for a while, but today brings some confirmation.  While this announcement should come as the social announcement of the year, it arrives amid much speculation. We clipped the buzz and the buzz behind the buzz.

Clipped from

The mayor, 44, confirmed Monday that Ms. Langford, 35, agreed to marry him while they were on vacation in the Bahamas last weekend. He also confirmed to the media that they are expecting their first child.

“I could not feel more blessed that she agreed to marry me, and we look forward to building a family together in the greatest city in America,” the mayor said in a statement March 31.

The above excerpt comes from an article posted via Follow the Buzz

Buzz behind the Buzz #theClippings:  Obnoxious Report: Rumor Has It That Atlanta Mayor Muhammad Kasim Reed Will Soon Be Father–Sources Inside City Hall Say He Has Two Different Women Pregnant Simultaneously

SideBuzz: Since last year’s Mayor’s Masked Ball, many have said the mayor would be on a fast track to the alter.  Guess they were right. Now what about these other rumors.  Time will tell.

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Blogger Writes Book on Buzz | Get 27Answers to Create Buzz Signed and Delivered $9 plus S&H | by Yalanda P Lattimore,

March 26, 2014

Veteran entrepreneur and blogger, Yalanda P Lattimore, answers 27 of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about creating buzz for business, blogging for business and nonprofits, with social media, networking, customers, and business.

on Square Market

Yalanda P. Lattimore is the founding editor of News Podcast and NetTV and owner of Sistributions Media. With two decades engaging niche audiences and helping entrepreneurs create buzz for their business, Yalanda moves into a new arena as an author and publisher.

dryerbuzz02previewnew - Edited

Also available via Amazon in print and kindle.

Nick “Smallnut” Cannon whiteface for White People Party Music | Judge Joe Brown shuts court down | JayZ can’t find brush for Blue Ivy, so? | DryerBuzz Entertainment

March 25, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz ~ Joe Brown Shuts It Down in Court | Nick “Smallnut” Cannon Whitens for White People Music | Blue Ivy Still Comb Free, So?

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Raw Transcript:

It’s time to get the buzz behind the buzz from Let’s get it buzzing with #theClippings

Judge Joe brown shut it down in Juvenile Court. The former TV judge personality is working the nerve of the law in Shelby County after showing up in Juvenile Court and challenging procedures. One judge was quoted in saying Brown nearly started a riot. however in audio taken from proceedings, must have been a quiet riot, we can hear Brown flexing muscle and being a bit challenging to authority of which he received a few days in jail for contempt but was released. Brown is running for DA in that county, so clearly feathers are ruffled. It’s good to see a judge leave TV and fight the good fight for your rights. Shut it down Joe Brown!

Nick Cannon knows marketing. Nick Cannon knows African American artists are not winning any Hip Hop nor R&B awards – so he turned white for his latest music release. Need me to say it again? Just rewind cause I said it. “Connor Smallnut is the name bro,” says Nick Cannon in an instagram introducing the alter ego behind new music titled White People Party Music. Go Nick Cannon. Go the way of Garth Brooks who once donned an alter ego for an entire album. We all loved Robert Downy Jr’s “black character” in Tropic Thunder. Let’s hope the music is good and Connor Smallnut is not a derivative of any fantasy of Mariah Carey. We know she likes odd couplings.

#HairSheBuzz — for the record… millions of them… Beyonce is busy making billions, drunk in love, and JayZ can’t find a brush for Blue Ivy while jumping yacht to yacht, country to country. While Blue Ivy may resemble kid number 16 in a maury povich mega paternity test before easter… let her be free of getting her natural snatched. Just enjoy the fact that music’s royal family continues to share photos and keep us buzzing. Comb free is a good thing. Beyonce has enough to do by keeping up with today’s beauty standards. She might just want her daughter to be free. #HairSheBuzz. This report brought to by DETAILS Barber and Beauty Bar, official style stop for

Speaking of Paternity… Father’s Day is coming. Save the date Sunday, June 15 (a lot of people don’t know, but that’s father’s day.), in partnership with Real Men Cook Atlanta, will host a live national dialogue giving voice to fathers. Yes fathers. We’re talking with fathers about Fatherhood American Style. An awesome conversation to be had, talking with the single dad, married dad, stepdad, granddad – everything father – Father’s Day LIVE from Atlanta’s Real Men Cook Sunday, June 15. Don’t miss it. Brought to you by in partnership with Real Men Cook Atlanta. Stay tuned for all the buzz. Partnership and branding opportunities available. Spread the Buzz #FatherhoodBuzz

That’s your entertainment buzz from – watch it, read it, listen today and everyday – get to the root of the story and the buzz behind the buzz. We’re transforming the way we look — at life. I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore, and the A stands for always got that buzz at #goneblogging.

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