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the Clippings — We scored more than the big game launching super polls on Super Bowl for #SB50.  While we kept our eye on Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, we also polled followers to see how they scored everything from national anthem, halftime, commercials and other trending moments.  See results […]

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Cannot America stump Trump? What is it going to take? In America, crazy sells at premium. At least we get to enjoy a few debates without hot air. Thanks @MegynKelly — DryerBuzz Extra BuzzThe Clippings | #FreddieGray Death Rule #Homicide | #BaltimoreUprising The Clippings | Let’s talk about neurodiversity – Autism […]

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the Clippings — Watch The Wiz again courtesy of NBC — enjoy your favorite scenes and characters. Player embedded below or click here. the Clippings — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra Buzzthe Clippings | Some of us don’t […]

the Clippings | Watch The Wiz again courtesy of NBC ...   Recently updated !

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First question of the day, on this exciting day and kickoff to an art filled weekend of blogging, comes this question from a DryerBuzz viewer… Did @nbc @iamkennyleon miss moment in bringing diversity to OZ in ‪#‎theWizLive‬? Photo: The Wiz Live | Facebook Someone asked me about cast on my […]

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