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Sometimes success is lifting someone else .  . . @SowmyaK @Piddlepro @londyjamel @JewellsAvenue @BasseyworldLive @elledub_1920 @wendybattles 7 Twivas To Follow This Week. @SowmyaK Sowmya KDigital girl in a digital world. NYC industry insider’s take on music, gossip, and other deliciousness. http://www.thesowmyalife.com @Piddlepro PiddleproductionsA movement for the soul, open-mind, and free […]

7 Twivas to Follow This Week | Sometimes success is ...

UnMasking Success: When the man behind the brand is a woman . . . success is achieving her goals and creating a legacy.  These 7 Twivas engage, tag, lead, and followback.  You’ll enjoy their tweets. @drgoddess American & Africana Studies Scholar, Writer, Poet, Playwright, Performing Artist, Filmmaker, Creative Organizer, Activist, […]

UnMasking Success: 7 Tuesday Twivas To Follow . . . ...

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