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Meet “The Fabulous Do Gooder” | The Trendsetter Creates a Legacy | Buzz4Women

November 23, 2010

Meet “The Fabulous Do Gooder”  — A former beauty queen turned social entrepreneur, Bessie A. Winn-Afeku is on a purpose driven mission to educate, inspire, and empower. With an extensive background in beauty and pageantry, Bessie was also contestant in the 2003 Miss Georgia USA pageant and a finalist in the Today’s Black Women Magazine Beauty Competition. This former Miss Black Georgia USA has truly breathed life into the clichéd beauty pageant phrase, “Make the World a Better Place.”A native of Ghana West Africa, Winn-Afeku moved to Georgia at the age of seven years old. Bessie Winn-Afeku is a poised and coveted motivational speaker and founder and Executive Director of The She is Me Program™ which is a non-profit organization that aims to empower disadvantaged young women and ensure high school graduation through workshops, seminars, the arts, and exposing them to various careers, goal setting, and positive role models while developing college readiness. Winn-Afeku is the Creator and Editor of The Fabulous Do Gooder, blog site that chronicles fabulous giving and fabulous living. Bessie has been featured in Essence magazine, Ebony magazine, was recognized as Atlanta’s 2010 Power 30 Under 30 in the area of Non-Profit work and community service, and is listed in the 2010 edition of Who’s Who in Black Atlanta. Bessie A. Winn-Afeku is a graduate of Georgia State University, where she earned her B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Sociology.

Follow Her Buzz via The Fabulous Do-Gooder: Meet “The Fabulous Do Gooder”.

Meet More Trendsetters and Leading Ladies — When the man behind the brand is a woman, the trendsetter has to create the legacy.

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Holiday Season is the Perfect Time for ‘5 To 9’ Entrepreneurs to Shine and Earn Extra Money | Buzz4Entrepreneurs

November 22, 2010

In time for a busy shopping season, Yalanda P. Lattimore, entrepreneurial founder and editor of DryerBuzz.com, again launches initiative to prominently position entrepreneurs for a prosperous holiday season. ‘5 to 9‘ entrepreneurs and social merchants will receive highly visible online promotions with theBuzzClub at DryerBuzz.com.

5 to 9 entrepreneurs are those passionate about their products but still working a 9 to 5,” said Yalanda.  “Many of these entrepreneurs have amazing products as we have seen over the years. Due to family commitments, economy, or other circumstances, 5 to 9’ers are not quite there yet in becoming a full-time business. Yet we love their products. The holiday season is the perfect time for 5 to 9’ers to shine and earn extra money.” TheBuzzClub by DryerBuzz.com provides the right exposure allowing readers to enjoy the seasonal goodies from these entrepreneurs while building relationships that last throughout the year.

Daily visitors to DryerBuzz.com will shop with TheBuzzClub 5 to 9’ers via prominently place links buzzing in every story posted this holiday season. Creating a constant stream of traffic, 5 to 9’ers mind their business while TheBuzzClub manages their buzz.

New ‘5 to 9’ entrepreneurs are invited to join TheBuzzClub now. Still time to create buzz this holiday season in time for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday leading all the way up to Christmas Eve and Kwanzaa. TeamBuzz is working around the clock to ensure 5 to 9’ers are ready to create buzz and meet customer demand.

New 5 to 9’ers can the fun
.  Membership is only $28.99 for the holiday club which runs through January 2010.  Save an additional 30% by using either promo code “twitter” or “Facebook” when signing up. After the holiday season, merchants can decide if to continue their membership.  Let theBuzzClub put your business in the headlines for a prosperous holiday season.

Click Now to Create Buzz and Join TheBuzzClub
To shop with theBuzzClub members, simply browse around www.DryerBuzz.com or visit TheBuzzClub or MyIsle5 in the menu.

Imagine Buzzing with Us at TheBuzzClub

Happy Holidays and Spread the Buzz!

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Meet Yalanda Lattimore
Keeping Sisters Talking Since 1993
Editor of DryerBuzz.com Since 2002
You can change the world with a headline… or at least keep people talking.”

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How to Create Buzz for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and Change the Game Overnight | Buzz4Entrepreneurs

November 21, 2010

The number one way to create buzz for your business is to advertise. No bones about it.  Advertising is authority. Unlike PR, you’re not asking for permission to create buzz, with advertising the buzz spreads.  However, if your advertising budget is tanking like today’s economy there is a do-it-yourself method that works time and time again.  It’s the next best way to create buzz like the big boys such as  YouTube, Google, Blogtalk and others. You help spread the word and they give you a piece of the action.  You can do the same with your business with little to no cost involved.  Share the revenue.  Don’t get skurred. You can do the same for your business by offering commissions or incentives to those who help spread the word.

Most folks quickly respond with “but my prices are already so low I can’t afford to offer a discount or share the revenue.”  Then you need to have a going out of business sale. Your prices should never be so low that you can’t offer a discount to get product moving or incentivise your best customers when they tell two friends who then tell two more friends.  It’s money you weren’t making and product you weren’t moving.  So stop turning away business.

Let’s get it started.  Where’s your business?  Seeing is believing.

Notice when you visit a site or blog, the first to catch your eye are the bright and colorful rectangle images. These images are usually 300 pixels in width or perhaps you see a couple of them at about 125 pixels in width.  These enticing little boxes are often located in the content or over in the side bar.  They are the money makers.  Notice these boxes are not asking for permission. They are in your face; coming at you with authority. We’re #1; the best; the first; try this,  sign up now – you get it right?

You need one of those images for your business.  You can hire a graphics person, but the budget is tight and the holidays are around the corner. You need to make some money now.  Time to go old school.  Do this:

  • Beginners: Create a screenshot of your website; size it 300 x 25o (or proportionate height) to create a medium rectangle or try the 125×125 button.
  • Intermediates: create a buzzing video of your website in action of same size with annotations and links.
  • Now stop right there.  Branding done!

Next steps.  Prepare to share the revenue or offer incentives.

If you sell online, chances are you have a shopping cart already or use Paypal.  If you have a shopping cart, check to see if the shopping cart allows you to manage affiliates.  If you use only Paypal, then you need a layer between your website and Paypal.  If you use sites like EventBrite or  E-Junkie or some of the larger brands, then you’re in luck.  You’ll simply need to activate the “affiliate” features.

  • The process is mostly wizard driven and automated.
  • You decide how much you want to reward someone who spreads the buzz about your business.
  • You set the pay rate and the pay date (10 or 20% of sales to be competitive).  In the meantime you make money.
  • Essentially you’re inviting a sales team to send customers your way.
  • You continue to manage your business and inventory but begin to fill more orders and enjoying more sales.
  • You new sales team promotes and refers business 24/7.

Be competitive in your offering to stand out from the rest and change the game overnight. At this late date, attract some of the best affiliates by offering fast payouts.  Learn more about using affiliates online.  Try it for the holidays and keep it gong to keep your business buzzing.

Buzz4Authors: Sell more books with E-Junkie; entice buyers with a discount code and savings. Buzz4Events: Sell out more events using the affiliate program with EventBrite.

Bringing home the Bacon. Time to Spread the Buzz

Share information and links about your new incentive program with friends and make available to customers with a link to sign up on your website.  Send tweets or facebook updates about earning cash back or saving money to attract attention for your business this holiday season.

Everyone has a friend that blogs or a following on social media.  Invite bloggers to join your new program. Combing the two creates a wonderful extension of your business to succeed in social commerce.  Be sure to let the “affiliate” world know you’ve join the ranks of the best and brightest in business.

If you need help, theBuzzClub is just a click away.  Consulting available.

Now go spread the buzz!

Buzz4Authors | Buzz4Orgs | Buzz4Entrepreneurs - Become a Household Name with theBuzzClub

Kimberly Elise Talks “For Colored Girls” and Choosing Her Roles | reelBlack Exclusive | Seeing is Believing VideoBuzz

November 13, 2010

Video Embed Courtesy of reelblack
Reelblack interviews award winning actress KIMBERLY ELISE to discuss her role in the new film FOR COLORED GIRLS, working with Tyler Perry, making the move to acting and her spiritual approach to acting in this exclusive clip. For Colored Girls is in theaters now. www.forcoloredgirls.com

Related Buzz:  ‘Buzz & Co Podcast – For Colored Girls – Is my man in “the Trauma Zone?” What’s up with that Brother? w/ Dr Dan Collins ‘Buzz&Co LIVE | Recorded live November 10
Let’s face it, as women we have a safety net. It’s understood when we feel down or experience a little sadness. But what about that Brother? Not only does he have the pressures of surviving but he also has to keep providing. So we need the buzz behind the buzz to help keep him going. Is my man in “the Trauma Zone?”

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Success Is No Secret: How Do I Change My Game Overnight? | theBuzzClub Teleconference | Oct 27th 8:15PM EDT

October 25, 2010

The Buzz Club by DryerBuzz.com Presents . . .

Success Is No Secret – How Do I Change My Game Overnight?
Hosted by Y. Lattimore, DryerBuzz.com
Scheduled Teleconference Date:
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Scheduled Start Time: 8:15 PM EDT
Price: $28.99 for Live Interactive Q&A

Live Q&A — Listen and learn to create buzz and reach your full potential for success.  Are you on the right track to becoming a household name and getting more customers? Do people know what you are selling and understand your product? Are they buying?

Success is no secret. Successful people talk about their success all the time.  They have written books, speak often at conferences, and hold valuable seminars. Some even offer themselves for one on ones. So why are so few successful?  It’s simple. You might be in your way.

  • Learn how to stay focus and get more paying customers
  • Maintain authority in the world of social networking and get more paying customers
  • Become the consumer’s choice at what you do and get more paying customers

As you can see, this call is all about creating buzz and getting more paying customers.

Register Now and Don’t Miss Success Is No Secret – How Do I Change My Game Overnight?  | Space is limited for maximum impact.

Refer a friend and get cash back. Help Spread the Buzz and Receive 20% Cash Back On Each Paid Referral.  Get link to share with friends and colleagues.

LIVE | SOCIAL | BLOG Solutions by TheBuzzClub at DryerBuzz.dcom Promote your business, service, or products 24/7 and change your game overnight

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7 Twivas to Follow This Week | Sometimes success is lifting someone else | Buzz4women | DryerBuzz.com

October 19, 2010

Sometimes success is lifting someone else .  . . @SowmyaK @Piddlepro @londyjamel @JewellsAvenue @BasseyworldLive @elledub_1920 @wendybattles

Stack of pebbles on beach, close-up

7 Twivas To Follow This Week.

@SowmyaK Sowmya K
Digital girl in a digital world. NYC industry insider’s take on music, gossip, and other deliciousness. http://www.thesowmyalife.com

@Piddlepro Piddleproductions
A movement for the soul, open-mind, and free spirited.

@londyjamel jd green
vocalist. song scribbler. poet. egghead. bibliophile. jazz&soul music junkie .::late bloomer:
http://music.jdgreensoul.com | http://jdgreensoul.tumblr.com

@JewellsAvenue Jewells
Blues Novelist – I write about a lot of stuff – Here to inspire by any means necessary – God gives me what I have & makes me who I am; w/o Him I am nothing.

@BasseyworldLive Basseyworld
Nigerian born, Oklahoma bred, PG County fed, Brooklyn led writer/poet/neurotic. I’m half awesome, a quarter crazy and 1/3rd genius… the left over bit is a caramel creme center. http://basseyworld.wordpress.com

@elledub_1920 Elle
media professional and a prodigal cali girl who has returned to her hometown of LA. social media geek, womanist, and blogger. http://www.lorynwilson.com

@wendybattles Wendy Battles
The Clean Eating Coach, health nut, and speaker. Meal planning master, kale lover, Pat Metheny devotee, Amazing Race contestant wanabee, diehard Jets Fan

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“Life is hectic, but hella good!” Follow @TMurrayOnline | 7 Twivas to Follow This Week

October 12, 2010

Success is easy to follow on twitter when stocking your twitter stream with Twivas bringing the truth and telling it like it IS.  Follow the buzz this week with 7 Twivas who know “Life is hectic, but hella good!

ATM – Ask T. Murray, A Jane of All Trades (HR/IT Consultant, Writer, Project & Event Mgr, Creator Stuck on Stupid Books + FlaglerHill.com, Member of DST)


Mommy. Web developer. Ivy. Puppy lover. Expert car thief (thank you, GTA: Vice City.) Fitness Fairy Godmother. No cheesecake formed against me shall prosper. http://www.blackgirlsguidetoweightloss.com

Moms Of Hue is the forum for us to discuss issues relevant to us including politics, images in the media, schooling choices etc @ReneeJRoss and @Momontherise http://www.momsofhue.com

Voicing the unspoken thru song, scholarship & social media. Kyraocity didn’t kill the cat but satisfaction will bring ya back. http://bit.ly/9hZVkU

I’m female P/T Blogger main interests family,single parents, reaching our youth, cultural &political issues, & uplifting one another hoping 2 make a difference http://open.salon.com/blog/fakeford

Co-Author of Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man? Spiritual Seeker, Lover of Life, Mother, Student and avid Reader. http://www.lovingme1st.com

In the words of the late great Nina Simone- I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. http://mamalocs.blogspot.com/

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UnMasking Success: Unemployed African-Americans Need to Redefine the Game | Randal Pinkett

October 10, 2010

Latest Department of Labor statistics indicating 16.1 percent of the black America face unemployment. “The Apprentice”-winner Randal Pinkett offers clear advice for business success—stop playing the game and start redefining it.

DALLAS - AUGUST 19: Leandrea Craddock completes a job application during the Choice Career Fair held at the Doubletree Hotel on August 19, 2010 in Dallas, Texas. Craddock has been looking for work for six months. First-time jobless claims rose for the third week in a row, reaching the highest level in nine months. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Randal Pinkett, author of the upcoming book “Black Faces in White Places: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness” (AMACOM; October 28, 2010) with Rutgers Business School Professor Jeffrey Robinson, believes that the key to success is to transcend supposed barriers and survival instincts, and instead to pursue greatness.

(1) Establish a strong identity. Leverage your culture and ethnicity as assets, not as liabilities. These characteristics give you a unique competitive advantage, so don’t white-wash your resume.

(2) Network and build diverse relationships. Use your membership in professional black organizations to meet people and discover new opportunities.

(3) Seek the wisdom of others. We all know the power of a great mentor and now is the time to take advantage of everything they have to offer.

(4) Become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship creates wealth, transforms communities, and boosts the wealth of African-Americans as a whole.

(5) Give back generously. As the recession attempts to tear us apart, now is the time for us to give back to one another. Whether with time, talent, or money, we can all make a difference.

As Pinkett asserts, “Black Americans should not focus on winning the game in any arena—business, professional, social, or political. The ultimate goal is to redefine the game sufficiently to end the game itself.”

Follow the buzz via Rethinking the African-American experience—now and in the future.

Seeing is Believing — www.DryerBuzz.com — Combing the headlines. Changing the way we look . . . at life.

7 Twivas To Follow This Week! From TN with @jccountrysoul to the White House with @AprilDRyan | DryerBuzz.com

October 5, 2010

UnMasking Success . . . When the Man Behind the Brand is a Woman.  When women can maintain better relationships, women can maintain better families, friendships and careers including their own business.  Life is relationships.  To find your place in the universe, start unmasking success, stock your twitter stream with these 7 Twivas to follow this week.

Aspiring country artist, performer,
singer/songwriter from Covington, TN.
Surrounded by Memphis blues, R&B,
and gospel as well as Nashville’s country
music scene, J.C. realized her love of music

Director of Social Influence
(WOM/Strategy) at Planit.
Total nerd. Turning light
bulb  moments into disco
balls since 1976. Terp for
life. Forever learning.

Book editor, singer, songwriter,
wife, mom. “Amazed at how I feel
so at home working with authors
and their life messages. There is
nothing else I’d rather be doing

24-year journalism veteran, has
been the White House correspondent
for American Urban Radio Networks
(AURN) since January of 1997,
covering three Presidents.

Help Us Save Us is currently working to
revitalize the educational institutions
in Saint Raphael, Haiti. Recent efforts
have been focused in Haiti prior to the
earthquake, and in it’s aftermath.

Writer, Media Critic, Social Justice
Advocate & Creative Professional using
Technology & Social Media to challenge,
uplift & empower!

Blogger at ZerlinaSpeaks.com and This Week
In Blackness, law student, political junkie,
former Obama field organizer in VA,
basketball fan (except Kobe)

Naturally you should follow @DryerBuzz for the buzz behind the buzz.

7 Twivas selected each week direct from our @ replies. Engage, encourage and follow back.

Seeing is Believing — http://www.DryerBuzz.com
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UnMasking “Her” Success: Farewell for Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean – Canada | PhotoBuzz

September 28, 2010

Canada's Governor General Michaelle Jean acknowledges applause during a reception on Parliament Hill in Ottawa September 28, 2010. Also pictured is Jean's husband Jean-Daniel Lafond. David Johnston will be sworn-in as Canada's 28th governor general on October 1, 2010. REUTERS/Chris Wattie (CANADA - Tags: POLITICS)

Canada’s Governor General Michaelle Jean acknowledges applause during a reception on Parliament Hill in Ottawa September 28, 2010. Also pictured is Jean’s husband Jean-Daniel Lafond. David Johnston will be sworn-in as Canada’s 28th governor general on October 1, 2010. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

Canada's Governor General Michaelle Jean, dressed in a Canadian Air Force uniform, inspects airforce personnel during a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain in Ottawa September 19, 2010.   REUTERS/Blair Gable    (CANADA - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY)

Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean thanked Canadians Tuesday during a farewell reception in Ottawa. Jean said in a short speech that as someone who was born in Haiti, where social foundations have collapsed, she was honoured to be a woman lucky enough to pursue her dreams in a country where “anything is possible.”

Follow the Buzz to read more Michaëlle Jean: How would you rate her as Governor General? | See what’s buzzing now at www.DryerBuzz.com

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