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October 30, 2014

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Opinion | Stop encouraging parents to humiliate kids on Facebook | Hindsight

October 27, 2014

A social service message keeping it real about parents and their friends who humiliate kids on Facebook

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DryerBuzz Great Debates Now Heard on WAOK | Sundays 4 to 7 PM | #DryerBuzzonWAOK

June 22, 2014

Debut – Don’t miss ‪#‎DryerBuzzonWAOK‬ Sundays. In our debut show we’ll buzz why men are mad at Meeks mugshot mania ans what “liking” the mugshot says about us. Plus why is it hard to believe ‪#‎blackgirls‬ run, golf, code and more. It’s all in what we choose to believe. Listen 4 to 7pm @WAOK.com

More about Sundays show:

Living Atlanta Style

  • Visit to Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Clippings:

  • If Black People Said The Stuff White People Say…
  • Central Park 5 Settlement
  • Mug Shot Mania

Hair She Buzz

  • Blackgirls run, golf and code – why do we need to brand it?


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Hair She Buzz: I am mad tired hurt exhausted sleep deprived and all cried out. What? You didnt know? | I’m a Woman

June 11, 2014

Hair She Buzz — I’m mad, tired, hurt, exhausted, sleep deprived, and all cried out. What? You didn’t know? Cause I’m a woman. As many love to put it — a strong black woman. Just once, I would like to fall like the chick in the weekly movie and have someone pick me up to carry me the rest of the way. Ain’t happening.


Every time a tear forms in my eye, I hear be strong. Nobody ever asks what’s wrong?

Thank God I take life in seasons. Already knew what was coming. Spring would be a rough season. People around me were falling apart. I was running from one to the other like a game of spinning plates. Black girls gotta be strong and ward off danger, hurt and pain. As Terri Williams says, “it just looks like we’re not hurting.” Well, I’m mad, tired, hurt, exhausted, sleep deprived, and all cried out.

I’m mad. By the time I got to the truth of the matter of the latest, only had only a couple of hours to pull the dagger from my heart and carve my way out of despair. Because life goes on. What a season.

I’m tired. If there’s a cure for this — I want it. Give me the pill — red blue — I don’t care. Put me back in the matrix. Too many glitches in this system — for strong black women — and not enough people giving any kind of consideration as to how we are impacted. There are no loving arms reaching around us.

I’m hurt. I know this is happening to you — and I look like I have solutions and will be stronger than ever — but it’s happening to me too. Do we have to do this now? Oh wait. I have no time. Dusts myself off.

I’m exhausted. After venting and tossing around hasgtag #GodGotJokes. I knew I had to pick myself up quick, before lightening struck me. I was becoming more and more angered. I asked myself, was I the person God wanted me to be — because that had to be the reason he took me out of the situation. God knows I’m an on-task on-point sister. For that kind of intervention, I had to be doing something wrong — oh right depriving myself. Saying one thing. Doing and accepting another.

I’m sleep and love deprived. Forgot I created hashtag #sleepwaterlove and people are following. Promised myself I wouldn’t compromise the equation. Balance was key. God won’t let us mask the task. We got to be fully in it. Putting my head to pillow at night deprived of sleep and love made me a fraud. Caused an unfamiliar ache that shouldn’t have been there. Time to go searching for answers and there it was — the truth.

I’m all cried out. This was my fall in the woods like the weekly movie. Unfortunately, when a black woman falls in the woods — it doesn’t make a sound. The I’s never turn to us. The me’s never turn to we. The she is on her own. Picking herself up, dusting herself off, and regaining her stride.

I rebuke strong. See me in these woods too. Feel my pain. Inquire about it. Take a moment to wonder how it affects me too. The world tells me — girl get up!

I turned to my favorite scripture on love to find a way back. Ran the test on all that I love and didn’t quite pass. But — the truth shall set you free. Coming out of these woods. This ain’t the trail I want to take.

Even though I’m mad, tired, hurt, exhausted, sleep deprived, and all cried out — I’m still patient and kind, but got to be honest — I do envy those who fall and get picked up. Meanwhile, I’ll keep running on my own strength.

To be continued… when I can say I’m out of the woods. 


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Hair She Buzz: Last Chance to CHANGE America with Women | Midterm Elections

May 21, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz — Politics: Last Chance to CHANGE America with Women | Midterm Election

Got a minute, then you’ve got time for a QuickBuzz from DryerBuzz.com – I’m Yalanda. Let’s get to the root of the story… the Obama story and women.

Are we headed for self destruction? Count it down — November 4th — time for women to hold the Obama administration, the house, senate, Governor’s mansion, state capitol, down to the dog catcher accountable. We are in the season of dog bites – no pun intended.

Time out for that tired speech from Obama administration about women and wage in a season of Breadwinning Women and Rise of Stay at home Moms. Can we move on to how more women than ever are fighting chronic health issues? Fighting from the brink of death to finding themselves in the pits of hell of debt. Thanks for Obamacare, but let’s make sure affordable healthcare has a leg and a legacy to stand-on after midterm elections.

Moms, we’ve educated our kids, now let’s make sure our midterm election selections set a path to a brighter future with less Student Debt and better Economic Well Being. This is not a love affair. This is war. Student debt burdens are weighing on the economic fortunes of today’s young adults — says Pew Research — reports also show a Record share of Wives are now more educated than their husband.

You’re a smart girl — now let’s vote like the voting block of women we’ve become. Spend the summer working and supporting choices. We hold the purse strings to American recovery. Women are the largest voting block in this country. Voting is only a small part of the process. Get to know candidates so they can get to know your demands. Let them know you’re more than a vote. You’re the brass ring holding their feet to the fire and we want accountability.

Obama administration has two years. Count it down. We’ve got enough Michelle Obama dresses and the arm muscles to prove. It’s time to be in that number — when women go marching in — to the polls — November — last chance to CHANGE America.

What say you? Let’s get to the route of the story. Tweet me @DryerBuzz or comment on @DryerBuzz.com


I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore and you just got the buzz with DryerBuzz.com #goneblogging

Michael Jackson Billboards Hologram Creepy AND Cool | 67% Say Buzz It | theClippings

May 19, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz – MJ Hologram Buzzing at Billboards

Got a minute, then you’ve got time for a QuickBuzz from DryerBuzz.com – I’m Yalanda. Let’s get to the root of the story…

What was your good, bad, and most buzzing moment from Billboard Music Awards? Aside from not knowing half the artists because the award show brings together many genres of music, it seemed to be a sleeper of shows for many other reasons — cause us to channel surf in between.

Most buzzing of course without a doubt was Michael Jackson (RIP) hologram performance to new music — so wrong – however 67% in a buzz poll say Buzz It vs Bash It. Having seen the Michael Jackson One show in Vegas as well as the touring Cirque show — I love Michael Jackson and the hologram in Vegas was off the chain — superb. Difference being — hologram in Vegas was to MJ’s older music. Seeing the hologram was sentimental. New music — not so much.

Billboard using hologram for MJ’s new song “Slave to the Rhythm” was hard to enjoy the sentiment. Does the technology make Jackson, who’s long since departed, a slave to the stage? Is the technology good or bad? Having already attended a paid hologram performance in Vegas, is this the future concerts not just for departed artists but artists to appear on several stages at one time. That’s how i envisioned holograms to be used.

What say you? Let’s get to the route of the story. Tweet me @DryerBuzz or comment on @DryerBuzz.com

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HairSheBuzz: Was #naturalhair a boycott or gold rush? For whom? | Listen

May 14, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Report with Yalanda P Lattimore – Was #naturalhair a boycott or gold rush? For whom?

Raw Transcript:

#HairSheBuzz — Got a minute? then you’ve got time for a quick buzz. I’m Yalanda. Let’s get to the root of the story with DryerBuzz.com

Was movement of natural hair a boycott or a gold rush? It’s time to measure some results. Quickly, name five women who created legacies for generations to come with natural hair. Stuck at one? Tweet me your answer(s) @DryerBuzz.

For some it started as a boycott as the beauty industry changed ownership and $15 billion dollars began leaving our purses and communities each year. Natural meant making your own. Putting money back in your purse and even collecting from friends. Hobbies became businesses.

SolangeFIDKThe movement of Naturalhair grew fast with social media. Blogosphere exploded. Women were amazed at their textures and length. Men love running their fingers through it. But why did we do it?

Was it to free our minds so the rest would follow. Save money? No! cause natural hair products cost way more than products used when relaxed. We created a trend, but did we create a legacy? Tomorrow, if there’s a new trend, on what can we depend? $15 Billion is what we spend.

How many women did we add to the Forbes list? Forbes kicked off Dr Dre who closed a 3 billion deal after finding out he only owned 25% of his company. So we asked was natural hair a boycott or a gold rush? For Whom? Did we even think about our legacy?

Answer these questions to get to the root of the story. I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore and the a stands for always got that buzz at DryerBuzz.com #goneblogging


Yalanda P Lattimore is the editor of DryerBuzz.com and author of #27Answers to Create Buzz.

Fathers find their voice for Mother’s Day with DryerBuzz Great Debates | Listen

May 4, 2014

Don’t miss DryerBuzz on WAOK Wednesday May 7th 10AM – Listen Live http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/

Social media opens canyon of wounds from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day exposing pain caused by lifestyle decisions parents make (see example images). Effects left on children, now adults, fill social streams.

“single father households has increased about ninefold since 1960, from less than 300,000 to more than 2.6 million in 2011.” Pew Research

DryerBuzz News Podcast and NetTV will host series of discussions, starting with radio broadcast Wednesday, May 7th 10AM on 1380 WAOK The Voice of the Community commencing with a national live stream from REAL MEN COOK – Atlanta on Father’s Day. Many hearts to heal. Stay tuned and share the buzz. #HairSheBuzz #FailedMatriarchs #traumatizedorphans #dryerbuzz

Example meme’s shared

Mother's Day Fathers
Mother's Day Fathers


Bookmark this post and stay tuned to our streams for chance to get in on the conversation. #GoneBlogging

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Hair She Buzz: Donald Sterling banned for life makes V Stiviano Harriet Tubman of the NBA | Clippers Freed

April 30, 2014

Banned for Life- It’s time to get the buzz behind the buzz as we WOW you with women for this editions of #HairSheBuzz — I’m Yalanda and Let’s get to the root of the story with DryerBuzz.com

sterling insert

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Call her what you will – side chick — home wrecker — there are a few others floating around — but when you get to the root of the story, she’s the Harriet Tubman of the NBA.

What’s in the mind of an 80 year old billionaire? Racism, intolerance? They say free your mind and the rest will follow. V Stiviano, now ex-girlfriend of Clippers owner Donald Sterling freed his mind and his NBA team. The way we see it, Stiviano uncovered worst case of modern day sharecropping right under our noses in middle of NBA playoffs. As it stands in the aftermath of one conversation gone awry via tape, grown men, millionaires, seemed to be working for worst billionaire ever.

An investigation ensued to validate (what did i say) a recording surrendered or leaked where Clippers owner Donald Sterling expressed his opinions about associating and how his side chick associated with blacks, namely Magic Johnson, and other minorities. Reaction from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was swift, investigation short, results final — BANNED for life.

Commissioner apologized to list of great black players, then announced punishment handed down to Donald Sterling –banned for LIFE from NBA games, practices, facilities, or participating in business or personnel decisions. barred from governor’s meeting and league activities. Fined $2.5M Max allowed. Funds donated to anti-discrimination efforts.

Swift and final first actions by the new commissioner — making V Stiviano the Harriet Tubman of the NBA. It was like watching Amistad (notice we didn’t say Roots) or signing of the declaration of basketball independence. And get this, the actions of the commissioner, came down on the anniversary of the Rodney King verdict (RIP) — did Clippers avoid another quiet riot of wearing their shirts backwards. At post time, Donald Sterling vows not to sell his Clippers even Magic Johnson has expressed interest and other owners are ready to distance themselves from Sterling. Looks like a hostile takeover is in full swing. Should sterling keep the team? Banned for life — the man is 80 plus? They say the mean live long — and prosper. He’s enjoyed a number of decades feeding, clothing, and giving cars to Clippers. What’s a billionaire to do now?

As for V, now left dodging paparazzi on her front lawn and facing side chick lawsuit from Sterling’s estranged wife — we can say this — She did that! V Stiviano freed million dollars … we digress … #HairSheBuzz

We just took you to the root of the story – the buzz behind the buzz with DryerBuzz.com — watch it read listen — today and every day. After you click play, click share and subscribe so you never miss a minute of buzz. I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore and the A stands for always got that buzz from DryerBuzz.com #goneblogging

Hair She Buzz: MiMi Faust Screws Family Tree | Leaves Daughter Out on a Limb | Buzzing Opinion

April 15, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz — Commentary with Yalanda P Lattimore, editor DryerBuzz.com


Watch it

Raw Transcript:

It’s time to get the buzz from DryerBuzz.com — MiMi Faust Screws Entire Lineage — let’s get it buzzing… Let’s get to the root of the story — the consequences.



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Mimi Faust had a slight chance to be a different woman. She could have gone hard for her family but instead she went hardcore and screwed her entire lineage. Her family tree lost another branch, leaving her daughter, and daughter’s daughters to come out on a limb.

We all know reality women use platforms of their respective shows to push product, but hardcore p()rn. She’s not the first, won’t be the last, but let’s call it what it is and not be shady about it. It’s sad. Young people today have enough problems deciphering between right and wrong, negative and positive, and what’s dignified. This is wrong. Certainly not positive and there’s nothing dignified about it. This is a woman absolutely turned out. Come for me if you want to… but it’s wrong. What even worst, MiMi’s arch nemesis, Ms Joseline became so enraged in jealousy that she filled her social media timeline with her own nude pictures — really?? #traumatizedorphans

Ms Joselines loves to say us older chicks need to school some young chicks, well here you go…

We already told you, reality TV banks on men and women with #failedmatriarchs — no mothers or decent parenting. Go down the list if you will. This game is calculated and it will impact future generations. Both MiMi and Joseline, soon to re-enter space of television in the 3rd season of a reality show called Love & HipHop Atlanta. Did no one trademark hip hop and have power to stop such a degrading generation from using phrase to describe such the iconic culture. As a woman born with hip hop, I remember women going hard but hard core. Hip Hop is running politics, in the white house, making change under gold domes all across the country. We’re teachers, mothers, hell grandmothers — I guess that’s why they’re calling MiMi trist in front of the camera — granny p()rn. Girl what are you doing?

No more motivational appearances for MiMi. Her calendar will no doubt fill up with p()rn conventions. She might cash a few checks — but what’s most important — she didn’t break the cycle of failed matriarch and may have created yet another traumatized orphan in her family tree. Though she may not have abandon her daughter literally — she’s forced her daughter and her entire lineage to shade another branch on the family.

This is a woman turned out — no doubt. All jokes aside… hang that from your shower rod and wait for dignity. #HairSheBuzz

That’s your entertainment buzz from DryerBuzz.com – watch it read it listen today and everyday to get to the root of the story — we’re transforming the way we look — at life. I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore, and the a stands for always got that buzz from DryerBuzz.com #goneblogging

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