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Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You from #DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. Thanks for all you’re support as we prepare to bring another year to a close. Year fourteen (14) was great. Where do we buzz from here? You already know the buzz don’t stop. From Breakfast with DryerBuzz to Learn to Blog Meetups to delivering great debates and content, we’re ready for year fifteen 2017. Stay tuned! Follow the Buzz #DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming way we look — at life! Extra Buzz#DryerBuzz – Failure…

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#DryerBuzz – No Thanksgiving? Friends and Family Still Fighting Over Trump

#DryerBuzz — Friends and family still fighting over Trump. Can we all get along — at Thanksgiving? Too much information (tmi). Thanks a lot social media. We now know too much about our friends and their politics.  Why are we friends again? And what’s with this zero tolerance — of each other? Thanks to fighting over politics, now we know our friends are first or second generation American with immigrant parents. Surprised, they assimilated like every one else. Can we handle the truth? Donald Trump, set to become our most…

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#DryerBuzz — Hillary a new era or new error? #electionday

#DryerBuzz — Election Day upon us – are we launching a new era or making a grave error? We learned so much about our countrymen and women during this competition between Hillary and Trump. Is it over yet? How will we heal? Quick observation as voting happened around me. Decided to cast my vote early. So Election feels different. Yet in hours, the shoe will drop … More cracks or shattered ceiling for Hillary Clinton Election Day Follow the buzz #DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz with…

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#DryerBuzz – It’s NO’vember! How to say no to get to success of yes | Listen

#DryerBuzz — Say no to get to your place of yes. We’ve got events and challenges for everything. Well how about one for say NO. Push back on what doesn’t work, feel good or right. People, places, things. Let NO’vember become your inspiration. What would you say no to today to make room for yes? Honey can you … No! Guess what? Now you’ve got time to do what you need to do or want to do. in this podcast, #YalandaPLattimore declares November as NO’vember.  Listen and share. Follow the…

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#DryerBuzz — What time Monday anxiety kick in | Listen Sunday Morning

#DryerBuzz — heading out to enjoy, what is for some, the last of the weekend. But for those of us in the #gigeconomy, Sunday’s just another day — like every other day. Still the Lords day though … don’t let me get struck by lightening. Its the since of urgency that we notice with friends and family rushing about the city trying to get it all in — life in two days. That is until — Monday anxiety sets in. But what time is that. Back to the grind, accountability —…

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#DryerBuzz — Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director

Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director | Reigns to Slay Another Day – #YalandaPLattimore #DryerBuzz — In an interesting turn of events, Hillary’s emails yet again gives us another great round of politics. An investigation of fallen politician, Anthony Weiner, brought us back to this point. Such investigation provided a nice stage for Hillary Clinton and slay she did — against the giant that is the FBI. We are in HER way! FBI, Trump supporters, and even HER own supporters. We’re all in HER way. She’s got her eyes on the…

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#DryerBuzz — Do Men See Abortion as a Loss? | Listen

#DryerBuzz — Talk about a topic coming from left field! In our daily political debate going back and forth with jabs and discussion over Trump vs Hillary, topic of abortion came into play. We were talking about campaign topics and pain points politicians use to get votes, yet we never see them address such issues once elected. Roe versus Wade receives several mentions. Thus came discussion about a man’s right and a woman’s body. Shared with viewing audience how what men think and feel about abortions might actually surprise some….

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#DryerBuzz — Your vote is your weapon really? | Listen

#DryerBuzz — Are my votes hurting you? Believe it or not, millions of Americans head to the polls each election drinking that political poison hoping to disadvantage their fellow man, woman, or children rather than using power of their vote for all intensive purposes — to benefit themselves, their families and community. Political insanity aside, our votes might hurt each other.  With life long term limits and voting patterns and agendas keeping certain people in office FOREVER, your vote in your state could hurt me in my state. This where…

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#DryerBuzz – Race in America Slows Pace of America | Listen

#DryerBuzz — America’s race construct holding country back. Constructs perpetuated by media and influenced throughout the land. Media drives how we arrive at our perception of people. This holds us back from seeing eye to eye. Funny how we have perceptions about people with which we’ve not interacted or personally engaged. Yet, we have so many preconceived notions. Can we become colorblind in America? Can we get beyond race? Some say election of Preside Barack Obama launched us into post-race era. If so, how did Donald Trump (white male) and…

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What's in the cloud security listen podcast News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

#DryerBuzz — Security cameras catching more than criminals? | Listen

#DryerBuzz — Seeing more and more news items where security and surveillance cameras catch home robberies begs the question– what else have you caught? We’ve seen trending videos of kids and pets. Yet, it makes you wonder, what’s in the clouds. Should we become concern when visiting friends and family. Smile, you’re on hidden camera. Are homeowners expecting to catch criminals or family. In news, the homeowner always shock once victim of the crime, so why did you have cameras — and why are the cameras pointed in such odd…

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#DryerBuzz — Black Lives Matter! Why ask why? | Listen

#DryerBuzz — Black lives matter. Why are you ask why are you juxtaposing any other scenarios?  But what about black on black … stop it. You sound stupid. Why ask why? When you ask why, then answer a few other questions first, starting with why are Black Americans the only ones visibly and outwardly upset about any and all loss of life by police or otherwise? Why pose any other scenarios as a point of argument just to quiet reasons to riot or make progress. Goal is less loss of…

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#DryerBuzz — Get an understanding or get out of the way!

#DryerBuzz — It’s so hard to find time to blog, not blog but post to website outside of social media. Are websites coming to an end? More and more becoming a place to archive different conversations versus how websites and blogs used to exists. I say that to say I’m trying to keep it going. So going forward, you’ll see more content curated from various engagement from other platforms. I know a number of you still rely on our emailed summary to catch buzzed missed from daily browsing. So…

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gabby douglas hair causes war of edges black girls Hair She Buzz News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Hair She Buzz — Gabby Douglas Hair is a Pressing Issue | Great Hair Debate with DryerBuzz

Hair She Buzz — She edged out the competition to make it to 2016 Olympics. Now her edges are all that’s talked about while supporting team USA.  We say Gabby Douglas hair is a pressing issue — but not for reasons you think. In the midst of social mobs taking sides in recurring hair wars — we dropped this great hair debate.  Press on! “Black women spend billions on hair products and yet black girls on international stage can’t get their hair did! Black women representing America in Olympics don’t…

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DryerBuzz | Meet Yalanda P Lattimore – a re-introduction

#DryerBuzz — Where’d the time go? As I prepare for upcoming fall tour, time to update bio. There it is — another decade on the books. Time to evolve again. Request for bios coming, so crafted this to start. Makes mention of my passion for our digital space and market place — where ?I see myself in near future — next 100 days at least. — Brief bio — Meet Yalanda P Lattimore respectfully known around the world and web as #DryerBuzz — Pioneer blogger and thirty year innovator in…

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dryerbuzz yalanda p lattimore returns to stage Hair She Buzz News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Hair She Buzz | Watch DryerBuzz Yalanda P Lattimore serve recipe for sweet “Lemonade” success at EntrepreNewHer quarterly speakers series

Hair She Buzz — Success happens when yes happens is what I always say.  Sometimes it’s hard to say yes. Yet when opportunity came to pinch hit for another speaker at EntrepreNewHer, decided to step up to the plate and serve — Lemonade. With only hours to prepare, went right for the book — or one of 27Answers series — 27Answers to Rock Like Beyonce and Serve Lemonade.  When served lemons, women make lemonade. Past two years, I’ve lived squarely in a lemon patch, grove, pasture, valley, up and down…

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