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Extra BuzzHair She Buzz | Great Debate: Viola Davis’ controversial journey of the mind from Maid to Harriet Tubman Emmys Hair She Buzz | Do I trust everyone around me (TEAM)? What’s up with my team? Virtual Booksigning: Order 27Answers to Create Buzz by Yalanda P Lattimore @DryerBuzz — Signed […]

Hair She Buzz | Watch Beyonce Formation Video

Hair She Buzz — You know something bad happens when Sunday timelines come to life. Phone alerts started buzzing while viewers were settled into their Sunday night shows and pretending Monday’s not a few hours away. MissUniverse2015 — nuff said.  Check the timeline and you’ll see, hear, and plea for […]

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dryerbuzz behind the buzz at tuoia
Hair She Buzz — It’s often said, and many would say proven, that women can’t work together.  There is a climate of competition, yet many female entrepreneurs choose the gender track when networking and creating buzz about their business.  In this episode of #BehindtheBuzz we initiated a conversation about the […]

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