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Hair She Buzz | Mega Accelerator brings hundreds of innovative women business owners and industry thought leaders together in Atlanta

September 28, 2015

Hair She Buzz — It’s called The PINKpreneur’s Mega Accelerator, and it will bring hundreds of innovative business owners, industry thought leaders, and key influencers to Atlanta October 10th for a one day program that will optimize every area of business.

PinkPreneurs Mega Accelerator Felicia Phillips

The PINKpreneur’s Mega Accelerator will be an immersive and invaluable one-day experience in Atlanta, Georgia for women entrepreneurs and women who are ready to transition from employee to employer.

The one-day accelerator will be consist of intensive information and panels from some of the brightest minds in business and digital marketing. The accelerator is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey that will help you develop systems and strategies that will prepare you now for your 2016 launch.

Friends of DryerBuzz can register and save $57 when registering via

Look for the DryerBuzz and #27Answers among the resources available at the event.

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PinkPreneurs Mega Accelerator Felicia Phillips

Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

Hair She Buzz | Did you miss DryerBuzz and #27Answers at September EntrepreNewHer | Buzz in a Bag was a hit!

September 28, 2015

Hair She Buzz — 27Answers was all about that buzz at Shan Thomas’ September EntrepreNewHer. We tested a new product introduced during our September Big Buzz Book Sale.  We decided to offer two new options for entrepreneurs — Buzz in a Bag and Buzz in a Box.  Both options feature products accessories centered around a personally signed copy of #27Answers to Create Buzz.

Whereas we couldn’t decide — fans of the series chose bags over boxes which quickly soldout!  Since both units developed their own following, even though bags soldout first, we decided to offer both at upcoming signings. If you missed a chance to get your bag or box, follow #27Answers for future dates.  Each will also be available for sale via

We scoped the vending event — watch and catch the buzz you missed!

Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!


Hair She Buzz | Great Debate: Viola Davis’ controversial journey of the mind from Maid to Harriet Tubman Emmys

September 21, 2015

Hair She Buzz — She stood center stage on the shoulders of many and with the words of Harriet Tubman to proclaim the next stop on her journey as a history maker —  and the winner is … Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series —  Viola Davis.  But the road has been controversial.

Subject to translation, we attempted to follow Davis’ journey of the mind from her mindset around the movie The Help which  landed her at the Oscars,  to statements made between in various interviews thereafter — to delivering lines made noble by Harriet Tubman.

Viola wasn’t always so noble. A time or two she questioned our mindset about seeking nobility in a Black actors roles.  We speak of the Help movie interview rounds and one such interview with Tavis Smiley.  To make a long story short — Davis said our mindset destroyed black artists.  Which mindset was that?  The one where we like work and proclamations that warrants Tubman like speeches?

Glad Viola Davis made through her journey and arrived to join us … in the fight for better opportunities.


Watch a great debate with DryerBuzz on Periscope

Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz with — transforming the way we look — at life!

News outlets using platforms versus becoming platforms was their greatest failure

September 20, 2015


Two dysfunctional women tried to one up each other over butt injections …

September 11, 2015

Recently on tv, two dysfunctional women, who call themselves divas, tried to one up each other on butt injections.

Mind you the injections did nothing for their careers except to land them, years later, on a show highlighting their dysfunctional.

I’m disturbed by this even if no one else cares. The show was called Hollywood Divas. I say was as my hope resides in possibility of show not existing in the future. Explanation only needed to explain residual effects that may linger and show up again in future.

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Morning Tworld – looks like you could use some buzz – we got you

September 1, 2015

Hair She Buzz | Seasoned strategy is my secret

August 31, 2015

Don’t get it twisted — I am a #superblogger — follow the buzz! #DryerBuzz

August 31, 2015

Hair She Buzz | Do I trust everyone around me (TEAM)? What’s up with my team?

August 29, 2015

Going into fourth quarter, it’s time to audit our teams and get ready for harvest time.  As the days become colder and shorter, the need to get things done quicker grows greater. Now is the time to ask, do I trust everyone around me? Here again the word itself spells it out for us — TEAM — trust everyone around me.

Auditing my team, the answer was no, I don’t or didn’t. There were some along the way with which I had to strategically dismiss the relationship — without burning bridges of course.

While we may seem compatible in some situations, not everyone is meant to be on the team.  Some can distract from the goal or thin the brand.  Clarity of brand and goals are important when choosing team members.  Takers like to attach themselves to well oiled teams. Are our team members in it to win it?

Third quarter networking opened up to some interesting circles and groups.  While assessing brand clarity, not every networking, event, group, or mastermind was best for our goals. 

Learned a valuable lesson in that we can’t join a team from the winner’s circle. Have you ever seen a winner get back in the race? 

Sometimes we have to move to the side line and cheer the team on, but not be on the team.  Helping or encouraging others does not have to slow your race to the finish. Let them follow your lead.

Follow #DryerBuzz on Periscope as we engage in team building discussions to make for the best 4th quarter to enjoy a better harvest.  Look for scopes before 11AM ET, as well as posts to and social media.

Yalanda P Lattimore is the editor of and author of 27Answers to Create Buzz and the #27Answers ebook answer series available at  Now accepting 2016 speaking engagements and group workshops on creating buzz for business, non-profits, and personal branding.

Hair She Buzz — You just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

If living for the WEEKEND, you’re doing it WRONG. Make everyday WORTH living. #DryerBuzz #HairSheBuzz #LivingAtlantaStyle

August 28, 2015

Living for the weekend


If living for the WEEKEND, you’re doing it WRONG. Make everyday WORTH living. #DryerBuzz #HairSheBuzz #LivingAtlantaStyle

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