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Hair She Buzz: Porsha Williams surrenders to police for reality show assault | Post pre-mugshot selfies

April 16, 2014

1235882_770244912985558_3084221879236293334_nFollow the buzz. We’ve yet to see Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion but the drama continues.  Porsha Williams surrendered to police for processing following assault charges from a tv show brawl with cast mate Kenya Moore. A mug shot was taking but not before she posted selfies rocking good hair and thanking fans for support.

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Hair She Buzz: MiMi Faust Screws Family Tree | Leaves Daughter Out on a Limb | Buzzing Opinion

April 15, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz — Commentary with Yalanda P Lattimore, editor


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It’s time to get the buzz from — MiMi Faust Screws Entire Lineage — let’s get it buzzing… Let’s get to the root of the story — the consequences.



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Mimi Faust had a slight chance to be a different woman. She could have gone hard for her family but instead she went hardcore and screwed her entire lineage. Her family tree lost another branch, leaving her daughter, and daughter’s daughters to come out on a limb.

We all know reality women use platforms of their respective shows to push product, but hardcore porn. She’s not the first, won’t be the last, but let’s call it what it is and not be shady about it. It’s sad. Young people today have enough problems deciphering between right and wrong, negative and positive, and what’s dignified. This is wrong. Certainly not positive and there’s nothing dignified about it. This is a woman absolutely turned out. Come for me if you want to… but it’s wrong. What even worst, MiMi’s arch nemesis, Ms Joseline became so enraged in jealousy that she filled her social media timeline with her own nude pictures — really?? #traumatizedorphans

Ms Joselines loves to say us older chicks need to school some young chicks, well here you go…

We already told you, reality TV banks on men and women with #failedmatriarchs — no mothers or decent parenting. Go down the list if you will. This game is calculated and it will impact future generations. Both MiMi and Joseline, soon to re-enter space of television in the 3rd season of a reality show called Love & HipHop Atlanta. Did no one trademark hip hop and have power to stop such a degrading generation from using phrase to describe such the iconic culture. As a woman born with hip hop, I remember women going hard but hard core. Hip Hop is running politics, in the white house, making change under gold domes all across the country. We’re teachers, mothers, hell grandmothers — I guess that’s why they’re calling MiMi trist in front of the camera — granny porn. Girl what are you doing?

No more motivational appearances for MiMi. Her calendar will no doubt fill up with porn conventions. She might cash a few checks — but what’s most important — she didn’t break the cycle of failed matriarch and may have created yet another traumatized orphan in her family tree. Though she may not have abandon her daughter literally — she’s forced her daughter and her entire lineage to shade another branch on the family.

This is a woman turned out — no doubt. All jokes aside… hang that from your shower rod and wait for dignity. #HairSheBuzz

That’s your entertainment buzz from – watch it read it listen today and everyday to get to the root of the story — we’re transforming the way we look — at life. I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore, and the a stands for always got that buzz from #goneblogging

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Post by TMZ.

Blogger Suicide: Karyn Washington For Brown Girls | #theClippings

April 11, 2014

To blog is to become voice of that which one champions.  Karyn Washington championed Brown Girls with her blog For Brown Girls.

FBG was created to celebrate the beauty of dark skin while combatting colorism and promoting self love! FBG was created to celebrate darker shades of brown- to encourage those struggling with accepting having a darker skin complexion to love and embrace the skin they are in. However, women of all shades may take away from FBG the universal and essential message of self love and acceptance.

The Clippings

Creator of For Brown Girls Blog Reportedly Commits Suicide

The Root ‎- 6 hours ago

Karyn Washington’s work in the black blogosphere encouraged a generation of women to love their natural selves and live their best lives.

Karyn Washington: Black Women and Suicide | BlackDoctor › Health Conditions › Mental Health‎

10 hours ago – Karyn Washington inspired black women around the world to embrace the beauty of their blackness with the creation of her “For Brown …

Karyn Washington, Founder Of For Brown Girls, Passes At…/karyn-washington-founder-empowering-si…‎

by Victoria Uwumarogie – in 63 Google+ circles

10 hours ago – We had the opportunity to talk to Karyn Washington, founder of the website For Brown Girls, and mind behind the project, #DarkSkinRedLip, on …

Hair She Buzz: Barbara Walters Sets Date to Exit | Mary Mary Scandal Needs More Jesus | Plus Meet Nikki Bell and Bianca Burwell | WOW Look at Women

April 10, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz – WOW Look at Women #HairSheBuzz

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Raw Transcript:

Back from vacation, we’re ready to wow you with women in this buzzing entertainment report from — Let’s get it buzzing.


No doubt Barbara Walters braised a trail and opened doors, but waiting for her to make an exit has been the talk and now there’s buzz that she’s finally decided on a date — May 16th. Inquiring minds wanna know if its etched in stone. Did Walters stay too long? Many say the iconic news women has gone from powerful to ornery and her continued appearance on The View only frustrates viewers not to mention the look from co-host faces trying to get through topic often bogarted by Barbara. Let’s get this celebration started – roll credits.

Kerry Washington may be star of side chick cinema but perhaps Mellie can take a few pointers from Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell who’s caught up in a real live triangle, quadrangle, octangle – who knows — but Tina Campbell tell us how you really feel? I need just a little more Jesus may be title of Erica Campbell’s solitary debut, but can Tina get some of that Jesus. Mary Mary’s reality show returned with a vengeance against infidelity and competing reality shows. Going up against a playlist of top shows, drama sells. Airing an hour before Scandal, they needed to come with it – and they did. You gonna watch WE TV on Thursday nights. The Mary’s have their own Scandals brewing. Whether it’s work alcoholic Erica Campbell trying to be sexy and saved hitting the stage alone with new album and solo career or Tina OMG — leaving the stage and showing rage over admission of affairs committed by her husband — these Mary’s have turned the page — They need just a little more Jesus. We thought the affairs would be just a sidebar to the show, but the couple’s battle to reclaim or dissolve their union has taken over the hearts and timelines of viewers – it’s hot so watch and weigh in on Mary Mary Thursday before Scandal — it’s all the buzz #HairSheBuzz

Braising a different brand with a book, she’s cooks and has flava…

Committed to bringing family members back to the dinner table and recouping their love for Sunday home cooked meals, Nikki Bell launches her first cookbook, “A Bit of This, A Bit of That: Comfort Food for the Eclectic Soul”. Throughout the pages of “A Bit of This, A Bit of That”, readers will find a variety of 30 recipes revolutionizing southern classics with a Caribbean twist and an eclectic remake of traditional comfort foods. Nikki’s rustic and comforting recipes are bound to bring any family back to the dinner table. You can also pick up Nikki’s “Soul for Real Seasonings” which include hand blended, flavorful seasonings using the freshest dried herbs, spices and sea salt. Don’t forget to catch Nikki Bell on the premier of new culinary competition series “America’s Best Cook” on the Food Network tune in April 13th at 9:00pm.


What’s happens when you say “let me be me” — you win…

Just ask LSU Lloiminica Hall as millions have watch as she scored the 3rd perfect 10 of her career on the floor exercise helping LSU Gymnastics team beat Alabama. If you have not liked or shared the video, what are you waiting for — wow friends in your stream with women. #hairshebuz

It’s time to WOW you with women on the web — where #HairSheBuzz takes a look at women on the web. Click it and stick it –

Owner Bianca Burwell Providing music, talk, news and entertainment and serving as a major platform for indie artists. We are changing radio one show at a time! Listen daily everywhere online and with tunein app — join us in wishing Bianca and The Beat Drops Radio a happy anniversary April 26th


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Hair She Buzz: Kandi Burruss Marries Todd | Match Made in Heaven or Reality TV?

April 5, 2014

Hair She Buzz — Ring Ring! Kandi Burruss had two post trending on Facebook Saturday morning.  One was a post announcing marriage to Todd with links to  Her site quickly went into over capacity.  Another post was simply about a ringtone on her daughter’s phone.  Was it the perfect response to wedding news — #BitchWhat??? — or another example of reality housewives as #failedmatriarchs. Oh back to wedding news…

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are officially man and wife. The pair tied the knot in front offamily and friends in Atlanta Friday evening, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star reveals.

We checked numerology which says the couple is very compatible with exception of maturity maybe. But what say you? Take the poll below.

Do you think this is a match made in heaven, hell, or simply done for reality TV?

Kandi and Todd area match made in

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Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker Are Married!!! Get The Exclusive First Details About The Wedding Ceremony Right Here >> []

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Watch Kerry Washington before Scandal as Sojourner Truth #HairSheBuzz

March 27, 2014

VideoBuzz:  Actress Kerry Washington reads the 1851 speech of abolitionist Sojourner Truth. Part of a reading from Voices of a People’s History of the United States (Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove) October 5, 2005 in Los Angeles California.


Watch Alfre Woodard read Sojourner Truth

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When Man Behind Brand is a Woman: Woodard as POTUS, Shop Women Owned Wednesday, Sister Site Roundup | DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz #HairSheBuzz

March 26, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz ~ When Man Behind Brand is a Woman: Woodard as POTUS, Shop Women Owned, Sister Site Roundup | DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz #HairSheBuzz

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Raw Transcript:

#HairShe Buzz — you’re about to get the buzz behind the buzz from Hair She Buzz edition – taking you to the root of her story — transforming the way we look — at life!

For those who think Scandal is too scandalous and they are not trying to be Mary Jane and want a better more powerful image of women on TV, here comes a woman with higher power — From Shadow and Act, our inside source to Cinema of the African Diaspora, Alfre Woodard set to play the POTUS – president of the United States in NBC Drama ‘State of Affairs.’ Described as “Scandal meets West Wing,” only stereotype we can find thus far is that POTUS son is deceased yet linked romantically to Katherine Heigl’s character — a CIA officer. Read between the lines. Woodard is known to wait for a role of dignity, so we anxiously await the pilot. Audiences are known to demand better but not necessarily support the best. Can Alfre Woodard and Katherine Heigl take over tv timelines. We’ll see #HairSheBuzz

DryerBuzz encourages Women Owned Wednesdays. When should we make a conscious effort to shop with women — everyday! But hey let’s start with Wednesday. Women hold the purse strings to economic recovery and have the buying power to sustain women owned companies. Yet today’s trends don’t bend towards women or women owned companies. Are you shopping where the man behind the brand is a woman? It’s simple we’re #matchingmillions for #hairshebuzz — shopping with women on wednesday. We encourage you to spend at least an amount equal to the date. The conscientious effort alone will cause awareness to help women entrepreneurs become women owned growth firms. Start today by buying an app, music, books, contracting with women for household resources, or subscribing to a woman owned membership. Make it fun, attend a live show featuring women. Supporting the arts is the best place to start. Let’s start #matchingmillions where the man behind the brand is a woman for women owned wednesday #hairshebuzz

Speaking of buzz. Did you know celebrates #12YearsofBuzz. Twelve years we brought you the buzz behind the buzz. We know how hard it was to make a household name and to keep traffic moving and trending. In this segment, we’re taking you on a quick tour around the web to sister sites buzzing in our stream. First stop…

Happy Blogoversary to a lifestyle blog designed to inspire, motivate, and encourage women of color to confidently live out loud! Simply Shanti shares personal experiences, resources, tips and simple life solutions to help confidently live out loud in your own uniqueness by being SIMPLY YOU! Happy Blogoversary SimplyShanti #HairSheBuzz

Next stop to meet Zari Banks. speaker, teacher, mom, and author of best-selling books O Lord, Hear My Cry: A Book of Proverbs Devotional, The 10 Commandments of Prayer: Praying the Will of God for Your Children, and O Lord, Meet Me in the Morning: Praying the Fourth Watch and other spiritual growth books. She is a powerful prayer warrior who mentors on the supernatural power of God to many in the Body of Christ. #HairSheBuzz

Scrolling on, we stop at designed to uplift, inspire, motivate and heal women as we Receive Empowerment Divinely in a way that makes us feel good, heal good and become the good that we desire to see in the world!

TRPS was created to be a tangible tool designed to help women shift energy to positive in an instant! Regardless to what is showing up in our lives, we have the ability to positively manage it! #HairSheBuzz

That’s your tour of women on the web. Here’s a couple of shoutouts,

That’s your entertainment buzz from – watch it, read it, listen today and everyday – get to the root of the story and the buzz behind the buzz. We’re transforming the way we look — at life. I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore, and the A stands for always got that buzz at #goneblogging.

Sleep Water Love: Abundantly available, yet so deprived?

March 24, 2014

I can remember the first day my son, my youngest, let me sleep in.  He decided to wake himself. Dress himself. Get himself to the bus and to school without my help.  After waking to the sound of the wheels on the bus going round and round, I rushed to his room only to discover he was on that bus without his mother’s help.  I worried all day about what he wore. What if something happened and I didn’t know how to describe him. Mother’s do that.  Although he was ready for independence, I wasn’t. Still am not.


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Yalanda P Lattimore is editor of, mother of 4, celebrating #12YearsofBuzz as veteran Atlanta blogger.

Years of lying in that space half asleep half awake, waiting for kids 3 and 4 to pounce on my bed begging for and debating their favorite breakfast items are gone.  Days waking in a panic to half the day gone because it’s more fun to “let mommy sleep,” which I have heard several times echoing in hall from kids 1 and 2, keeping 3 and 4 in step.  They so enjoyed their independence. As long as I didn’t smell smoke, I enjoyed the sleep.

At this age, kids long since independent, sleep is prescribed.   Energy once reserved for the kids  went into blogging, business building for DryerBuzz.   Two hours of sleep once again became the norm. Power naps here or there — thought i was good to go.  NOT!

If forty is fabulous then fifty is disease or shall we say chronic disease prevention.  Hence my fascination with sleep. With AARP stalking me on Facebook, I’ve begun the descent into 50. Time to sleep. No more all night editing sessions. While we’re cutting out things, scratch off after parties, egg yolks, milk, white potatoes — the list goes on and on — especially if you want to ascend into 50 and not descend.

From, in Women: Poor Sleep, Inflammation, and Heart Disease“Getting enough sleep on a regular basis is one important way to protect the health of your heart. Poor and insufficient sleep is associated with a range of cardiovascular problems, including high blood pressureheart attack, and heart failureHeart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined.” Pardon me while I take a nap.

After getting all this new and prescribed good sleep, what’s the first thing to do when waking up — drink water. Sleep and water. Two things abundantly available but much deprived. The latest trend and happy life tip is to drink water upon waking. Wake. Water.  I can remember that. Surely, I’ve got time to stop and drink water. Of course I do now that I’m on morning medication — as I ascend into 50.  Late night visit to hospital with chest and arm pain; three Nitroglycerin tablets; an overnight stay; and stress test later — I’m sleeping and drinking water. No argument from me.

Sleep, water and one more thing — love.  To live is to love yourself before others. Loving self first is not a selfish act. Won’t be here to love others if we don’t take care ourselves.  Dealing with consequences of being sleep and water deprived, I discovered more about love than I knew. From family staking out emergency room with me to true friends shining through timelines offering care and concern.  Of course we all make those early promises to do better. Here I sit blogging though I promised to do it less. But storytelling is one of my loves.  I promise to blog only after I’ve had enough sleep and water. There’s lots of love to give and receive.   I really like the receiving part.  Sips water.  Nestles snug in bed. #HairSheBuzz


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Don DC Curry, On Heels of a Woman, The Retrieval, Snake Nation Procreation Parade, Women’s Work | Top Events for Date Night Girls Night Out #LivingAtlantaStyle

March 14, 2014 Entertainment Buzz ~ Top 5 Events for #DateNight #GirlsNightOut Living Atlanta Style this weekend

VideoBuzz – Watch

AudioBuzz – Listen


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Raw Transcript – Read:

Here’s the Buzz for your #datenight to #girlsnightout, your weekend starts now. This weekend buzz brought to you by The Punchline where Don DC Curry owns the stage all weekend. When asked where you wanna buzz for datenight or girlsnightout – the answer is The Punchline. Visit or call (404) 252-LAFF(5233)

Let’s get it buzzing with top 5 events for the weekend. always has the buzz behind the buzz to set your weekend off right.

Number 5


Get ready for a #girlsdayout when On The Heels Of A Woman mixer connects and equips women leaders of non-profit organizations with opportunities for expansion and growth. The Saturday afternoon event addresses critical areas such as Business Plan Analysis, Legal Representation, Professional Website Designing, Fundraising, Public Relations, Marketing and more.

Benefit from over 20 solution providers and network with 200 working towards effective delivery of humanitarian aid relief and development in the city of Atlanta and around the world. Presented by and Women In Leadership Development and Empowerment, Inc. (WILDE)


Number 4


#DateNight is just right Beginning March 14, Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema in Atlanta will host an exclusive theatrical run of SXSW winner The Retrieval ahead of its opening in select cities across the country. Winner of the SXSW Special Jury Prize, as well as 17 other festival awards, THE RETRIEVAL is the latest film from Independent Spirit Award winner Chris Eska, who along with select cast, will be at the theater for special events throughout opening weekend.

Number 3


Grab your girls and heads to Castlebury Hill for the Procreation Parade during the Snake Nation Arts Fest Saturday March 15 Noon to 5. An invitation of such could only come from The Artizen Company, creators of interactive spectacles to encourage audiences to engage fully in life!


Join The Artizen Company on a march to an extraordinary journey. Let me describe the scene you will see — Kuzaliwa and her people escape the chains of chattel slavery to nest and give birth in freedom. Share in her hopes of a child born to a life of freedom, safety and tranquility. Experience an intimate interactive experience during Snake Nation Arts Fest at Castlebury Hill for the Procreation Parade

Number 2


Head to Your in-town cultural arts zone, for a girls night out at The Arts Exchange a multicultural, multidisciplinary, intergenerational arts center committed to artists as agents for positive social change. Located in Atlanta’s historic Grant Park neighborhood, in the former Grant Park Elementary School for the Opening Reception Saturday, March 15 6-9pm of Women’s Work: The Art of Multicultural Emerging Women Artists Exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month Featuring – features the work Curated by Malkia M’Buzi Moore

Slow Your Scroll – Celebrates #12YearsofBuzz


Before we get to number one, did you know celebrates #12YearsofBuzz? That’s right the buzz turns 12. Born women’s history month March 13, 2002, stayed ahead of the game winning awards and making history as a pioneer in new and social media. The site’s reputation of telling untold stories became the brand. still turning heads, buzzing all the way, join us in a tweet celebration #12YearsofBuzz.

Number 1


As you heard at the beginning of the countdown, the official #datenight #girlsnightout for the weekend comes from friends of the buzz that have helped us keep is buzzing for #12YearsofBuzz — The Punchline Comedy Club is the spot this weekend with Don “DC” Curry from Next Friday, Friday After Next and Two Degrees and he’s an Atlanta favorite, consistently winning over fans from his stellar stand up comedy performances on BET, HBO and Comedy Central. He’s also one of the most out-spoken voices on today’s often too “politically correct” entertainment landscape.

For #datenight #girlsnightout, Don has five shows to choose this weekend whether you like to get it in early or close the bar, the Punchline Comedy Club with Don “DC” Curry is the spot.

Thanks your top 5 events for #LivingAtlantaStyle this weekend.


Wait save the date: Littel’s Concept’s Passion & Poetry April Love is at Center Stage April 5th. Don’t miss it. Get your tickets today.

That’s your entertainment buzz from celebrating #12YearsofBuzz. Read it, watch it, listen today and every day to get the buzz behind the buzz. Get to the root of the buzz. We’re transforming the way we look — at life.

I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore, and the a stands for always got that buzz living atlanta style at #GoneBlogging

Hair She Buzz: Sheryl Sandberg leans in on #BanBossy | NeNe Leakes wiggles into #DWTS | DryerBuzz celebrates #12YearsofBuzz

March 12, 2014 Entertainment Report ~ Hair She Buzz edition – Women Creating Buzz this week


Raw Transcript:


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Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us. Well… that’s what we used to think. Turns our words are very powerful. It’s lonely at the top. So lonely, when Sheryl Sandberg reached the top and looked around for other women, she found she was leaning in alone. Do women and girls want to be like more than they want to be leaders. Like — Lead — hmmm. Which are you? #HairShebuzz #BanBossy

sandbergSheryl Sandberg is leaning in on bossy — the other B word women and girls are called when they show initiative, assertiveness, and leadership skills. She’s solicited some friends also alone at the top of their game to help. In the midst of promoting drankin and leaving all to wonder about her latest album, Beyonce joins the campaign to #BanBossy. In her promo for Sandberg’s effort, Beyonce says she’s not bossy, but she’s the boss.

It’s lonely at the top because apparently somewhere in middle school, girls fall prey to being liked versus being leaders — even though girls are obviously educated through school systems mostly run by women — yet #banbossy campaign says our daughter lose their leadership skills in these school. Is banning bossy the answer? Does taking away a word help? Media being the greatest influence, we know campaigns like this can make a difference– for a generation. If giving the chance, women and girls will lead — often with greater vision. Hence the proverb, educate a woman; you educate a generation.’ – Let’s get it trending #banbossy #hairshebuzz

NeNe-Leakes-Cast-of-Dancing-With-the-StarsSpeaking of bossy women, Real housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes has found her next check – bet! Leakes wiggled her way onto Dancing with the Stars. Towering over competition, can the reality star keep step? She joins some surprising cast mates including EMMA SLATER, BILLY DEE WILLIAMS, DANICA MCKELLAR, two Olympic Gold Medalists, a game show host, a swimming legend and a teen pop star. the two-hour season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars,” airs MONDAY, MARCH 17 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC. Bet your bottom dollar, we’ll be watching NeNe #HairSheBuzz

By the time you share post, will celebrate yet another milestone. The buzz is turning 12 and kicking off our 12th season in style. Twelve years ago, we just wanted to buzz about Atlanta. Soon after we launched, the world of blogging took off and it was time to not only entertain — but to become the voice of.. to blog is to be the voice of… we certainly found our voice — not just for Atlanta, but LIVE atlanta — living Atlanta style stage by stage. Buzzing about hair was too easy, so we sought to to tell a different story of women, sharing the dreams of women. We filled our streams with culture and buzz like none other staying ahead of the game to winning awards and making history. Our reputation became our brand. So from Women’s history month 2002 to making history in 2014 — we’re still looking ahead and buzzing all the way. #HairSheBuzz Happy Anniversary


Visit to see how we went from the audience to the stage. Would you like to go from the audience to the stage — then make the #27th your launch date and join and we present #27Answers to Create Buzz, webinars and workshops on the 27th of each month. Find live webinar, local workshops — it’s all about creating buzz. Launch with success when you create buzz. Visit for next 27Answers events.

Women don’t know what they don’t know but we tell AND celebrate them Wednesdays at – that’s your entertainment buzz – #HairSheBuzz edition – watch it read it listen every Wednesday for the buzz on women. I’m Yalanda with an A Lattimore – a woman who leads and worry about being liked later. The A stands for always got that buzz at #goneblogging

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