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The Clippings | Social Mobs Taking Toll on Talk Show Hosts? | Women from The Real share stories of online bullying

March 25, 2015

The Clippings — Commenting on television shows became the trend in social media.  Some shows enjoy engaging viewers in real time — others not so much.  In too many cases, bad outweighs the good — retweeted again and again.  How does one block out bad and enjoy the good?

Speaking of blocked — we found ourselves blocked by certain celebrities.  A tweet retweeted can take over a timeline, depending on how notifications are set.  Surely, we’ve never said anything along lines of bullying — stated the obvious a time or two, but not bullying.

But what about social mobs? Their comments can be hurtful.  Hurt people hurt people.  There’s something more to mob engagement that goes beyond entertainment and engagement. Social media has become a large part of media and therefore carries great power of perception.  Power in the wrong hands can be damaging — and down right bullying.

tamar braxton herbert bullying the real

The ladies of The Real – Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon — shared their experience with bullies in their following.  Watch

Everybody knows #weliveinpublic, but dealing with today’s public takes thicker skin more than ever before. It was painful to see Tamara say she hasn’t yet discovered advice for her son in dealing with bullying because she still experiences.

Where do we draw the line? When does opinions and being opinionated move from engaging dialogue to bullying? Answer — when it becomes personal, aggressive, repetitive with intent to hurt.

In good television engagement some aspects are off limits. Comments should be kept within context of the show.  Wardrobe and styling always up for grabs. Comment on content in context to what is airing. Children are always off limits, while parenting can get called into questions — only since celebrities drag their families into show business when selling magazines and products.

For celebrities, fans don’t know what you don’t show. Don’t put entire life up for discussion.  Keep something for yourself — off limits and off TV. Otherwise, be prepared to be scrutinized.  Social mobs will only get worse as #weliveinpublic.

Should celebs callout bullies, fake accounts, pages, and fans who go to far?

PS: Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Remember we said a couple celebrities blocked us.  Two mean girls and a political bully don’t count #LOL.


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DryerBuzzonWAOK | Hair She Buzz – Can women dream big? | Plus, buzz inside #TheBrandistaGuide and Dream Big 2015 with Courtney Rhodes

March 15, 2015

DryerBuzzonWAOK – 3rd Sundays we turn our afternoon debate to women for #HairSheBuzz to get to the root of our story.  We have to ask, can women dream big?  Everyone wants women to lean in, reach higher, become empowered, change the world, and earn more.  But, can women dream big?

It’s conference season. Some of us heading off to the same spots looking for secrets to leadership, happiness, balance — but do we really want it?  Let’s debate.

Also on this episode of #DryerBuzzonWAOK, Courtney Rhodes @thebrandista and founder of stops by to help us begin to DREAM BIG!  Rhodes helps us escape our comfort zone to developing our personal branding, educating others of our talents and successes to realize our dreams.

Listen for details on a FREE event so you don’t miss #DreamBigSummit2015 with @thebrandista – FREE personal branding seminar on Saturday, March 21 from 4pm to 7pm at the Westside Cultural Arts Center – DREAM BIG 2015.


Don’t miss another great episode of #DryerBuzzonWAOK #HairSheBuzz

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DryerBuzzonWAOK Dream Big Part One


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DryerBuzzonWAOK Dream Big Part Two


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VideoBuzz with DryerBuzzonWAOK Courtney Rhodes @thebrandista

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Hair She Buzz | Mo’Nique Does One More Interview for Further Clarification on Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, Oprah, Oscar, and Family – V-103 Atlanta

March 7, 2015

Hair She Buzz — Mo’Nique and husband, Sidney Hicks, visited V-103 WVEE, home of Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith! The sister addressed situation surrounding history of working the Precious film and resulting experiences of working with Lee Daniels, ‪#‎Empire‬, ‪#‎TheButler‬, Oscars, Oprah, Tyler Perry and more.  Seems it all boiled down to from one question in previous interview and one goal – family. Watch and listen.

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Mo'Nique Interview with Ryan Cameron V-103

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Hair She Buzz | Black Women Film Network (BWFN) 2015 Scholarship Winners Announced | Untold Stories” Awards Luncheon and Summit March 5-7th

March 3, 2015

Hair She Buzz — Atlanta’s already buzzing about 2015 Black Women Film Network (BWFN), Untold Stories Luncheon, and Summit (March 5-7th) which brings together women and supporters who help women enter, protect and preserve a strong presence in film and television industries.

The 2015 Scholarship Winners receive their scholarships at the The Black Women Film Network (BWFN) “Untold Stories” Awards Luncheon on Friday, March 6 at 11:30 am as part of the Black Women Film Summit.

Congratulations are in order for:

  • Dominique Boyd, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Dominique has a 3.66 GPA and is a screenwriter/director with a unique voice.
  • Tawanna Easley, Atlanta Technical College.  Tawanna has a 3.81 GPA and has passed the Apple Certification exam. She is an editor and is working on a documentary about her eight year-old nephew who is training to be a fourth generation cowboy.
  • Erica Lamberson, Spelman College. Erica has a 3.97 GPA and is a Computer Science major with a Studio Art minor.  She is interested in mobile app design. Her screenwriting professor says “her writing sings.”

“These are extraordinary women who are going to go on to make an impact on the industry,” said Deidre McDonald, BWFN scholarship committee. Fellow committee member Donna Lowry said, “Our scholarship recipients, like Jaunice Sills from REVOLT TV, have gone on to become key influencers in entertainment today.”

The Black Women Film Network (BWFN) Summit runs from Thursday – Saturday, March 5th-7th.  While buzzing the summit, look forward to getting upclose and networking with Will Packer, Lamman Rucker, Logan Browning, Robi Reed, Shante Bacon, Tia Powell, and Tomika Depriest. 

Plus enjoy panels with Denise Hendricks Traci Blackwell (VP, Current Programming, CW Network), Connie Orlando (SVP Specials, Music & News, BET Networks), Robi Reed (VP Talent & Casting, BET Networks); Jasmin Goodman Angela Northington (SVP Content Acquisitions, Urban Movie Channel), Alonzo Llorens (Attorney, Gorden & Rees), Bernard Coleman (Attorney, The Coleman Law Firm); Nneka Onurah (Director, The Same Difference), Judi Blair (Actress, Magic Mike XXL), Emcee N.I.C.E (Creator, Da Jammies), Gabrielle Fulton (Director, Ir/Reconcibale).

In between meeting whom you need to get to next level in film and television, enjoy luncheons, book festival and screenings.  Look for to bring you the buzz behind the buzz — but be in the place for yourself if film and television is your dream.

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Hair She Buzz | Fans Split on Halle as Angela Davis

March 1, 2015

Hair She Buzz — It’s past time for Halle to burst on the screen again — in a role we can get with — recent films excluded. How about as political activist, writer, and educator Angela Davis?  A story placed on back burner for far too long, it’s time — as Davis is now 71.  Surely America’s fear has subsided. Some fans say Halle could pull off the role with her history as Dorothy Dandridge, while other’s say no with little explanation.  What say you?  See story buzzing below and comment.

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Hair She Buzz | Fans React to Mo’Nique as Cookie on #Empire

February 28, 2015

Hair She Buzz — We wondered how soon #Empire would enter into beef between Lee Daniels and Mo’Nique.  While we thought this was some Oscars fallout, tantrum by Daniels, or just venting by Mo’Nique as an previous Oscar winner, turns out the rift runs deep.  But, Mo’Nique as Cookie on our beloved #Empire? Nobody saw that coming and this was the reaction from friends and followers when we shared the entertainment news clip below.

Facebook reaction

Mo'Nique as Cookie? #empire

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Hair She Buzz | Perfect response when asked about your hair “I’m Doing Me!” | More advice from #theHairMaven Kaye Flewellen | Listen

February 24, 2015

As a prelude to much anticipated black hair red carpet controversies, we invited #thehairmaven Kaye Flewellen, author of Mane Attraction, to dress us with the best way to express ourselves when it comes to our hair.  Don’t stress pressing hair issues brought on by those who can’t understand our freedom of express when it comes to tresses.

Flewellen says, when asked about your hair, reply “I’m doing me!” Listen for more buzz from this great debate during Bronner Bros Beauty show on #DryerBuzzonWAOK #HairSheBuzz

Kaye Flewellen on DryerBuzz on WAOK

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Hair She Buzz | First Viola, now Zendaya suffers black hair red carpet controversy | Zendaya vs Giuliana Rancic #oscars

February 24, 2015

Hair She Buzz — Hours before Oscars, we asked on #DryerBuzzonWAOK, which celebrity, a la Viola Davis, would suffer this year’s dreaded black hair red carpet controversy? We now have our answers — Zendaya vs Giuliana Rancic.


Rancic said some off the cuff stuff about Zendaya’s chosen hair style of mock locs for the Oscars – saying, “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil or maybe weed.”  Now most of the viewers missed it.  Not until Zendaya took to instagram with a response did the situation began trending.

Zendaya response to Giuliana Rancic Fashion Police

The Enews and Fashion Police host has had her own red carpet controversy lately due to her size.  Plus she’s just not mixing it up too well with new millennials rocking it at the network.  What if someone intentionally threw Rancic under the media bus for her comments – Enews would get to act without addressing the lack of chemistry or weight issue. Remains to be seen.

Meanwhile — Zendaya took on the bully and won, receiving an apology. But still we want to know, why black hair gets called on the carpet when celebs of all races, colors, and creeds enhance their look?  Hell nobody’s talking about what road atop John Travolta’s head all night.

Listen as we addressed the issue with Kaye Flewellen, the Hair Maven on an Oscar edition of #DryerBuzzonWAOK #HairSheBuzz


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Hair She Buzz | Clippings and Updates on Bobbi Kristina Brown Reportedly Found Unresponsive

January 31, 2015

Clipped from headlines…

Updates on Bobbi Kristina coming fast and furious with very little change in her health status. We post updates to give her family time for prayer and decision making. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

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Hair She Buzz | Post Celebrity Apprentice, Kita Williams wants you and Terrell Owens to know… WATCH

January 21, 2015

VideoBuzz: Kita Williams Pops Off on Terrell Owens About Wendy Williams Appearance

Not happy with Terrell Owens post Apprentice interview on Wendy Williams, Kita Williams sets the record straight with no chaser and then some.

Are you teamTerrell or teamKitaandMo?

Kita Williams on Terrell Owens

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