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Women in Power Brunch Hair She Buzz Livng Atlanta Style 

#LivingAtlantaStyle Brunch by Brunch | Watch Women in Power

#DryerBuzz — Feed a blogger. That’s what we say when receiving invites to Brunch from Atlanta and beyond. It’s a date when there’s room on our plate. We couldn’t turn down chance to mingle with Women in Power at invite of Rogue Media Group. Even more buzzing was the chance to visit The Gathering Spot again. Added to that, the chance to meet and salute Karymn Norwood, VP & General Manager of Lockheed Martin — our new favorite STEM phenomenon.  Norwood shared her story in a moderated discussion with Charmaine…

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img_6180 DryerBuzzTV Hair She Buzz News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

#DryerBuzz — Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director

Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director | Reigns to Slay Another Day – #YalandaPLattimore #DryerBuzz — In an interesting turn of events, Hillary’s emails yet again gives us another great round of politics. An investigation of fallen politician, Anthony Weiner, brought us back to this point. Such investigation provided a nice stage for Hillary Clinton and slay she did — against the giant that is the FBI. We are in HER way! FBI, Trump supporters, and even HER own supporters. We’re all in HER way. She’s got her eyes on the…

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gabby douglas hair causes war of edges black girls Hair She Buzz News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Hair She Buzz — Gabby Douglas Hair is a Pressing Issue | Great Hair Debate with DryerBuzz

Hair She Buzz — She edged out the competition to make it to 2016 Olympics. Now her edges are all that’s talked about while supporting team USA.  We say Gabby Douglas hair is a pressing issue — but not for reasons you think. In the midst of social mobs taking sides in recurring hair wars — we dropped this great hair debate.  Press on! “Black women spend billions on hair products and yet black girls on international stage can’t get their hair did! Black women representing America in Olympics don’t…

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kim whitehead author speaker fairy tale DryerBuzzTV Hair She Buzz 

DryerBuzz TV | Watch Kim Whitehead book signing at Tuoia | Author Speaker Entrepreneur

LIVE on #Periscope: Welcome to #Tuoia — tuoia (@Tuoiaframing) July 30, 2016 Follow the buzz Extra Buzz#DryerBuzz – It’s NO’vember! How to say no to get to success of yes | Listen #DryerBuzz — What time Monday anxiety kick in | Listen Sunday Morning #DryerBuzz — You might be smarter than millennials if … #DryerBuzz — Do Men See Abortion as a Loss? | Listen #DryerBuzz – Race in America Slows Pace of America | Listen

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michelle obama dnc 2016 speech hillary clinton convention Hair She Buzz News Clippings 

Hair She Buzz | Michelle Obama Full DNC speech endorsing Hillary Clinton | #LetsHelpHillary

Watch First Lady Michelle Obama full Democratic National Convention speech.  Perhaps a first glimpse of soon to be former First Lady endorsing Hillary Clinton’s bid to become America’s first woman president.  The evening also saw great speeches from Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. Video Embed courtesy of PBS NewsHour Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra Buzz#DryerBuzz — Your vote is your weapon really? | Listen #DryerBuzz — Security cameras catching more than criminals? |…

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dryerbuzz yalanda p lattimore returns to stage Hair She Buzz News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Hair She Buzz | Watch DryerBuzz Yalanda P Lattimore serve recipe for sweet “Lemonade” success at EntrepreNewHer quarterly speakers series

Hair She Buzz — Success happens when yes happens is what I always say.  Sometimes it’s hard to say yes. Yet when opportunity came to pinch hit for another speaker at EntrepreNewHer, decided to step up to the plate and serve — Lemonade. With only hours to prepare, went right for the book — or one of 27Answers series — 27Answers to Rock Like Beyonce and Serve Lemonade.  When served lemons, women make lemonade. Past two years, I’ve lived squarely in a lemon patch, grove, pasture, valley, up and down…

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Living Atlanta Style | Follow DryerBuzz Around Atlanta Father’s Day Juneteenth Weekend

Living Atlanta Style — We get around.  Father’s Day weekend our calendar runneth over.  It’s also Juneteenth.  Not only do we have interviews scheduled, but also live blogging, periscoping, and more.  Best way to follow the buzz is to stay tuned to our timelines.  Here are a few places we’ll drop in… Living Atlanta Style — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzLiving Atlanta Style | PhotoBuzz: Breakfast with DryerBuzz and Friends About Business Living Atlanta Style | Buzzed…

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dryerbuzz language of women DryerBuzzTV Hair She Buzz 

Hair She Buzz | Watch Language of Women | Great Salon Debate with

Hair She Buzz — We’re back and intentional. No apologies, disclaimers, or side effects.  Following the Language of Men, you will not get time with the ladies on the couch covering everything woman. In this episode, some nine women joined the conservation.  Not in response to what the men had to say, but just having our say — intentionally and outside of our safe space and comfort zones — for all the world to see — on Language of Women was taped at Tuoia. Visit Watch and enjoy….

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blackgirlsgolflessons Hair She Buzz Livng Atlanta Style 

Hair She Buzz | Black Girls Golf Offers Summer Golf Lessons

Living Atlanta Style — Black Girls Golf is the fastest growing golf community for business savvy women who want to meet decision makers and close deals. One way to keep tabs on women buzzing in business in Atlanta is on the golf course. To kickoff the summer and increase number of women golfers, Black Girls Golf summer lessons now available.  We buzzed a recent lesson at John A White park for an episode of #DryerBuzz Living Atlanta Style.  To learn more visit The lesson was scoped via Persicope by DryerBuzz and…

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dryerbuzz yalanda p lattimore nominated united state of women #stateofwomen Hair She Buzz Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Hair She Buzz | #StateofWomen: DryerBuzz Yalanda P Lattimore Nominated for White House United State of Women

Hair She Buzz — Were Nominated! ‪#‎DryerBuzz‬ is nominated to attend The United State of Women summit hosted by the White House on June 14th. ‪#‎Hairshebuzz‬impacting ‪#‎genderequality‬ ‪#‎entrepreneurship‬ ‪#‎innovation‬ and of course changing media narratives for women. Follow @uswomen2016‪#‎stateofwomen‬ and congrats to all nominees. We’ve shared a few post around the web. Need your support so like, share, and comment.  Together let’s impact the state of women. By telling our stories, we transformed our lives with #DryerBuzz. That's how you impact #stateofwomen #genderequality #entrepreneurship #innovation #empowerment #economics To learn more…

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amandadavis Hair She Buzz 

Hair She Buzz | Sinead O’Connor, Keyshia Cole, Amanda Davis

Hair She Buzz — We could run this post daily.  You know the one where women are lying, dying, crying, flying off the handle — or naked.  That’s the formula for women to make daily mainstream headlines.  It’s like that moment you have to turn to your girl friend and ask her — did he hit you?  Otherwise, she’d never tell. We been hit ladies!  Sinead O’Connor (accused of lying/missing), Keyshia Cole (known for flying off handle/finds father), and Amanda Davis (former news anchor admits alcoholism)  — see media assaults…

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beyonce, lemonade, hbo, tidal, dryerbuzz Hair She Buzz 

Buzz it or bash it? That voodoo Beyonce do ‪#‎HairSheBuzz‬ ‪#‎lemonade‬ ‪#‎beyonce‬

Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzHair She Buzz | Breastfeeding Between You and Your Offspring — Must we tribe everything? DryerBuzz | Where do we blog from here? Sunset | Natalie Cole, daughter of jazz great Nat “King” Cole, Dies Hair She Buzz | Miss Universe — No wait — Crown Snatching at Miss Universe Pageant — Wrong Name Called by Steve Harvey Hair She Buzz | Do Female Networks Secretly Compete or Honestly…

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Open For Business women entrepreneurial center 27 Answers Hair She Buzz Livng Atlanta Style 

Hair She Buzz | Open for Business – CoWorking Space Wins with Women

Hair She Buzz — Atlanta recently welcomed a female entrepreneur focused collaborative work space into the eco-system — OPEN FOR BUSINESS — founded by Nicole Garner Scott and Tiara LaRae Johnson. Work. Meet. Learn. More than mere words at OFB.  These are action items topping any to do list for the busy female entrepreneur buzzing around or through Atlanta.  OFB serves as perfect co-working space to drop-in or put down roots to launch and grow a successful business. Open for Business is located in heart of downtown’s Historic Auburn Avenue District. The area enjoys…

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Hair She Buzz | Hillary is sick of it … Out of patience

Hair She Buzz — Huh? Somebody remind presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, we live in public. Extra BuzzHair She Buzz | 100 Female Entrepreneurs Celebrate National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at Georgia State Capitol DryerBuzzTV | #BehindtheBuzz Episode 5 with Yalanda P Lattimore | Be Fearless Make Money Enjoy Coffee and Travel | Meet Entrepreneurs DryerBuzzTV | BlackGirlsGolf Called Out Women from Atlanta and Beyond for Nine Hole Challenge Living Atlanta Style | Watch: Women Rocking Atlanta Restaurant Industry #wff365 | Expert Panel Archive DryerBuzzLive Episode 2 | Watch and Become More…

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