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Hair She Buzz | Do Female Networks Secretly Compete or Honestly Collaborate? Watch as entrepreneurs discuss their experiences on #BehindtheBuzz

November 24, 2015

Hair She Buzz — It’s often said, and many would say proven, that women can’t work together.  There is a climate of competition, yet many female entrepreneurs choose the gender track when networking and creating buzz about their business.  In this episode of #BehindtheBuzz we initiated a conversation about the gender track with a group of entrepreneurs — Rita Fascina Thomas (Distinctive Ops Services), Marlene Hyneman (Community Bean Coffee), and Carolyn Sellers (Brathan Music).  While experiences vary, there are some lasting impressions that form concerns about how women network.

We will revisit the topic second Fridays on DryerBuzz #BehindtheBuzz taped Fridays inside #TUOIA

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Hair She Buzz | 100 Female Entrepreneurs Celebrate National Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at Georgia State Capitol

November 21, 2015

Hair She Buzz — At the invitation of #100FemaleEntrepreneurs, women from Atlanta and around the state of Georgia gathered at the Georgia State Capitol to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. Speakers spoke about the successes and pain points of being females in entrepreneurship as well as pledge a charge to keep. The day was coordinated by the firm of Nicole Garner PR and 100 Female Entrepreneurs, a business league for females in entrepreneurship offering a unique platform for women to share entrepreneurial resources and experiences while being connected to a global network.

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VideoBuzz — 100 Females Gather at Georgia State Capitol Part One

VideoBuzz — 100 Females Gather at Georgia State Capitol Part Two

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DryerBuzzTV | #BehindtheBuzz Episode 5 with Yalanda P Lattimore | Be Fearless Make Money Enjoy Coffee and Travel | Meet Entrepreneurs

October 31, 2015

DryerBuzzTV — In this episode of #BehindtheBuzz, the buzz behind the buzz just kept coming — as did great guests and information.  In essence of time, we’ll be back to update this post after another day of blogging live — but here’s the instant replay.  Please watch and share from anywhere anytime.  You just got the buzz #BehindtheBuzz

Special quick buzz shout out to | @Mommytomodels |@commbeancoffee |@CarterEvansDocs | @RhondaRHudgins | @Distinctiveops | Plus our gracious host spot #TUOIAMore names to come as we update.  It was a great informative and certainly buzzing.  (Apologies in advance of any omitted names. Gotta watch replay for full list).

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DryerBuzzTV | BlackGirlsGolf Called Out Women from Atlanta and Beyond for Nine Hole Challenge

October 19, 2015

DryerBuzzTV — At invitation of Tiffany Fitzgerald and, women from Atlanta and beyond spent their Sunday morning on the greens of Steel Canyon Golf Club in Sandy Springs.  This was only the second time as editor of that we have covered a golf event, so the jargon is not quite there yet.

BlackGirlsGolf challenge was well received and attended as the even was sold out — 7 tee times – 28 women enjoyed a beautiful morning of golf.  Golfer experience ranged from absolute beginner to college athlete and every skill level in between.  Those most familiar with the game became mentors to make sure those new to the game had best experience ever — and fall in love with the game of golf! Mission accomplished.

We can’t wait for the next event so DryerBuzz can come from behind the came and play a round.  Weather permitting, as unpredictable as Atlanta weather can be, Fitzgerald plans another outing as well as winter clinics.

After nine holes, we headed back to clubhouse for prizes provided by Bridgestone Golf  and then dinner at Tijuana Joe’s. Many moments capture for DryerBuzzTV. Watch highlights via embed below or visit our Periscope archives on Katch:

  1. BlackGirlsGolf Arrivals
  2. BlackGirlsGolf Newbies Tee Time
  3. BlackGirlsGolf Mentoring Newbies
  4. BlackGirls Golf Ninth Hole
  5. BlackGirlsGolf Diaries – How does it feel?
  6. BlackGirlsGolf Dinner

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PhotoBuzz – Photos by Yalanda P Lattimore, DryerBuzz

About BlackGirlsGolf

Black Girls Golf was founded in 2011 by Tiffany Mack Fitzgerald. Tiffany created Black Girls Golf after spending several years in Corporate America and noticing how many opportunities were available to her colleagues who played golf. As she became a more experienced golfer, she noticed how few Black women were involved in the sport. Black Girls Golf is headquartered in Greater Atlanta with new chapters being established in other major metros in 2015. Tiffany has been featured in Black EnterpriseMagazine and sports and business radio sharing her experience as a golfer and helping other women experience the rewards of golfing.

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Living Atlanta Style | Watch: Women Rocking Atlanta Restaurant Industry #wff365 | Expert Panel Archive

October 13, 2015

Living Atlanta Style — We made it our business to attend a business training hosted by WFF in partnership with CocaCola and Chick-Fil-A. The entrepreneurs bootcamp was an absolute learning experience from beginning to end.  We scoped portions of it, which you can watch via our archived Periscopes.  One of our favorite segments was a look inside a couple of Atlanta leading restaurants through women who rock Atlanta Restaurant Industry. They shared their growing pains and how they chose their lanes of expertise of feeding their passion and our appetites.  We even got a chance to ask how social media effects their business. Watch via embed below or DryerBuzz Periscope Women Who Rock Atlanta Restaurant Industry WFF.

Panel participants: Introductions in video.

About WFF – a professional development org within the food service industry. We’re a movement, thousands strong, dedicated to advancing women leaders.

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DryerBuzzLive Episode 2 | Watch and Become More Fearless with Yalanda P Lattimore, Rita Fascina-Thomas, and Shan Thomas – How entrepreneurs conquer fear

October 12, 2015

In a departure from radio, in launching it’s new fall season, created DryerBuzzLIVE October of 2015. Time is now to bring blogging full circle with latest in streaming applications.  Your favorite blog community is live and in real time each Friday at 11:27 AM from Atlanta and beyond.  Actually, we’re live from a little gallery outside Atlanta, in Douglasville Georgia.  We’re two episodes into what looks and feels like an exciting web series — while still buzzing ideas for an official name.

Special thanks to already a great list of fellow bloggers, scopers, and innovators who have shared the screen with us.  In this episde, Rita Fascina-Thomas and Shan Thomas (no relation) talk with us about fear and how entrepreneurs conquer fear to expand their business, build relationships, and grown their community of customers.

Rita Fascina-Thomas founded Distinctive Ops Services, a business consulting company specializing in operations consultation, seminars, classroom workshops, training development and implementation. Rita is a public speaker who speaks to all types of groups.

Shan Thomas founded Shan Thomas Biz and EntrepreNewHer a team of business, marketing, media specialists, and networking.

About TUOIA — Located in Historic Downtown Douglasville, ‘tuoia’ – the uniqueness of it all – is a shoppe that offers custom framing, original art,and handcrafted gifts.

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Hair She Buzz | Mega Accelerator brings hundreds of innovative women business owners and industry thought leaders together in Atlanta

September 28, 2015

Hair She Buzz — It’s called The PINKpreneur’s Mega Accelerator, and it will bring hundreds of innovative business owners, industry thought leaders, and key influencers to Atlanta October 10th for a one day program that will optimize every area of business.

PinkPreneurs Mega Accelerator Felicia Phillips

The PINKpreneur’s Mega Accelerator will be an immersive and invaluable one-day experience in Atlanta, Georgia for women entrepreneurs and women who are ready to transition from employee to employer.

The one-day accelerator will be consist of intensive information and panels from some of the brightest minds in business and digital marketing. The accelerator is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey that will help you develop systems and strategies that will prepare you now for your 2016 launch.

Friends of DryerBuzz can register and save $57 when registering via

Look for the DryerBuzz and #27Answers among the resources available at the event.

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PinkPreneurs Mega Accelerator Felicia Phillips

Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!

Hair She Buzz | Did you miss DryerBuzz and #27Answers at September EntrepreNewHer | Buzz in a Bag was a hit!

September 28, 2015

Hair She Buzz — 27Answers was all about that buzz at Shan Thomas’ September EntrepreNewHer. We tested a new product introduced during our September Big Buzz Book Sale.  We decided to offer two new options for entrepreneurs — Buzz in a Bag and Buzz in a Box.  Both options feature products accessories centered around a personally signed copy of #27Answers to Create Buzz.

Whereas we couldn’t decide — fans of the series chose bags over boxes which quickly soldout!  Since both units developed their own following, even though bags soldout first, we decided to offer both at upcoming signings. If you missed a chance to get your bag or box, follow #27Answers for future dates.  Each will also be available for sale via

We scoped the vending event — watch and catch the buzz you missed!

Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life!


Hair She Buzz | Great Debate: Viola Davis’ controversial journey of the mind from Maid to Harriet Tubman Emmys

September 21, 2015

Hair She Buzz — She stood center stage on the shoulders of many and with the words of Harriet Tubman to proclaim the next stop on her journey as a history maker —  and the winner is … Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series —  Viola Davis.  But the road has been controversial.

Subject to translation, we attempted to follow Davis’ journey of the mind from her mindset around the movie The Help which  landed her at the Oscars,  to statements made between in various interviews thereafter — to delivering lines made noble by Harriet Tubman.

Viola wasn’t always so noble. A time or two she questioned our mindset about seeking nobility in a Black actors roles.  We speak of the Help movie interview rounds and one such interview with Tavis Smiley.  To make a long story short — Davis said our mindset destroyed black artists.  Which mindset was that?  The one where we like work and proclamations that warrants Tubman like speeches?

Glad Viola Davis made through her journey and arrived to join us … in the fight for better opportunities.


Watch a great debate with DryerBuzz on Periscope

Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz with — transforming the way we look — at life!

News outlets using platforms versus becoming platforms was their greatest failure

September 20, 2015


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