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theClippings | Not Gay No More — in what world?

November 11, 2014

This video does nothing for the constant debate about … I digress. Just watch.

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DryerBuzz Exclusive: Marlon Wayans Shares Hollywood Secrets for ‘Haunting’ Success | AHauntedHouse2 | Watch DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz

March 4, 2014

DryerBuzz Entertainment Buzz ~ Marlon Wayans Shares Hollywood Secrets for ‘Haunting’ Success | A Haunted House 2

While buzzing Bronner Bros Hair Show, editor Yalanda P Lattimore got some buzz behind the buzz from Marlon Wayans on his upcoming second haunting of the box office with A Haunted House 2.  Wayans says his success formula starts with twenty years in the business and strong following.  Watch


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Buzzing Brothers: Roland Martin Is On TV One, Weekdays at 9 am EST | Watch

January 7, 2014

Clipped from News One…


Award-winning journalist Roland Martin leads the conversation with a full multimedia experience— viewers can interact with “NewsOne Now” across radio, television, and social media. Got a question? Be sure to tweet us at @NewsOne or @RolandSMartin with the hashtag #NewsOneNow to weigh in.

“African Americans are some of the most highly engaged cable news consumers, and it’s vital that we meet that thirst with a daily morning show that speaks to our issues, our concerns, from our perspective,” says Martin. “’NewsOne Now’ is the pre-eminent destination for the pulse of Black America.”

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Buzzing Brothers: Jeff Johnson Sports New Look – Loses Locs

January 7, 2014

PhotoBuzz:  This in our timeline gave us great pause.  New year new look for Jeff Johnson.  What do you say ladies – yay or nay?\


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Claim Your Man: Bey Bright’s New Book Helps Any Woman Find Love, Happiness & Self-Empowerment

November 21, 2013

Friend of the Buzz Bey Bright is Back with New Book… 

While millions of women believe they know how to handle their relationships with men, most struggle to find true love and happiness. However, a compelling new book by relationship expert Bey Bright is about to change their lives for the better.

claim your man bey brightClaim Your Man; A Woman’s Guide To Love, Happiness & Self-Empowerment’ combines Bey’s unique ability to motivate others with the experience he has gathered studying thousands of relationships. The result is a book that every woman needs to read.


This book is a self-help woman’s guide to attain love, happiness and self-empowerment in relationships. Written by relationship expert and author Bey Bright.

This book aims to give women of all ages and backgrounds real life solid information to be applied in their everyday lives.

As the author explains, his book holds the vital clues to many relationship mysteries.

“This book is vitally important because it gives women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and social statuses a clear and creative roadmap back to rediscovering love and achieving personal fulfilment,” says Bright, an accomplished entertainer and inspiring consultant.

Continuing, “It was written for those both struggling to find love and those already in a healthy relationship. No relationship is perfect and there’s always room for improvement. My book’s broad appeal makes it useful to anyone – however unique or stable their situation.”

Critics praise the author for the diligent efforts he is taking to change the lives of others. However, according to Bright, it’s a calling.

“Empowering and helping others is a deep passion that I just can’t shake. I’ve now dedicated my life to this cause and there are further books in the works. Stay tuned!” he adds.

‘Claim Your Man; A Woman’s Guide To Love, Happiness & Self-Empowerment’, published by BookBaby, is available now:

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Shannon McCollum Day at | Best Interview EVER with photographer who captured Atlanta’s music and arts movement including erykah badu outcast goodie mob

September 26, 2013

VideoBuzz: DryerBuzz Yalanda P Lattimore caught up with millennium movement photographer Shannon McCollum at the Opening Reception for Shannon McCollum “Soul of Soul: Capturing A Movement”. We go back like poloroid and kodak :) – so good to celebrate his work and dedication to capturing a generation.

Buzz behind the Buzz: 

Shannon McCollum best interview ever 1256539_504670149624489_2120697073_n

The 1990s was a relentlessly thrilling time to be in Atlanta. The city, with its burgeoning flock of industries executives, was in the midst of becoming an outpost of the commercial music industry. At the same time, there was a significant underground soul music scene building. In clubs and bars across the city, an ebullient group of young musicians, singers, producers, visual artists and listeners were breathing new life into traditional soul music by blending elements of classic soul with hip hop, jazz, afrobeat, house and indigenous music from the African Diaspora. It was one of those fleeting moments when a city is just accessible enough, just undiscovered enough, to allow something unique to grow and take hold.

Photographer Shannon McCollum began documenting these moments in the 90s, and has continued to amass photographic chronology of Atlanta’s neo soul scene as it’s grown from a fresh stirring to a long-rooted roar.

Save the Date: Artist’s Talk: Wednesday, October 16th from 7-9:30pm
Sight + Sound Gallery: 659 Auburn Ave., #G4 Atlanta, Georgia 30312
Exhibit runs thru November 9th

Soul of Soul: Capturing A Movement is curated by Leatrice Ellzy for Beatrix Moss, A Cultural Curation Firm.

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Brothers Of Affliction returns to Atlanta | Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center August 7th-10th

August 6, 2013

There’s no time to read the buzz.  Go get your tickets now via Brothers of Affliction on Eventbrite. However if you need more info, read it quick below.

Paris Crayton III's Brothers of Afflicition

BROTHERS OF AFFLICTION will be opening its encore run of our critically acclaimed production at Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center  in Decatur, GA from August 7-10th. For those who don’t know, Brothers of Affliction (starring P. Crayton, K. Henny, and R. Douglas) is a story that depicts an intense and captivating drama about 3 brothers who harbor a secret that both binds and tears them apart. Check out our PROMO TRAILER.

Take a journey with 3 brothers and see the secrets bonding them together, at the same time, tearing them apart. Life has never been easy for the Owens brothers, but they have somehow struggled to make it through. A bar fight leads to secrets revealed, alliances formed, and patience tested as these brothers finally face off on what has afflicted them for years.

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3 Hill Productions LLC is a new theatre company with a focus on “Creating Cutting-Edge Theatre for Consciousness.”

3 Hill Productions LLC was founded from the hearts and minds of three men with a passion to create a new voice for theatre.

VideoBuzz: My first reaction to Brothers of Affliction and why you should see it | watch |

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What’s Up with that Brother? Mariah’s Nick Cannon is a different kind of Stedman

July 24, 2013

VideoBuzz: We woke to a couple searches of folk looking for a Nick Cannon interview on vigilante George Zimmerman.  We nodded off a couple of times while searching footage but never got any Zimmerman comments.  It could be in this video.  We don’t know.  There was so much wifey talk that we realized Mariah’s Nick Cannon is a different kind of Stedman.  Let us know if you last long enough to fin Zimmerman comments.

Bottom line: Cannon will never cheat because Mariah could just go get a billionaire.

Psst… Here’s Nick Cannon on Zimmerman from Piers Morgan

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Watch: LeBron James Wins NBA MVP for Fourth Time | Buzz Clippings

May 7, 2013

VideoBuzz: LeBron James is the overwhelming choice as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. The Miami Heat star becomes the fifth player with at least four MVP awards, joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. (May 5)

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Comedy Clippings: Did Kevin Hart Once Say Putting On a Dress Not Part of His Brand? | Guess He ReBranded

April 3, 2013

VideoBuzz: Kevin Hart Illuminati Exposed? Said He’d Never Wear A Dress For A Role But… |

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