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DryerBuzzTV | #BehindtheBuzz Episode 5 with Yalanda P Lattimore | Be Fearless Make Money Enjoy Coffee and Travel | Meet Entrepreneurs

October 31, 2015

DryerBuzzTV — In this episode of #BehindtheBuzz, the buzz behind the buzz just kept coming — as did great guests and information.  In essence of time, we’ll be back to update this post after another day of blogging live — but here’s the instant replay.  Please watch and share from anywhere anytime.  You just got the buzz #BehindtheBuzz

Special quick buzz shout out to | @Mommytomodels |@commbeancoffee |@CarterEvansDocs | @RhondaRHudgins | @Distinctiveops | Plus our gracious host spot #TUOIAMore names to come as we update.  It was a great informative and certainly buzzing.  (Apologies in advance of any omitted names. Gotta watch replay for full list).

Watch via relay below or click here

Special thanks to #TUOIA Custom Frame Gallery & Boutique – home of #DryerBuzzTV #BehindtheBuzz

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27Answers | Order #27Answers and Get Tuesdays in September | Buzzing Book Sale

September 1, 2015

27Answers — We thought long and hard of ways to top our last book sale — and now it’s here.  First and foremost thanks to all who are this week reading their new signed, sealed, and delivered copies of #27Answers to Create Buzz with #27Answers ebooks.

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Tuesdays in September hosted by Yalanda P Lattimore, hall of fame blogger and editor of DryerBuzz.com and author of #27Answers.  This is the best deal yet!

What if I’m a previous buyer?

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Watch Booksale announcement as see on #DryerBuzzonPeriscope

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Download | 27Answers to Rock Networking Events by Yalanda P Lattimore #DryerBuzz – Best practices of a #superblogger

August 29, 2015

Hot off the digital press from 27Answers.com comes 27Answers to Rock Networking Events, best practices and answers from Yalanda P Lattimore, editor of DryerBuzz.com.  Learn the secrets to choose networking events wisely, go from the audience to the stage, and access influence for results.  Download these and other answers today from 27Answers.com


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DryerBuzzonPeriscope | Two Types of People — Those who care and those who don’t | Watch

August 25, 2015

Follow the buzz with Yalanda P Lattimore on Periscope.  Use embed or link below to watch: Two types of people in this world — those who care — and those who don’t.

Click this link or image if trouble viewing

DryerBuzz meme two types of people

DryerBuzz on Periscope — you just got the buzz from DryerBuzz.com — transforming the way we look — at life!

27Answers presents Conference Call and Private Periscope with #SuperBlogger #DryerBuzz Tuesday, July 14th 7PM | Register Today

July 10, 2015

Buzz just in — DryerBuzz.com and 27Answers.com presents Conference Call and Private Periscope with @DryerBuzz, Tuesday, July 14th 7 to 8:30pm ET. Learn to create buzz with answers and best practices of a #SuperBlogger. Three decades engaging niche audiences, two decades with internet enterprises, and more than a decade as a leading blogger, Yalanda P Lattimore has the answers.

This Periscope will provide answers to

  • Choose best social media platform for your small business
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  • Turn followers into lifetime customers
  • Become a household name
  • Change the game overnight

Be ready to not just get in the game, but stay ahead of the game.  Grab lunch and your phone.  Watch via private Periscope or listen in via conference call — or do both.  Bring your questions because we’ve got the answers.

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  • How to Rock Social Media

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SoapBox Buzz | Why Scrooge got a gun? #ChristmasinJuly

July 5, 2015

Soapbox Buzz – Something had me on my soapbox when strolling through Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center.  Always excited to buzz through on my way to the station when taking the tourist approach to the city.  Love being in the midst of the arts and theatre.  At first glance of holiday production Scrooge, my first thought was OMG it’s almost Christmas — Christmas in July!

Immediately after 4th of July, every heart, mind, and wallet turns to Christmas. Every other holiday in between is just a prelude.  Long story short, my next thought — why Scrooge got a gun? Further more, what the ??? is the brother holding.  It took me all but a minute to ponder — what’s wrong with this picture??


Click Here to listen or download audio - DryerBuzz.com

But seriously, why Scrooge got a gun? Why the brother shorter than Scrooge? What the ??? is he holding? So many questions.  Now let’s get some answers.

Follow the Buzz and see if marketing matches synopsis of the play coming to Hertz Stage at Alliance Theatre this holiday season

Catch the soapbox segment Saturdays on DryerBuzz on WAOK

Don’t miss #DryerBuzzonWAOK. Call in 404-892-2703 and tweet before, during, and after the show with #DryerBuzzonWAOK @DryerBuzz  and lock it in WAOK: http://cbsloc.al/ListenWAOK

Download | 27 Answers to Rock Social Media $.99 | Learn.DryerBuzz #27Answers

May 8, 2015

27Answers — hot off the press — download 27 Answers to Rock Social Media today and begin creating buzz with our tip sheet(s) soon to be included in 27 of the Top 27 Answers coming later this summer.  Available for a limited time, get each tip sheet as they arrive.

27 Answers to Rock Social let’s you tap into your best practices of top industry experts who define what works with customers and their digital habits. Implementing just a few of the answers will get you on your way.  Download today and look out for the next #27Answers.

Excerpt: 2 Free tips to Rock Social Media

1. Rock social media
As a business, you need social media.  It’s there, serving billions with information, providing engaging content, and collecting data.  Use it.  Find followers. Connect with friends.  Network with colleagues.  Most of all, keep an eye on the competition.  Create community for your customers. Control your brand messaging. Use social media to educate your consumer. And,use it to become a household name.

6. Rock the right platform
Platforms are what they are… Facebook is what it says – for friends. Twitter is for followers. Instagram for instant reach and reaction. Vine for video. Periscope for quick engaging live streams. Etc etc. The next big thing will claim its niche as well. All platforms are built with specific intentions. Use which best suits your needs. Don’t just stick with what’s popular or the top three.  Try them all.  Know which one best for your industry. At end of day,know which one generates revenue.

27 Answers to Rock Social Media Yalanda P Lattimore DryerBuzz

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Author: Yalanda P Lattimore
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Feel free to tweet @DryerBuzz with questions and follow online tips with #27Answers

Buzzing Opinion | Work and Life Won’t Balance – How to make the best of your #Next48hours

April 29, 2015

Buzzing Opinion — Who started us on this journey to balance work and life? They had to know there’s no such thing.  You either work or you live.  Work is death, dying a little everyday — unless you love working or love your work.  If not, it doesn’t balance with life at all.  Work dominates eight or more hours of your day — for pay.  Life cost and cost more than what you make when you work.

Life dominates your day too.  Sometimes hours of work and life clash or overlap.  Eight hours to work. Eight hours to live. Eight hours to sleep.  Which one do we sacrifice first? Getting to and from work borrows from life and sleep.  Working overtime borrows from life and sleep.  Next thing you know you’re not living or sleeping at all. Life becomes regulated to weekends, holidays, and vacation — if taken.  Did somebody say balance?

We start banking hours, hoping to cash them in, disguised as balance.  Forty-eight hours starting Friday at 5 pm. Another forty in the summer or dispersed throughout the year as extended weekends. Amazing the respite achieved from a stolen Monday or Friday when enjoying long weekends.

I’m losing sleep now. Blogging early morning, in the quiet of the day, in order to make room for an afternoon meeting. Work and life won’t balance. The sooner we stop chasing what doesn’t exist, the sooner we can stop being mad over nothing dreaming about yesterday aka M.O.N.D.A.Y.

It’s coming every week — Monday. Face it and work with love.  Love what you do and the life you live.  Loving the work we do conquers any resentment for the life we don’t get to live while we work.  Make the most of your #Next48hours aka weekend or which ever two days your pursuit of work life balance provides.

Give living the same sense of urgency given to work.  Set your alarm. Rest well. Enjoy every minute.  Live your life moments to the fullest as if they too will be evaluated and compensated — because they will.

yalanda p lattimore

Yalanda P Lattimore, editor DryerBuzz.com
author, 27Answers to Create Buzz
mom and more

Social Media: Use #Next48Hours the next time you find a good two days or more to love living.

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Hair She Buzz | The Talk: Do you have to be so mediocre? We’re in trouble Olivia(s) and headed for #Scandal

April 12, 2015

Hair She Buzz — A best moment from Scandal begs the question, do you have to be so mediocre?”  “Brilliance in writing from Shonda Rhimes and Scandal crew.  One of many amazing hair raising thought provoking scenes from Joe Morton as Daddy Pope (Rowan Pope). But is it a question coming up too often today as women digress from progress fighting to stay relevant?

“You could have aimed for Chief of Staff or Secretary of State!” That moment light bulb went off for some and others were left in the dark — still dreaming of being first lady.  What? You mean a woman could aspire to be more? Doh!

Screenshot 2015-04-12 at 9.58.16 AM - Edited

As a mother, blogger, author, radio host, most of my days and nights are spent inspiring women (and men) to aspire for more. Set their bars for greatness.  Everyday, inbox filled with how to questions.  This clip from Scandal, will save me from repeating myself.

In every reply I’m going to post a link and await response. It will regularly rotate in my social streams, embedding itself in minds of followers.

Love watching light bulbs illuminate where there was once darkness.  For as long as I can stand, I’m going to play it for myself, until mediocre is no longer an option and it has become natural, indigenous to elevate every thought, wish, desire, accomplishment.

“You’ve gotten yourself in a bit of trouble Oliva(s). I’m here to fix it!”

Are you done with your mediocre moments? Light bulb illuminated? Are shall I play it again?

Truth be told, great moments like these have left Scandal as Olivia (Kerry Washington) fights to find her way back to center stage. Are you done with your own mediocre moments? Light bulb illuminated? Or shall I play it again?

Hair She Buzz — you just got the buzz from DryerBuzz.com — transforming the way we look — at life!

the Clippings | Some of us don’t love Erica Campbell’s #‎iLuhGod‬ – Help 2.0

April 6, 2015

the Clippings — When old school wants to stay new school, it’s time to get schooled and I don’t mind playing teacher.  Don’t mind going against the grain to say I don’t like it — this new song from Erica Campbell.  No, trap gospel is not okay — for my playlist.  No shade no stones. In fact, not throwing anything.  Just returning what was served. 

What’s with the 1900 dialect or as some would say today’s ebonics? Would we feel different about the song had Campbell contributed her LUH to negro spirituals in such tongues as spoken by Zora Neale Hurston or Sojourner Truth? But no, she went straight trap — trap gospel? It’s ok to minister to the trap. However, with this song, did Erica Campbell move in?

If the saints are mad, then maybe she ought to rethink it lol

Ironically, the album is called Help 2.0 — help her!

Ladies and Gentlemen — Trap Gospel — Buzz it or Bash it?

erica campbell help 2.0 iluhgod

The Clippings — you just got the buzz from DryerBuzz.com — transforming the way we look — at life!

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