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July 10, 2015

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SoapBox Buzz | Why Scrooge got a gun? #ChristmasinJuly

July 5, 2015

Soapbox Buzz – Something had me on my soapbox when strolling through Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center.  Always excited to buzz through on my way to the station when taking the tourist approach to the city.  Love being in the midst of the arts and theatre.  At first glance of holiday production Scrooge, my first thought was OMG it’s almost Christmas — Christmas in July!

Immediately after 4th of July, every heart, mind, and wallet turns to Christmas. Every other holiday in between is just a prelude.  Long story short, my next thought — why Scrooge got a gun? Further more, what the ??? is the brother holding.  It took me all but a minute to ponder — what’s wrong with this picture??


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But seriously, why Scrooge got a gun? Why the brother shorter than Scrooge? What the ??? is he holding? So many questions.  Now let’s get some answers.

Follow the Buzz and see if marketing matches synopsis of the play coming to Hertz Stage at Alliance Theatre this holiday season

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May 8, 2015

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Excerpt: 2 Free tips to Rock Social Media

1. Rock social media
As a business, you need social media.  It’s there, serving billions with information, providing engaging content, and collecting data.  Use it.  Find followers. Connect with friends.  Network with colleagues.  Most of all, keep an eye on the competition.  Create community for your customers. Control your brand messaging. Use social media to educate your consumer. And,use it to become a household name.

6. Rock the right platform
Platforms are what they are… Facebook is what it says – for friends. Twitter is for followers. Instagram for instant reach and reaction. Vine for video. Periscope for quick engaging live streams. Etc etc. The next big thing will claim its niche as well. All platforms are built with specific intentions. Use which best suits your needs. Don’t just stick with what’s popular or the top three.  Try them all.  Know which one best for your industry. At end of day,know which one generates revenue.

27 Answers to Rock Social Media Yalanda P Lattimore DryerBuzz

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Author: Yalanda P Lattimore
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Buzzing Opinion | Work and Life Won’t Balance – How to make the best of your #Next48hours

April 29, 2015

Buzzing Opinion — Who started us on this journey to balance work and life? They had to know there’s no such thing.  You either work or you live.  Work is death, dying a little everyday — unless you love working or love your work.  If not, it doesn’t balance with life at all.  Work dominates eight or more hours of your day — for pay.  Life cost and cost more than what you make when you work.

Life dominates your day too.  Sometimes hours of work and life clash or overlap.  Eight hours to work. Eight hours to live. Eight hours to sleep.  Which one do we sacrifice first? Getting to and from work borrows from life and sleep.  Working overtime borrows from life and sleep.  Next thing you know you’re not living or sleeping at all. Life becomes regulated to weekends, holidays, and vacation — if taken.  Did somebody say balance?

We start banking hours, hoping to cash them in, disguised as balance.  Forty-eight hours starting Friday at 5 pm. Another forty in the summer or dispersed throughout the year as extended weekends. Amazing the respite achieved from a stolen Monday or Friday when enjoying long weekends.

I’m losing sleep now. Blogging early morning, in the quiet of the day, in order to make room for an afternoon meeting. Work and life won’t balance. The sooner we stop chasing what doesn’t exist, the sooner we can stop being mad over nothing dreaming about yesterday aka M.O.N.D.A.Y.

It’s coming every week — Monday. Face it and work with love.  Love what you do and the life you live.  Loving the work we do conquers any resentment for the life we don’t get to live while we work.  Make the most of your #Next48hours aka weekend or which ever two days your pursuit of work life balance provides.

Give living the same sense of urgency given to work.  Set your alarm. Rest well. Enjoy every minute.  Live your life moments to the fullest as if they too will be evaluated and compensated — because they will.

yalanda p lattimore

Yalanda P Lattimore, editor DryerBuzz.com
author, 27Answers to Create Buzz
mom and more

Social Media: Use #Next48Hours the next time you find a good two days or more to love living.

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Hair She Buzz | The Talk: Do you have to be so mediocre? We’re in trouble Olivia(s) and headed for #Scandal

April 12, 2015

Hair She Buzz — A best moment from Scandal begs the question, do you have to be so mediocre?”  “Brilliance in writing from Shonda Rhimes and Scandal crew.  One of many amazing hair raising thought provoking scenes from Joe Morton as Daddy Pope (Rowan Pope). But is it a question coming up too often today as women digress from progress fighting to stay relevant?

“You could have aimed for Chief of Staff or Secretary of State!” That moment light bulb went off for some and others were left in the dark — still dreaming of being first lady.  What? You mean a woman could aspire to be more? Doh!

Screenshot 2015-04-12 at 9.58.16 AM - Edited

As a mother, blogger, author, radio host, most of my days and nights are spent inspiring women (and men) to aspire for more. Set their bars for greatness.  Everyday, inbox filled with how to questions.  This clip from Scandal, will save me from repeating myself.

In every reply I’m going to post a link and await response. It will regularly rotate in my social streams, embedding itself in minds of followers.

Love watching light bulbs illuminate where there was once darkness.  For as long as I can stand, I’m going to play it for myself, until mediocre is no longer an option and it has become natural, indigenous to elevate every thought, wish, desire, accomplishment.

“You’ve gotten yourself in a bit of trouble Oliva(s). I’m here to fix it!”

Are you done with your mediocre moments? Light bulb illuminated? Are shall I play it again?

Truth be told, great moments like these have left Scandal as Olivia (Kerry Washington) fights to find her way back to center stage. Are you done with your own mediocre moments? Light bulb illuminated? Or shall I play it again?

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the Clippings | Some of us don’t love Erica Campbell’s #‎iLuhGod‬ – Help 2.0

April 6, 2015

the Clippings — When old school wants to stay new school, it’s time to get schooled and I don’t mind playing teacher.  Don’t mind going against the grain to say I don’t like it — this new song from Erica Campbell.  No, trap gospel is not okay — for my playlist.  No shade no stones. In fact, not throwing anything.  Just returning what was served. 

What’s with the 1900 dialect or as some would say today’s ebonics? Would we feel different about the song had Campbell contributed her LUH to negro spirituals in such tongues as spoken by Zora Neale Hurston or Sojourner Truth? But no, she went straight trap — trap gospel? It’s ok to minister to the trap. However, with this song, did Erica Campbell move in?

If the saints are mad, then maybe she ought to rethink it lol

Ironically, the album is called Help 2.0 — help her!

Ladies and Gentlemen — Trap Gospel — Buzz it or Bash it?

erica campbell help 2.0 iluhgod

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the Clippings | What’s brewing with Starbucks #RaceTogether – Unlike our coffee, we don’t blend well?

March 20, 2015

The Clippings — What’s brewing at Starbucks? Can we #racetogether or nah?

Perhaps over the years of serving us coffee, Starbucks realizes, unlike our favorite beverages — we don’t blend well.  All that tension in service lines probably comes not just from needing coffee. Lack of courtesy to each other and watching us huddle in our segregated groups might be reason for Starbucks to ask — Can we #Racetogether or nah?


Listen to this buzz


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Hanging out with coffee drinkers of late, I’ve finally found the perfect beverage that takes me into Starbucks more and more — these few short months into my addiction.  A time or two, I’ have wondered about race and prejudice from my trips get a coffee buzz — here in the south.

As someone who blogs about media and behaviors derived from how media is consumed, I know when I am in and out of my comfort zone — #MediaApartheid.  Our consumption of media and coffee leaves a stain on our social interactions. Standing in line at Starbucks, I can tell their customers, for the most part, don’t consume what or how I consumed information. Can we #Racetogether or nah?

Instantly, I can tell from the startled white male, he might consume conservative content with his coffee. Or, the white female who can’t bring herself to become social, might love country music or watches daytime tv? Or the black female trying to blend her way through #corpnation might think we’re competing. And, never mind the brother who wants to be the only black person in the coffee shop. I just want my Mocha frappuccino with soy and whip and I’m out. Can we #Racetogether or nah?

Your coffee shop your turf. But what does your Starbucks say about you? Can we #Racetogether or nah?

Obviously we’re not blending well in such a shared space where everybody knows your name — it’s on your beverage — but what’s in your heart?  I’m Yalanda with an A — it’s on my cup! Can we #Racetogether or nah?

Yalanda P Lattimore, DryerBuzz.com
What does your beverage say about you? Tweet me @DryerBuzz | Yalanda P Lattimore is the editor of DryerBuzz.com and author of 27Answers to Create Buzz

VideoBuzz: Starbucks CEO

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the Clippings | Buy Black — but not Jordans? I’m confused

December 22, 2014

Buy Black — but not Jordans? I’m confused???


Legend Blue 11 Jordans officially released December 20th.  Hopefully you were not in the stampede — and if you were — that’s your business — big business if you were selling them. But apparently, it’s nothing to bottom line of Black Business.

If rocking a new pair of Jordans this Christmas or posting your newly acquired haul on instagram — you already know — the ridicule cometh — depending on your income.  The poor have become the punchline when it comes the most famous wardrobe staple.  A product policed, available via life saving lottery — in another country this would be rice.

But I’m confused.  Folks say buy black — but not Jordans? If the shoe fits, being that its the number one wardrobe staple for a lineage of men and women – sports fans and the like — how come every black business — or business for that matter, doesn’t sell them.  Everybody still wants to be like Mike?  I’d like to be as rich — and living outside the trauma of having to shop via lottery.

Buy Black — but not Jordans? I’m confused. So what other products have Black Americans so graciously placed their name, genius, endorsement, signature or license? One friend, Dea Win, quickly added to my query the following:


My question back to her related to how upper class consumers avoided these labels as they were often associated and ridiculed as products highly consumed by the poor or knocked off for the poorer.

Why are we always criticizing shopping habits of the poor — when habits, especially bad habits, create the most wealth in America.

Buy Black – based on what habits? What solutions? What is the wealth stream besides wardrobe staples which could really facilitate economic development? Or should we just let it be?

Sneaker releases are what they are — for the sports fan who desires the most popular show known to man.

At least we aren’t being policed and lottery’d out for food — yet.

Yalanda P. Lattimore
Award winning veteran blogger, mom, author ‪‬ at ‪http://DryerBuzz.com ‬

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Buzzing Opinion | The Real About Black White Wealth Gap

December 22, 2014

We’re giving it all away. There are several dynamics to perception of ‪#‎wealthgap‬. First consideration to take into account — households and households’ median wealth. Blacks of certain incomes, or a considerable portion of certain age groups, mostly live alone as individuals outside of families or in splintered households — or file income taxes and answer polls as such.  On equal foundation — the gap lessens.

Living separately, means spending more for same resources – mortgages/rent, groceries, utilities, etc. Additionally, investments, savings, and ownership which create wealth streams — remain non formative foundations of minorities.

household wealth gap

Minorities are often told to own more, invest more, spend less.  However, majority Americans don’t own businesses.  Owning a business is not even part of the “American Dream” — “immigrant American Dream” perhaps — but not the American.  American dream built on debt and consumerism.  Buy Buy and Buy now — pay later.

African Americans often admonished for not buying black — where and from whom should we do this? Ever hear black own business commercials – few and far between right? When we do, it has to come at a level of a movement or revolution?

Naturally and indigenously (if that’s a word), we should want to put our money in hands that look like ours, with eyes that want to make contact, and smiles that greet us warmly.  We should inspire to share our ingenious and see many an opportunity in the rampant vacancies of our communities.  We should want to provide solutions which parlay into job opportunities for ourselves and offsprings. But when has any of that been part of the American dream — as least as it is discuss among us?

As long as it is not — the wealth gap will remain the same — a widening gulf — while measured by households and households’ median wealth.  We are family — just not when it comes to wealth.

is what it is — ‪#‎goneblogging‬ ‪#‎hairshebuzz‬

Yalanda P. Lattimore
Award winning veteran blogger, mom, author at http://DryerBuzz.com 

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Buzzing Opinion | Did King’s Dream Leave Us to Slumber in a Nightmare? #icantbreathe

December 9, 2014

Buzzing Opinion — The March on Washington happened three years before I was born.  Dr. Martin Luther King was number 16 on the program.  I have always been more partial to number 5, Mrs Medgar Evers (Myrlie Evers-Williams) who stood as a very recent widow in 1963 to bring “Tribute to Negro Women Fighters for Freedom”.  Her husband, Medgar Evers, a world war II veteran and field secretary for the NAACP was murdered just a month before the march.  In fact, there was death all around the march.


For 50 years we focused on a dream.  Many who traveled to and those who spoke on the mall in Washington DC that day, August 28, 1963, experienced death by American oppressors.  That year 1963, was a year of assassinations in what seemed to be a decade of murders plagued upon American citizens rising to prominence among their oppressors.  It was a time that many simply call a movement — but drew casualties as if it were a war — death and murder.

In the past 50 years, those who continuously come to the forefront of leadership often tell their followers to WAKE UP! But what was it that lulled us to sleep? Was it King’s Dream?

The March on Washington was in August. Months later, an American president was assassinated that year. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, America’s 35th president, was murdered in Texas November 22, 1963.  So there was death before the march and death after the march. Yet, when I search King’s Dream speech, there is no mention of the words death, murder, or assassination.  Some might argue the meaning of death is there in parable form, but what about calling it what it is. What about ignoring it for 50 years.

What about calling a thing a thing! We’re often told to do things in remembrance of King’s Dream speech or Montgomery bus boycott, but why did it always feel like something was missing.  It was.  Just like King’s speech is absent of the words death and murder, our future now revisits history because of the absence of indictments.

Generations have been taught, for the most part, how the bus boycott had to do with wanting dignity in riding public transportation.  We all know how history books are rewritten. But we can’t overlook any longer how death, murder, and indictments (or lack there of) coincidentally fall very close on the calendar.  We have to revisit history as history keeps revisiting us.  Did King’s Dream leave us in this nightmare?

But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so we’ve come here today to dramatize a shameful condition. (excerpt from King Dream Speech)

Guess what Dr. King, 51 years later a new generation headed to Washington December 13, 2014 — not for the March on Washington — that anniversary already celebrated with much pomp and circumstance — with women still nearly left out — and pretty much all the other speakers ignored.  While two generations sleep in slumber of the Dream, another generation will call a thing a thing — death, murder and demand for indictments.

While some will channel Shakespeare a la King — others will hopefully bring home the message.  President Barack Obama asked us to get Pookie and ’em registered to vote.  Well Pookie registered, voted, and now have started a revolution. It’s time to revisit history to stop history from revisiting us.  If we wake up now from the dream — the nightmare should end.



That’s just my Buzzing Opinion — I’m Yalanda P Lattimore and you just got the buzz from DryerBuzz.com — transforming the way we look — at life!

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