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Create Buzz serves as the better resource to attract customers.  Unlike impression ads and banners, readers can return again and again to classifieds for future use and sharing.  Your ad is always there when your customers need it. Get listed below.

Get instant and repeat traffic with the Classifieds at Includes one-time posting with up to 400 words; and social media rotation.

A classified consists of a promotional post serving as a landing page delivered to readers when browsing The Classifieds at  You control the content. We deliver the traffic.  Content must be suitable for all audiences.

Price: $55.00 Per Listing

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Turn our readers, followers, and friends into instant traffic with social media rotation. Perfect for information already available online, flyers or images to attract instant traffic.

Submit tweet and watch the traffic flow. Content must be suitable for all audience. Followers appreciate news about Atlanta events, products, services, and deals.

Price: $50 Per 10 Social Media Updates

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How To Purchase:  Click buy now button.  Complete purchase. Follow process to submit materials and content.  For additional questions, feel free to contact us.  | Submit Materials for Previous Purchase Click Here