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Podcast Commercials | Instant and Repeat Traffic

Get instant and repeat traffic with a commercial on The Great Debates at DryerBuzz.com.  Sell more as we tell more about your business during our weekly podcasts.

Our price is only $28.99 during this holiday period. Say what? That’s right.  Only $28.99.  Simply upload your material for commercial below such as a buzzing tag line and 30 seconds of buzzing scripting for our host to read.

To purchase.  Click the Add To Cart Button Below.  Enter $28.99 in the payment field and process thru checkout.  Spots read on next podcast unless otherwise specified.

Add to Cart Click Add to Cart. Enter $28.99 in the Amount and Click Update Cart To Process Payment.

Upload today to start creating a buzz with readers looking for your business.  For questions, use the Contact button above.

Just in case we need to contact you. This email will not be given over the air.
Enter an introduction tag line or headline to read before ad content. Listen for this tag line in podcast to catch your ad.
Please provide scripting for host to read. Scripting must be kept to a 30 second maximum.
This is the website or landing page where we will direct traffic.
Provide a phone number if you would like for us to share it over the air.

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