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Tweet This: Create a Buzz from Atlanta and Beyond for $5 and $10

Turn our followers into instant traffic and create buzz via twitter to an Atlanta audience and beyond. Submit tweet and watch the traffic flow. Tweet(s) must be suitable for all audience. Feel free to review following @DryerBuzz and @myATLevents. Tweet(s) appear in both timelines. Followers appreciate news about Atlanta events, products, and services, and deals.  Peak tweet times include lunch, after work (6P-7PM), and/or prime time during top TV shows. One tweet per $5 purchase or get 3 for $10 (same day retweets).

Bonus: Tweets also archive in DryerBuzz chat.  Create additional buzz with Classifieds

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As with all DryerBuzz marketing, save 20% with select discount codes.  Follow or ask @DryerBuzz for a code prior to purchase.

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Get instant traffic.  Send a tweet down our stream.  Include suggested time (morning, afternoon, or night) in special instructions below.

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Get instant and repeat traffic.  Send tweet down our stream with 2 repeat tweets to capture audience.  Includes morning, afternoon, and night.  Tweets syndicated same day.  Purchase additional tweet(s) for additional days.

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Note: No refunds. If applications or connections become unavailable at suggested times, buyer has option to apply credit to next purchase(s). Uploaded images may change in color depending on image type and availability of services.

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Finalize purchase above prior to submitting tweet(s).

Include twitter name or hashtag to track tweets. Be sure to leave room for retweets. Do include URL.
Use this section to list tweet time option or special instructions to help us maximize tweet visibility.
Same day tweeting may be available if posted by 3PM for evening tweets. However, please allow up to 48 hours where limits may be reached. Watch email for communications.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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