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Four Ways Friends Making All That Extra Money | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — You’re getting mad while friends getting rich. You’re mad. Admit it. You can’t wait for their good fortune season to be over, so they can come back down to earth, where misery loves company. Or, you just want to know how are they making money. You ask, but they only answer in circles, never forthcoming with any real information. On the other hand, there are friends who take risk. They risk it all on just the hope of winning. Inspite loses, they enjoy the thrill of the game….

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Rideshare | Watch out AmazonFlex – Lyft testing driver side scheduled rides

#DryerBuzz — Rideshare industry continues to explode as more and more convenience services come on board. Keeping drivers logged in becoming a major issue for companies like Lyft and Uber. At DryerBuzz, we’re team Lyft. See rider/driver referral on blog and follow as we continue to blog about industry. Lyft announced they are now testing a driver side feature for scheduled pickups. Great news for drivers, especially those who left of lessened their Lyft driving for the convenience of an Amazon Flex schedule. New to the scene, Amazon Flex offers…

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