Buzz it or Bash it 

Buzz it or Bash it? Would you give Amazon a key? Mad much at porch pirates? | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — We have all seen videos where thieves roll up right after deliveries. They help themselves to our packages. Ain’t nobody got time trying to out smart porch pirates. Nor do we have time to give up the freedom online shopping provides. We are already looking forward to avoiding long lines and parking wars at the mall and big box stores. But are you giving Amazon a key? In home delivery? Let me think about that. Available to Prime subscribers, the “Amazon Key” solution requires an app, a “smart” lock…

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Livng Atlanta Style 

Support Hosea Feed the Hungry 4Hosea with your Amazon holiday shopping | Give back going forward | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — We just remembered how, during the holiday season, we can give back going forward.  When the shopping spirit hit, Amazon reminded us that we added Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless as our chosen charity to give back when shopping.  This friendly reminder also let us know our giving was a little low. So let’s get shopping and start giving back. At Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless the mission is to rescue, restore and re-stabilize at risk and homeless individuals and families so they can thrive and…

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27 Answers 

Watch Doing Business with a Button presented to Douglasville B2B | 27Answers by DryerBuzz

#27Answers — We enjoying presenting, for first time, our talk on doing business with a button in a resurgence of our convenience economy. Watch and grow your business with more phone and porch profits when meeting customers where they are — on their phones and porches. #27Answers – Download and implement best practices of a superblogger Extra BuzzIt’s all blogging | Lift every voice? | DryerBuzz It’s all blogging | How to Find Your Blogging Schedule with DryerBuzz

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News Clippings 

Question of the Future: What Became of American Malls | Follow the Buzz

#DryerBuzz — Don’t let the title scare you … yet! Calling this one “What Became of the American Mall” so I won’t have to search for this post later when malls are no more. No more malls? It could happen. Especially with 2017 doomsday retail predictions with growth of online business and convenience, curb and door to door services — dare I say Amazon. Personally, in my honest opinion, Amazon stays winning because the competition is either not in the game yet or current retailers forfeit every chance to meet…

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27 Answers Learn Articles 

Download | 27 Answers to Publish Your First eBook 99 Cents | #27Answers

27Answers — hot off the press — download 27 Answers today and begin creating buzz with our tip sheet(s) soon to be included in 27 of the Top 27 Answers coming later this summer.  Available for a limited time, get each tip sheet as they arrive. Excerpt: 2 Free tips from 27 Answers to Publish Your First eBook 2. You might be an expert Do you have answers? Are you good at what you do? Your experience and knowledge could help the next person and make money.  A book, even…

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27 Answers Learn Articles Yalanda P. Lattimore 

Download | 27 Answers to Rock Social Media $.99 | Learn.DryerBuzz #27Answers

27Answers — hot off the press — download 27 Answers to Rock Social Media today and begin creating buzz with our tip sheet(s) soon to be included in 27 of the Top 27 Answers coming later this summer.  Available for a limited time, get each tip sheet as they arrive. 27 Answers to Rock Social let’s you tap into your best practices of top industry experts who define what works with customers and their digital habits. Implementing just a few of the answers will get you on your way.  Download…

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Black Friday Sales Deals and Shopping for #HappyWomen

Whether you choose to brave crowds on Black Friday, support Small Business Saturday, or shop from comforts of home on Cyber Monday – we’ve got buzz to catch deals and be happy.  Get ready — set — shop — #HappyWomen — this is a LIVE Blog — so check back thru the holiday weekend. Buzzing Black Friday Links: Your guide to Black Friday 5 gimmicks to avoid on Black Friday How You Can Shop Black During the Holidays #NewsOneNow 6 Tips For Surviving Black Friday #BlackFriday…

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Book Clippings: Surviving Marriage Tips Book released by Jenny and Rufus Triplett, Ebony Magazine’s Couple of the Year

Jenny and Rufus Triplett are one of the few professional husband and wife teams who do just about everything together, having survived over twenty plus years of marriage being attached at the hip. The couple met in the late 80’s when Rufus was singing, writing and touring with the platinum R&B group, Ready for the World. Jenny was an intern at a radio station and headed the marketing outreach team for the act. Now adding self-published co-authors and Amazon Best Sellers to their long list of accomplishments, “Surviving Marriage In…

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Social Streams of Income | Create Buzz and Loyalty | — Got excited when I noticed one of my favorite social media products added a revenue sharing link.  Cha ching. More money in my social streams of income. I am a firm believer in revenue sharing. Free Ain’t Free Using social media, we create a lot of content for a few billionaires as we engage from product to product such as twitter, Facebook, and the latest craze Pinterest. Don’t get it twisted, we are using someone’s product. We use a lot of them, whether they are available to us…

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Hair She Goes! BookBuzz: Bootleg Slim: Honey of a Bus Trip | First in a Three Book Trilogy from Annsonita Robinson

Freshly download to our Kindle, Bootleg Slim: Honey of a Bus Trip is the first in a three book trilogy that focuses on the life of a young Atlanta-based urban entrepreneur. Book I serves as the initial financing source for Robinson’s newly implemented entrepreneurial training for women of color, Con*Sequence, set to begin training September 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. The summer of 2003 was a hot one in the Deep South. But, when a young Atlanta-based street vending entrepreneur known as “Bootleg Slim”, gets the opportunity to accompany a group…

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Hair She Goes! Shirley Strawberry Releases The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn’t Sexy | BookBuzz

Hair She Goes! —  Shirley Strawberry, co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, offers woman-to-woman straight talk in a new book with more of what her listeners have come to love. From cheating boyfriends, crazy mothers-in-law, job troubles, or money problems, Shirley’s girlfriend-next-door honesty has made the Strawberry Letters segment of the show a huge hit. In The Strawberry Letter: Real Talk, Real Advice, Because Bitterness Isn’t Sexy, an uplifting motivational guide, she brings down-to-earth messages to women everywhere: Get up, get out, and be the best you…

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Don’t miss a minute of the buzz.  We’re going places. Buzz Digest is now available on the Kindle, updated multiple times a day, 7 days a week. Got a minute? Then you have got time for a QuickBuzz.  Spread the Buzz with Buzz Digestt on Kindle. Go Get It: Buzz Digest Imagine if your business news were buzzing with us. Classifieds available,  Join the Buzz Club to Create Buzz. Seeing is Believing — — Combing the headlines. Changing the way we look . . . at…

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