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Before Relocating Check Social Media | We Live In Public | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — We live in public. Social media will tell you more, socially,  about a neighborhood than your realtor ever can. Social media has better algorithms and archives. Found an address you love? Check social media to see if you’ll like your neighbors, says #YalandaPLattimore #DryerBuzz Want to know about a specific area, location, city, county, or zip code — filter social media to see if where you’ll fit in the stream of things. #weliveinpublic From advanced search features to popular geo tags, we can learn more than we want…

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Travel Clippings | Monetize Spaces and Stay in Great Places with Airbnb

Travel Clippings — While thinking about quick trip to New York and making it a day trip because of expensive hotel prices, a friend told me about — there’s an app for that.  The app turned out to be Airbnb and everyone knew about it but me.  Friends in town for hackathon used it to avoid ever changing and often unpredictable hotel prices.  So this is their secret to save money as traveling entrepreneurs — #Airbnb. A quick download and review, seems Airbnb is an uber-like-tool for a great night stay…

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