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Harpo! Why’s Kevin Hart Apologizing? Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — We woke up like this! To an apology from Kevin Hart posted nonetheless on Instagram. Guess that’s where one goes for instant crisis management. Yall been saying Hart is/was a cheater. And it’s said, once a cheater, always a cheater. Scrolling around social media, apparently the clock for Kevin clicks loudly. Yet, Kevin said he has a target on his back and fell into a bad environment. Why apologize for what you are when you keep doing what you do? ¬†Guess this time it’s not a laughing matter…

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Hair She Buzz: Kenya Moore gets nada – no apology from Porsha Williams – Says her performance went too far | Watch #WWHL

VideoBuzz: Not sure what Andy wanted from Porsha in this interview ,but a full on apology from Porsha to Kenya was not happening. In fact, Porsha plead her case very well. Most viewers agree with Porsha and the other housewives in that Kenya’s tactics for playing reality game did go too far for her then fragile opponent. “I’m not dealing with someone operating in reality” said Porsha about Kenya. Good to see Porsha getting stronger. These last two seasons in reality world has, from our vantage point, been all to…

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