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Braves Hawks Falcons compete with their own arenas | watch RealTalkSports on the Buzz | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#LivingAtlantaStyle — When visiting Suntrust, Mercedes Benz Stadium, or Philips Arena, can you keep your head in the game? Your butt in that seat? Are Atlanta teams competing with their own arenas? Watch as a Saturday morning stream becomes the best sport buzz ever when Jonathan Simmons of RealTalkSports joins Yalanda P Lattimore of DryerBuzz to catch up on hot buzz of the season. Conversation goes from quick hello to wiki of Atlanta sports. And when it comes to attracting star players … “This is a team that has not been…

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Buzz it or Bash It? Was disrupting Falcons NFL money trail Michael Vick’s real crime? | Follow the buzz #DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — We’ve seen these plots play out time and time again. The money maker can’t stop making money. Saw this plot twists movies, music, comedy and other industries. The money trail can’t stop flowing or have the potential for disruption. A black quarterback, still a rarity, was Atlanta’s hottest commodity. Check the date, the last time Michael Vick took the field as an Atlanta Falcon was 2006? My sports guy on vacation at post time so help me out. Yet, you can’t land in Atlanta, attend a game, walk…

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Can Falcons ever say goodbye Michael Vick? | Follow the buzz #DryerBuzz

#LivingAtlantaStyle — So hard to say goodbye? Atlanta Falcons honor Roddy White and Michael Vick. @atlantafalcons host retirement special retirement press conference and reception. It was a tribute at during a last season Falcons game that the city was reminded of the love for the team’s top players when fans almost blew roof off the dome welcoming White and Vick back to their home field. For some fans, it’s hard to say goodbye. Stay tuned to binge on buzz with shared links from #DryerBuzz #LivingAtlantaStyle Slow your scroll poll: Can…

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Hair She Goes! Ms. Jackson Calls Atlanta’s New Stadium ‘Boondoggle: noun, work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value’ | Temple to Pharaoh?

Clipped from | Ms. Jackson has taken to the blogosphere… …THE DEAL WILL IS ALREADY DONE. It’s not a matter of IF a new stadium will be built, it’s only a matter of time. We are going to get a new stadium, like it or not. It’s funny, because when you read the comments section of all the articles and blogs on this story, the public doesn’t want a new stadium. Falcon fans don’t even want a new stadium. Everybody knows its a boondoggle, BUT OPEN YOUR THROATS ‘CUZ…

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