This Ain't That Book Club 

This Ain’t That Book Club but we buzzed A Sick Life from Tionne T-Boz Watkins TLC | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — This Ain’t That Book Club but we’re reading A Sick Life: TLC ‘n Me: Stories from On and Off the Stage by Tionne T-Boz Watkins. You already know we troll bookshelves to find new reads to buzz.  This ain’t that book club but we FacebookLive to buzz or bash books right from the shelves. This time around, the choices were really great as you can see. T-Boz’ book stood out immediately. Book cover alone had viewers buzzing. We had to take a look inside. Her table of contents were…

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News Clippings 

Buzz Inside Kevin Hart’s I Can’t Make This Up | Follow the Buzz #thisaintthatbookclub

#DryerBuzz — This ain’t that book club, yet we’ve read more books than we planned this summer. This time around, we’re finishing up our look inside the pages of Kevin Hart’s I Can’t Make This Up. After bouncing around to see which social media platform the book club would best fit, we found our way back to Facebook with their new live audio. Even though it crashed a few times, we got through a few of Kevin’s lessons. In audio below, listen as we explore Lessons from the Grind 44-46….

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DryerBuzz Livng Atlanta Style 

DryerBuzzTV | Are women too quick to judge? Watch full episode of Language of Men with Braxton Family Values Andre Carter and Poet/Author Roosevelt McQueen

DryerBuzzTV — Are women too quick to judge? How are we at sizing up men and each other? Just a couple of questions that came through in this episode of Language of Men when Braxton’s Family Values husband, father, and author Andre Carter took the hot seat with Author and Poet Roosevelt McQueen. What happens when we let men speak? Watch and enjoy as this debate sure to keep salons and barbershops buzzing as we binge on buzz.  Enjoy, share and leave comments.  Tweet with Andre @iknowandre and Roosevelt @kingthe1st…

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DryerBuzzTV | Behind the Buzz Episode 7 – #LanguageofMen Takeover – Kerwin Thompson, Anthony S Goolsby, Roosevelt McQueen, Miles Davis | Watch

In episode 7 of #DryerBuzz #BehindtheBuzz, the men takeover for the #LanguageofMen. We are joined by cast of Brothers if Affliction, Kerwin Thompson and Anthony S Goolsby. After, we met author of Perfect Imperfections, Roosevelt McQueen. Then, we buzzed the art world with artist Miles Davis. That’s just the first scope. In follow up scope came the after scope with community entrepreneurs. Never miss a minute of the buzz. For guest links and details, follow the buzz via Behind the Buzz tapes Fridays inside TUOIA. Guest Links: Rising Sage…

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27 Answers Learn Articles 

Download | 27 Answers to Publish Your First eBook 99 Cents | #27Answers

27Answers — hot off the press — download 27 Answers today and begin creating buzz with our tip sheet(s) soon to be included in 27 of the Top 27 Answers coming later this summer.  Available for a limited time, get each tip sheet as they arrive. Excerpt: 2 Free tips from 27 Answers to Publish Your First eBook 2. You might be an expert Do you have answers? Are you good at what you do? Your experience and knowledge could help the next person and make money.  A book, even…

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QuickBuzz | Follow DryerBuzz to #BloggerWeek DC – May 1st & 2nd

QuickBuzz — Follow to #BloggerWeek in DC where our editor Yalanda P Lattimore with Marc Polite, editor of, and Ni’Cola Mitchell will conduct a buzzing panel helping bloggers grow from blogs to books. More info: From Blog To Book: Leveraging Your Social Media Presence To Become An Author: panel discussing books, social media, and utilizing both as avenues to get your message across at BloggerWeek in Washington D.C. this May — Marc Polite, Yalanda Lattimore, and Ni’Cola Mitchell.  . Stay tuned for the buzz behind the buzz updates with — transforming…

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Hair She Buzz 

DryerBuzz Great Debates | Black Faces in White Spaces with Carolyn Finney | WATCH

VideoBuzz: While Living Atlanta Style at the AJC Decatur Book Festival #DBF2014, we had the pleasure of meeting and hearing an awesome author talk with Carolyn Finney, author of Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors.  An environmentalist, Finney brings home the truth of how some are left out of the story, not just about the environment and ever trending “going green”, but honestly how many are missing from several spaces.  Their ingenuity unconsidered and recognized.  You’ll enjoy the passion she brought to #dbf2014. …

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Claim Your Man: Bey Bright’s New Book Helps Any Woman Find Love, Happiness & Self-Empowerment

Friend of the Buzz Bey Bright is Back with New Book…  While millions of women believe they know how to handle their relationships with men, most struggle to find true love and happiness. However, a compelling new book by relationship expert Bey Bright is about to change their lives for the better. ‘Claim Your Man; A Woman’s Guide To Love, Happiness & Self-Empowerment’ combines Bey’s unique ability to motivate others with the experience he has gathered studying thousands of relationships. The result is a book that every woman needs to…

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TGSMM Live Broadcast from The Gentleman’s Cut barber shop | Join Us Fri Nov 22nd | Toni and Griff Show with Michael McFadden

Meetup: Live broadcast F’d Up Friday with the Toni and Griff Show with Michael McFadden #TGSMM @toniandgriffs LOCATION The Gentleman’s Cut – 1812 Powder Springs Road Marietta GA 30064. Come meet your fav radio team and enjoy the fastest two hours in radio. Listen Follow us on twitter: @2trillion @dc2atl @mrstonigriffin @iknowdjlv #alphamale @dryerbuzz Follow the Buzz and Catch DryerBuzz daily with entertainment on the Toni and Griff Show with Michael McFadden Living Atlanta Style — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life.  Extra BuzzThe…

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DryerBuzz: Best Man Holiday Drama, RKelly Trauma, Er’Body Ain’t Santa So Hide Your Kids

DryerBuzz Entertainment Report: Best Man Holiday Box Office Drama, RKelly Trauma, Er’Body Ain’t Santa So Hide Your Kids (Raw Notes) You’ve got time for the buzz. It was an absolute winning weekend for Malcolm D. Lee’s long awaited sequel BEST Man Holiday, starring all matters dark mocha and rich milk chocolate Morris Chestnut, Tae Diggs, Terrence Howard and Harold Perrineau each matched with a beautiful woman for a nice holiday themed film. coming in just 8M short of Thor, the movie grossed a weekend take of more than $30M. Could…

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Living Atlanta Style: We buzzed The Butler, Da Kink in my Hair, King Center Global Freedom festival, Wine and Wisdom | Watch

What a wonderful weekend spreading the buzz around Atlanta and beyond.  Catch the buzz you missed with video and photos below.  Next time — never miss a minute of the buzz — subscribe! Follow the buzz via Living Atlanta Style! At we receive amazing invitations to enjoy the city of Atlanta and beyond.  We look forward to our weekends and you can too.  Just follow the buzz via Living Atlanta Style! Living Atlanta Style! You just got the buzz from — Combing the headlines. Transforming the way we look —…

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Hair She Goes! Katina Pittman pens “The Chronicles of a Crazy Chick | Divorce Diary Sheds Light on Dating and Sexuality

Hair She Goes! Women Creating Buzz — The Chronicles of a Crazy Chick” recounts the authors dating escapades inspired by a journal kept during her bitter divorce as advised by her therapist. After dissolving her marriage, she continued writing and recording her string of disastrous dates post-divorce. With humorous and uninhibited prose, Pittman tackles topics such as surviving a sexless relationship with a man of suspicious sexual orientation, fearing possible exposure to HIV by a former lover and dabbling with online dating. To help women considering the online dating arena,…

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Hair She Goes! BookBuzz:Author Christina Brockett’s Book Covers Bases Other Parenting Books Skip | The Missing Pages

Hair She Goes! — Women Creating Buzz — Despite her efforts to learn everything possible about parenting, author Christina Brockett often found herself bewildered. In reaching out to the parenting community, she quickly discovered she was not alone and that a lot could be gained from others’ learned lessons. That realization was the genesis for “The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook,” a 248-page journey through parenthood based on the collective wisdom of multiple moms and dads. “The Missing Pages” hits upon points that other, more narrowly focused books often…

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Perfect Accessory for Entrepreneurs: #27Answers to Social Media and Networking | Download

Download the perfect accessory for entrepreneurs: #27Answers to Social Media and Networking by Yalanda Lattimore, Editor @DryerBuzz Download today. Book Buzz — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Guest Blog or Pitch A Story, News or Opinion via Extra BuzzBuzz it or Bash it? Cam Newton Sexist? Watch Jourdan Rodrigue Exchange | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Everybody Loves Hate | Donald J Trump Makes America Hate Again | Follow the buzz DryerBuzz

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Book Clippings: Surviving Marriage Tips Book released by Jenny and Rufus Triplett, Ebony Magazine’s Couple of the Year

Jenny and Rufus Triplett are one of the few professional husband and wife teams who do just about everything together, having survived over twenty plus years of marriage being attached at the hip. The couple met in the late 80’s when Rufus was singing, writing and touring with the platinum R&B group, Ready for the World. Jenny was an intern at a radio station and headed the marketing outreach team for the act. Now adding self-published co-authors and Amazon Best Sellers to their long list of accomplishments, “Surviving Marriage In…

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