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Stop Guilting Me to See Black Movies | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Stop begging me to see black movies. I have it on authority that Hollywood will always make black movies — at least a few a year. Black movies will always rank as blockbusters.  Even in that rare occurrence, we gather together to see ourselves, or representatives of us on the big screen. Yet, the baggage and burden of helping achieve blockbuster status is and always was too much. Forcing my dollar on Hollywood just ain’t my thang — any more. Especially when the local stage looks like me…

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Hair She Goes: Tempted Not to See Temptation – Was Blind – Now I See – Hollywood (and Tyler Perry) Playing Tricks On Me

Hair She Goes! – Stop playing Hollywood! Temptation movie posters will definitely Lead Me Not Into Temptation.  Why black movies always roll into theatre amid controversy?  Oh wait, let me not call it a black movie.  It has a diverse cast.  Temptation also stars the uber controversial Kim Kardashian, who strolled the movie’s Atlanta premiere’s Black carpet pregnant by her boyfriend, while still working over divorce details from her husband.  Yes, I reinforced my glass house.  I’m throwing stones – duck. Just like Hollywood has done in commercials for Temptation…

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Movie Clippings: Black Films Still Lack Infrastructure Says Mike D Founder of ReelBlack | Black History

VideoBuzz: Reelblack founder Mike D was invited to participate in a panel on the impact of Gordon Parks (1912-2006) and the future of African-American Film. Here he offers his opinion on the current state of Black Film. Mike is currently raising funds to complete a feature length documentary entitled BLACK FILM NOW. Special thanks: Macy’s Center City. For more details, visit Follow the Buzz to Watch More via reelblack Movie Clippings! — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Guest…

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