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Feed me food truckers | Five answers for Food Trucks | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

Feed me food truckers. Five answers for Food Trucks from 27Answers.com by DryerBuzz 1. Eye level 2. Preorders 3. No lines 4. Downsize 5. Packaging I’m no #foodtruck connoisseur yet. I need Truck owners to get this right first. Food truck days happen all over Atlanta. Plus everyone wants them at their events, parties, weddings and more. Yet, food trucks come with severe case of #FOMO – I bought this but want that??? So let’s reiterate some answers that might make trucking for food a better experience. First, it’s a…

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27Answers | Webinar: How to Brand Like a Man June 24th

27Answers Webinar — Brand Like a Man — registration now open. Finally, a webinar for When the Man Behind the Brand is a Woman. A webinar taking into account her time, money and family … yet, giving her the same competitive edge. Join superblogger Yalanda P Lattimore to learn, not secrets, but tried and true methods to grow your business, tell your story, and transition from trendsetter to legacy maker. Show the world, you too, can bring excellence to business.  First lady Michelle Obama once remarked, “women you ask a…

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27Answers | Order #27Answers and Get Tuesdays in September | Buzzing Book Sale

27Answers — We thought long and hard of ways to top our last book sale — and now it’s here.  First and foremost thanks to all who are this week reading their new signed, sealed, and delivered copies of #27Answers to Create Buzz with #27Answers ebooks. For September we’ve got an even bigger deal!  For only $27, each September order receives #27Answers to Create Buzz signed, sealed, and delivered, plus #27Answer ebook series (now 9 in series) — PLUS, receive Tuesdays in September conference call to launch your brand or…

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DryerBuzzRadio | Hair She Buzz – Can women dream big? | Plus, buzz inside #TheBrandistaGuide and Dream Big 2015 with Courtney Rhodes

DryerBuzzonWAOK – 3rd Sundays we turn our afternoon debate to women for #HairSheBuzz to get to the root of our story.  We have to ask, can women dream big?  Everyone wants women to lean in, reach higher, become empowered, change the world, and earn more.  But, can women dream big? It’s conference season. Some of us heading off to the same spots looking for secrets to leadership, happiness, balance — but do we really want it?  Let’s debate. Also on this episode of #DryerBuzzonWAOK, Courtney Rhodes @thebrandista and founder of TheBrandistaGuide.com…

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What is branding? Click to watch the best Answer ever | #27Answers

#27Answers to Create Buzz answers “What’s branding?” Enjoy this really simple answer to a FAQ. Watch. Spread the Buzz Yalanda P. Lattimore is founder and editor of DryerBuzz.com buzzing online since 2002 with 20 years engaging niche audiences, and author of #27Answers to Create Buzz: with SocialMedia Networking, Customers, and Business .  Get your copy today. #27Answers — You just got the buzz from www.DryerBuzz.com — Combing the headlines. Transforming the way we look — at life.  Extra Buzz#DryerBuzz – Changed my own auto headlamps | Girl You Got This! 27Answers |…

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Hair She Goes! Tisha Tallman Keynotes 2013 Hispanic Branding Power Tour & Luncheon for Small Business Owners January 25th

Clipped from 2013 Hispanic Branding Power Tour & Luncheon for Small Business Owners | www.blacklatinocouncil.org The Black & Latino Council annual Hispanic EMPOWERMENT Tour provides an up-close and personal snap shot for small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and government agencies of how their business can tap into the $8.8 Billion Dollar spent in the Atlanta Market from the Hispanic Consumer.  Media Credentials Available for working Press. Who : The Black & Latino Council of America – www.blacklatinocouncil.org What: 2013 Hispanic Branding Power Tour & Luncheon for Small Business Owners…

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Five (5) Quick Tips To Tell Your Story in Social Media | Strategies that Work For Women | Learn.DryerBuzz.com

Got a minute?  Then you’ve got time for a QuickBuzz. . . It’s the Weekend Baby! Not necessarily  for entrepreneurs. Women in business spend Thursday finalizing their next week. Don’t forget to work on your business “story” to create buzz. Your business story precedes you where ever you go. It is your introduction. Your story can roll out the red carpet or place stumbling blocks in your way, depending how well you tell it. Today . . . to tell your story in social media, try these five steps: 1….

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Lesson 2: Donald Trump’s Apprentice Episode 2 Fortitude with Octane – We All Scream for Ice Cream – Watch It Melt | Buzz4Women | DryerBuzz.com

Video embed courtesy of The Donald and ABC Business is relationships. Where women can maintain better relationships, women can maintain better businesses. When the man behind the brand is a woman, follow the Buzz with Buzz4Women Seeing is Believing — www.DryerBuzz.com — Combing the headlines. Changing the way we look . . . at life. Extra BuzzWatch as Keisha Lance Bottoms receives mega endorsements as celebrities, politicians, and community leaders stand with Keisha | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Skills Pay Bills | Shoe shinning still an honest living | Follow…

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