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#DryerBuzz – Consumer Power or Wealth Robbery – Nielsen vs Pew

#DryerBuzz – It’s just my opinion. While it’s great that content and brands see African Americans and the black diaspora as primary consumers, there’s much to be said about over consumerism. We must always bring to light the plight of black middle class to grow and maintain wealth. When one report (Pew) says zero wealth, we can’t get too excited when another says consumer power (Nielsen). In a great Facebook debate after Nielsen released its new findings on millennials — black millennials and their consumer power — these thoughts came…

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DryerBuzzRadio | Closing Wealthgap with OHUB’s Rodney Sampson | Religion and Buying Power vs Net Worth | Watch and Listen

DryerBuzzonWAOK — “We brag on buying power and ignore net worth,” says Rodney Sampson author of #Kingonomics and co-founder of Opportunity Hub @ohubatl.  Listen and then catch buzz you missed with full interview now playing at In this interview and great debate on closing #wealthgap, Sampson also responded to callers and their concerns about certain ministries in Atlanta that have yet to have greater impact on poverty though they practice prosperity preaching.  Do we have a mega problem with poverty in Atlanta? PhotoBuzz: You may have heard by now…

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Hair She Goes! Co-Founders of ChicRebellion TV Create Space for Women of Color | New Internet TV Network | Watch

Hair She Goes! — With four outstanding original web series that premiered with the launch of their innovative web site, ChicRebellion.TV ( ) became a buzzing Internet TV Network for women of color. The network develops, produces, distributes, syndicates and airs original web series programming for this audience, and decidedly serves a group of women who are often overlooked within mainstream media. “As a Black woman who has worked at both mainstream and niche media outlets for more than 15 years, it has always been my passion to find…

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