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Harpo! Would You Watch Oprah and Gayle in the Mornings | CBS Wants Oprah to Fill-in for Charlie Rose? | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

#DryerBuzz — Clearly no one on my timeline more disappointed than me that Charlie Rose is allegedly one of the predators in media. When news broke, was actually mortified. We buzz and share CBS This Morning often. Was more than your average viewer. Addition of Gayle King was icing on the cake. Charlie Rose and Gayle King was the dream team. However, there was that time we tweeted when Charlie became quite interestingly inappropriate with Norah O’Donnell after an interview which gave us pause. Known to acknowledge a tweet or two, we…

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Language of Men News Clippings 

the Clippings | Male Dominance Fading – Out Learned Out Performed by Women | Watch

the Clippings — Woke up like this and turned right to CBS This Morning for my morning rundown. There it was, first day of Women’s History Month, another buzzing POV on gender roles.  If you follow #DryerBuzz, then you know, coming into our fourteenth season, we are entirely infatuated with changes in gender roles. Giving a glimpse into our new paradigm shift was Jack Myers, author of “The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century.” Added to that, sitting in for Gayle King was Soledad Obrien. Representing for the women’s side of…

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