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Why Kevin Hart’s Heart Ain’t In It | This Ain’t That Book Club but comedian wrote about cheating | DryerBuzz

#ThisAintThatBookClub — But ICYMI Why kevinhart4real ❤️ heart ain’t in it. Watch what comedian wrote about cheating #thisaintthatbookclub while waiting #jumpoff for press conference #DryerBuzz #DryerBuzz — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzAtlanta Election Update | Local News Facebook Blackout or Nah? Watch as Keisha Lance Bottoms receives mega endorsements as celebrities, politicians, and community leaders stand with Keisha | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

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Living Atlanta Style | Scroll Poll: Should APS cheating teachers do time? Community activists say no

Living Atlanta Style — Lives hang in the balance as city, state, and country await sentencing for APS teachers found guilty in notorious cheating scandal.  But, should teachers do time for this crime?  Community activists have come to their aid with petitions and empathy shown in meetings with powers that be on their behalf.  (see embed news story clipped from CBS News) Jailed while awaiting sentences, some believe teachers will receive time served and hefty fines.  What are your thought? Should teachers do the time for the crime? A jury…

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What’s Up with that Brother? Mariah’s Nick Cannon is a different kind of Stedman

VideoBuzz: We woke to a couple searches of folk looking for a Nick Cannon interview on vigilante George Zimmerman.  We nodded off a couple of times while searching footage but never got any Zimmerman comments.  It could be in this video.  We don’t know.  There was so much wifey talk that we realized Mariah’s Nick Cannon is a different kind of Stedman.  Let us know if you last long enough to fin Zimmerman comments. Bottom line: Cannon will never cheat because Mariah could just go get a billionaire. Psst… Here’s…

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Hair She Buzz! Aiming for His Bed Won’t Get You Into His Heart | Scandal’ust

Hair She Buzz! — Aiming for his head and his bed won’t get you into his heart.  There’s the lesson right there.  No need to keep reading – unless you want or need 50 ways to ignore it.  Okay, you’re not ready so let’s keep going.  Where you exist and who you are to a man is in his eyes — the window to his heart.  His looking at you tells you where you exist.  How many times have you heard “a friend” say, “girl, he was looking at me…

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Education: In Midst of Scandal, APS Focused on Educating Students and Will Allow Legal Process to Take Its Course

ATLANTA – In early April former APS superintendent Beverly Hall along with 34 other educators were indicted and arrested on charges of racketeering, making false statements, theft and more. by Elaine Rackley for Returning from spring break, the Atlanta Public School (APS) system is working to prevent teachers from giving answers to students during standardized testing by confronting the recent alleged cheating scandal head-on said APS Executive Director Stephen J. Alford. According to Alford, APS is scheduled to give more details on how the school system will avoid further…

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Cheating Before Scandal: Why Aren’t More Parents Blowing the Whistle on Failed Education? | Listen

Join us for another Great Debate before next episode of Scandal.  We look at the Atlanta cheating Scandal from a parents perspective.  Your child can read… can he/she? If not, why aren’t more parents blowing the whistle on failed education? Did Atlanta teachers spend more time developing cheating plan than reading curriculum? What say you? Parents don’t know what they don’t know.  We open the phone lines for a great debate before Scandal. Stay tuned! Follow the Buzz to Listen Live via DryerBuzz on BlogTalkRadio | 646-652-2642 Great Debates Podcast…

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Genmaspeaks: Larry King took his suspenders off with his Sister-n-Law . . . but do media outlets choose the lives they pick apart?

Buzzing the Blogs — Oops, the word “allegedly” should be in the title of this story. Anyway, Larry King’s messy on/off, maybe/soon divorce from wife number seven, Shawn King, has turned nasty with allegations that he took his suspenders off with his wife’s sister. After the last several months of “breaking news” on other folks’ affairs, unsubstantiated rumors, gossip, tidbits, do tell me more type of talk show, 76 year old Larry King is not getting the 24 hours news coverage that CNN and other media outlets have given to…

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ReBuzzed: See No Cheating – Do friends and family help keep “the secret?” Plus a follow up question for Tiger – Was he an international playa?

Friends and family have a don’t ask ~ don’t tell policy when it comes to cheating? In “See No Cheating,” we started off with a great debate and ended with a buzzing question for Tiger Tiger Woods ya’ll. We also threw in some Clinton, John Edwards, the ex’s and then some. Needless to say the bus was rolling. Sure hindsight is 20/20, but who knows what in the beginning? Take a listen. Special thanks to podcast guests Janks Morton, author of Why He Hates You!: How Unreconciled Maternal Anger is…

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Have you distroyed a marriage or consented to be the other woman?  Do you take his excuses to heart for not handling his business?  Do you not mind sharing?  You got the game on lock? Or are you on the flip side and like Elizabeth Edwards, some chick is trying to step in and take your life? Then this post is for you. – Have you knowingly been a mistress and sought out a married or committed guy? Has your man been targeted and ”taken away” by another woman?…

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