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#DryerBuzz — Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director

Hillary Clinton Punks FBI and Director | Reigns to Slay Another Day – #YalandaPLattimore #DryerBuzz — In an interesting turn of events, Hillary’s emails yet again gives us another great round of politics. An investigation of fallen politician, Anthony Weiner, brought us back to this point. Such investigation provided a nice stage for Hillary Clinton and slay she did — against the giant that is the FBI. We are in HER way! FBI, Trump supporters, and even HER own supporters. We’re all in HER way. She’s got her eyes on the…

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News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

#DryerBuzz — Your vote is your weapon really? | Listen

#DryerBuzz — Are my votes hurting you? Believe it or not, millions of Americans head to the polls each election drinking that political poison hoping to disadvantage their fellow man, woman, or children rather than using power of their vote for all intensive purposes — to benefit themselves, their families and community. Political insanity aside, our votes might hurt each other.  With life long term limits and voting patterns and agendas keeping certain people in office FOREVER, your vote in your state could hurt me in my state. This where…

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DryerBuzz News Clippings Yalanda P. Lattimore 

#DryerBuzz – Race in America Slows Pace of America | Listen

#DryerBuzz — America’s race construct holding country back. Constructs perpetuated by media and influenced throughout the land. Media drives how we arrive at our perception of people. This holds us back from seeing eye to eye. Funny how we have perceptions about people with which we’ve not interacted or personally engaged. Yet, we have so many preconceived notions. Can we become colorblind in America? Can we get beyond race? Some say election of Preside Barack Obama launched us into post-race era. If so, how did Donald Trump (white male) and…

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What’s Up with that Brother? – AP Buzz -Black frat inducts Bill Clinton as honorary member

QuickBuzz:  Get news on the go with the Mobile News Network. Visit to learn how to get it for your phone. Sent from BuzzBerry. DryerBuzz News Podcast and NetTV Posted via email from DryerBuzz’s posterous Extra BuzzSunset Mr Dick Gregory | Comedic Legend and Civil Rights Activist | Death Notice Michael Moore and Followers Challenge Trump and Trump Towers Post Charlottesville | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Vote for DyerBuzz | Best In Media the Rice Awards 2017 | Follow the Buzz Update: Judge Glenda Hackett and Son…

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Twitters to Send Clinton A Message During DNC Speech

Twitter @hillaryclinton @hillaryclinton “Hillary Get On Board, There’s A Change A Coming” The 2008 Presidential campaign has been galvanized by technology.  Candidates cannot escape public feedback, though some aren’t listening.  Media can no longer lead perception or persuasion.  Hence, a change is coming.  Hillary Clinton deserves a chance to say goodbye.  But no sign of a goodbye speech yet.  So tonight, during the Senator’s DNC speech, her twitter (@hillaryclinton) will get the message loud and clear. Extra BuzzStop Guilting Me to See Black Movies | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Solo…

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The Caucus “Clinton Leaves Convention Nomination Open”

Twitter from The Caucus — Observers have all but ruled her out as a potential running mate to Senator Barack Obama, but Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is not going away. In a video clip making the rounds today, which, according to ABC News is from a fund-raiser in California on Thursday, Mrs. Clinton fielded a question about whether her name would be “placed in nomination” at the convention. Follow the Buzz>> Extra BuzzWhat 20 Years In Prison Sounds Like | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz Podcast: Are Facebook Groups the New…

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