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DryerBuzz TV | Sponsor DryerBuzz Salon & Barbershop TV

Welcome — You just found the best opportunity to leverage your brand with a pioneer blog and create buzz from salons, barbershops and beyond. DryerBuzz TV reaches 500K plus across platforms from live viewers to replay and shared engagement. DryerBuzzTV is recorded live before an internet audience in web series format from a beautiful local just outside Atlanta known as TUOIA. Series features popular segments: Language of Men – great barbershop debate Ask a Lawyer – lawyer panel Life Imitates Art – an art talk First Fridays featuring entrepreneurs Sponsorship…

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DryerBuzzTV | Become a Partner and Sponsor DryerBuzzTV

DryerBuzz — Countdown to 14 years as Atlanta’s pioneering blog, is more than ready to unveil a new season of buzz.  We can’t do it without great partners and sponsors like you.  Our reputation is our brand.  That reputation is our proven ability to create buzz and create household names. If you have witness the success of and want to embark on the future with us, please consider a partnership or sponsorship today and we’ll have you buzzing tomorrow.  Episode package available below.  For more information, call 530-324-BUZZ (…

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27 Answers 

27Answers | Do’s Don’ts and Wont’s of Creating Buzz | Yalanda P Lattimore

27Answers — Following ribbon cutting at Best Way Financial, Karen “The Connector” Campbell joined Yalanda P Lattimore for the daily workplace/marketplace periscope.  The two discussed the Do’s Don’ts and Won’ts of creating buzz.  Watch for a few highlights to make the most of networking and turning followers into customers. Enjoy an interactive scope Monday – Friday over lunch.  Broadcast begins 12:27PM ET.  Follow @DryerBuzz and #27Answers. 27Answers — you just got the buzz from — transforming the way we look — at life! Extra BuzzIt’s all blogging | Lift…

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27 Answers Yalanda P. Lattimore 

27Answers | Order #27Answers and Get Tuesdays in September | Buzzing Book Sale

27Answers — We thought long and hard of ways to top our last book sale — and now it’s here.  First and foremost thanks to all who are this week reading their new signed, sealed, and delivered copies of #27Answers to Create Buzz with #27Answers ebooks. For September we’ve got an even bigger deal!  For only $27, each September order receives #27Answers to Create Buzz signed, sealed, and delivered, plus #27Answer ebook series (now 9 in series) — PLUS, receive Tuesdays in September conference call to launch your brand or…

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27Answers presents Conference Call and Private Periscope with #SuperBlogger #DryerBuzz Tuesday, July 14th 7PM | Register Today

Buzz just in — and presents Conference Call and Private Periscope with @DryerBuzz, Tuesday, July 14th 7 to 8:30pm ET. Learn to create buzz with answers and best practices of a #SuperBlogger. Three decades engaging niche audiences, two decades with internet enterprises, and more than a decade as a leading blogger, Yalanda P Lattimore has the answers. This Periscope will provide answers to Choose best social media platform for your small business Go from audience to the stage Turn followers into lifetime customers Become a household name Change…

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27 Answers Learn Articles 

27Answers | Top 5 buzz making solutions most overlooked by small biz and entrepreneurs

In #27Answers to Create Buzz, blogger and author Yalanda P Lattimore tackled the 27 most frequently asked questions from small business owners and entrepreneurs as it relates to business, customers, networking and social media. But once you build it, and customers come, how do you get them to come back again and again? Below you will find top 5 buzz making solutions most overlooked when it comes to turning customers into lifetime customers.  Try one or two or try them all — they’re all win/win. 5) loyalty cards: a loyalty card…

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5 Answers for Entrepreneurs to Stay Productive While Family Enjoys Summer Vacation | ‪#‎BlogSmallBiz‬

Here comes summer. Summer means time with family and friends. For eager entrepreneurs, vacations and time off  means pressure and frustration of balancing family and customers. Customer demand goes into overdrive. Boundaries, priorities and enlisting support from family help make summer a breeze for all. Here’s 5 answers for entrepreneurs to stay productive while family enjoy summer vacation. Set boundaries and expectations Set boundaries on time and space.  Organize a schedule to accommodate family requests without sacrificing time for customers. Define and divide space separating work space and common areas,…

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#HairSheBuzz Meetup Friday 11/15: Nekesa Natural Radiance Hair Loft

#HairSheBuzz join and friends at Nekesa Natural Radiance Hair LoftFRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2013 7PM, for a buzzing meetup to start your countdown to 2014 EARLY. If planning to make 2014 your best year ever, the countdown STARTS NOW, not New Year’s eve. Meetup with friends and followers as passionate as you are and learn to become WHOLE and CREATE BUZZ now. Learn principles Yalanda Lattimore DryerBuzz implemented to create buzz and become a household name from Atlanta and beyond. Learn from Nekesa J. Smithwhat it takes to step out on faith into ownership….

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How to #CreateBuzz: Yalanda P Lattimore says “Go from Audience to the Stage” #27Answers | Watch

VideoBuzz: In this quickbuzz video, Yalanda P Lattimore, editor of and author of #27Answers to Create Buzz shares a quick tip on how to create buzz.  “Go from the audience to the stage; from the back to the front. That’s how you create buzz, says Yalanda.” Catch more of these great tips from #27Answers as you follow the buzz. Subscribe | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 27Answers — You just got the buzz from — Combing the headlines. Transforming the way we look — at life. Extra BuzzSuccess of Diversity…

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What is branding? Click to watch the best Answer ever | #27Answers

#27Answers to Create Buzz answers “What’s branding?” Enjoy this really simple answer to a FAQ. Watch. Spread the Buzz Yalanda P. Lattimore is founder and editor of buzzing online since 2002 with 20 years engaging niche audiences, and author of #27Answers to Create Buzz: with SocialMedia Networking, Customers, and Business .  Get your copy today. #27Answers — You just got the buzz from — Combing the headlines. Transforming the way we look — at life.  Extra BuzzBlogging: Don’t give away ALL your content for FREE – open a digital store…

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DryerBuzz Host Book Signing for #27Answers to Create Buzz by Yalanda P Lattimore Thursday May 16th | BookBuzz is excited to host series of book signings and workshop to celebrate print release of #27Answers to Create Buzz with Social Media, Networking, Customers and Business for businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. Come meet #27Answers author, Yalanda P Lattimore, editor of Thursday, May 16th 7:30 PM following Blogging for Business and Nonprofits Workshop, HOPE Financial Dignity Center Cyber Cafe, 101 Jackson Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA (at Ebenezer). Over 50 have registered for an accompanying FREE workshop which takes place before the book signing and the wait list still growing. …

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Perfect Accessory for Entrepreneurs: #27Answers to Social Media and Networking | Download

Download the perfect accessory for entrepreneurs: #27Answers to Social Media and Networking by Yalanda Lattimore, Editor @DryerBuzz Download today. Book Buzz — You just got the buzz from — Transforming the way we look — at life. Guest Blog or Pitch A Story, News or Opinion via Extra Buzz27Answers by DryerBuzz Available on Amazon | Download Answers by Superblogger Kira should be here with her children and husband! | Judge Glenda Hatchett and son continue fight 4Kira4Moms | Follow the Buzz DryerBuzz

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DryerBuzz News Podcast and NetTV | Classified Sample |

Add a Buzzing Summary Headline To Peak Interest of Target Audience Imagine your business information listed and shared with our readers daily. Now is the time for all good men and women to create buzz for their business.  Imagine your business buzzing in the classifieds at  Make a great investment in yourself and your potential.  Launch your business buzz with us.  One time annual placement for a life time of customers.  Annual listings now available. Your classified serves as its own landing page promoted with the buzz as related…

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Hair She Goes! VideoBuzz: Inside Blog-Raising for BlogHer and Watch CAtechlive with RouteTV | Spread the Buzz

VideoBuzz: Get the buzz behind the buzz at   Please join us in our blog-raising efforts to support taking the buzz to New York for BlogHer12.  Fans, friends, and followers are chipping in to match contributions of sponsors. Also catch the buzz you missed from RouteTV’s CATechLive an entrepreneur and technology chat held at the Microsoft Store in Atlanta June 21st to welcome Black Founders Conference to Atlanta.  Spread the Buzz! Don’t forget to ChipIn now thru August 2nd. About CAtechlive: The free pre-conference live stream event began…

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VideoBuzz: PAC Class 3: Three (3) Steps to Become Leader of the PAC | Create Buzz with Social Media |

Peers Audience Customers (PAC) Oh My! There are three top reasons entrepreneurs and major brands use social media. In no particular or order, except for our own branding purposes, those reasons are to engage with peers, audience, and customers. In PAC Class #3 we share three steps to become Leader of the PAC to create Buzz: 1. Establish PAC Promise2. Pick a Peer to Form a Partnership3. Results: Work towards real outcomes Set immediate goals for the week, then month, then incorporate into your PAC plans to find success in…

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